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LancyPromos Custom Belt Buckles

Trust that Lancypromos can accommodate custom texts or logos you wish to mold to your personalized belt buckles. These custom belt buckles are the best choice if you want to make your own shapes. It appears to be sophisticated and elegant with a wide range of custom options, these custom belt buckles can be a great present too. They are perfect for rodeo events and other Western games are given as an award, tokens, and souvenirs. Lancypromos, as a reliable belt buckle supplier, can mold the competition details such as the date, the competition name, and the place.

Hot Selling Belt Buckles

These belt buckles feature a classic and sharp premium craft that can be used in both special events and even used as daily wear. Spread your logo with these buckles.

Brag that rodeo spirit in you. These rodeo belt buckles feature a retro cowboy facade. With premium materials, these buckles are non-tarnish.

With solid plating and belt tips, these military belt buckles are relatively durable. Whether you wear it for casual events, outdoors, or work, this can definitely do the job.

Go ahead and show them that you are in authority! They are nice, ultralight belt buckles ready to accompany you, especially on duty.

Time to mold your brand and your character. With custom brand belt buckles, show off your style in a unique and creative way!

These outdoor club belt buckles feature a genuine look and are made of solid materials like metal which is naturally sturdy and strong.

Belt Beckle Crafts (3)

Custom Belt Buckle Benefits

Great Tokens

We all want to keep a memory of the “big days” in our lives. Through custom belt buckles, you will be reminded of the memorable events you shared with your beloved ones.

Good Business Advertising

Do you want to make a buzz in your business? Custom belt buckles are a creative way to represent your business and pitch your offers to your market.

Gives Personal Message

Let everyone know about your real beauty, the inner you, and your culture. Through custom belt buckles, you can convey your message to the world.

Graduation Souvenir

How nice it is to tick off another accomplishment on your list but why not celebrate it with a souvenir? Custom belt buckles help you to document such effort.

Custom Shapes for Belt Buckles

Lancypromos is a skillful team that manufactures personalized belt buckles. Custom shapes are available for your belt buckles, such as gun shape, heart, flower, state, word shape, D shape, V shape, and more.

Let’s achieve the perfect shape and the perfect design for your brand! We can customize the forms of belt buckles according to your requests.

Custom Size for Belt Buckles

We know that your custom belt buckles are used by many with different body structures. We offer the standard size (3.5×4.5″), but our team is open to creating custom sizes for your brand.

Let’s finalize the width measurement, and we’ll go from there. Just email us your size requests.

Easy To Customize Belt Buckles

Why Choose LancyPromos to Customize Belt Buckles

As one of the outstanding belt buckles suppliers in the market with over ten years of experience, Lancypromos can help you achieve the perfect custom belt buckles for your brand. We have belt buckles in silver, brass, pewter, and much more finishes. From LancyPromos, you will get:

– 24/7 Customer Service

– Professional artists and sales representatives

– Fast lead time & free worldwide tracked shipping – about two weeks to be delivered in the US after proof approval

– Small MOQ at 25 pcs

Our artists and representatives are ready to listen to your needs. Let’s start right away!

2D effects are common types of belt buckles in the market. It is cost-effective for the design to be raised on flat surfaces with depth.

While 3D belt buckles are expensive and considered the prestigious type, curves, patterns, and slopes will make your logo more noticeable.

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The Brands Who Trust Us

  • “The order processing was very smooth, and Gavin helped me weigh my options very well for my custom belt buckles. Love working with this team.”

    Valdo Montano
  • “The lead time is indeed advanced, and my clients love the finished buckles. Thanks for all the help guys!”

    Ron Green
  • “Definitely not a scam! I sent an inquiry and received a quick response in minutes! Thank you Gavin for the nice design of my brand. I will order more in the future.”

    Camron Dudley
How do you do the plating?

Lancypromos is happy to tell you that we can achieve a good design in dual/two or three platings. With these options, we guarantee a sophisticated and fancy look for your custom belt buckles.

What is the belt buckle mold fee policy?

There is a one-time payment for the mold fee, and it will be kept within two years. With this, we can use the design again without having to pay another fee for your custom belt buckles.

What are the materials used for the belt buckles?

Lancypromos uses Zinc alloy for your custom belt buckles since it is an ideal and good material for molding different shapes and sizes.

What are the types available for the belt buckles?

We have 2D, 3D, shiny finish, cowboy, vintage, military, gun belt buckles, and a lot more. Email us, and we will explain the details further.

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