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  • Non-slip back
  • Durable
  • Quick dry
  • Flexibility & Durability

LancyPromos Custom Bar Mats

A bar mat is a common rubber material that you see in different bars. It is placed under a glass of beer to protect the table beneath it. It is usually called a “Rail Bar Mat,” which can hold spills while making cocktails. These logo bar mats can be customized with your brand’s logo to increase marketing and exposure. Incorporated with colors, high detailing, and customization of the logo can surely draw the attention of the public.

Custom bar mats are molded perfectly for bar service and home use. Built with lasting materials and tough construction, these bar mats’ overall look will surely help your brand promotion. 

LancyPromos is a professional bar mat supplier in China. Our bar spill mats can be customized in size and color. You can also customize your logo or company information on the bar mats, which will not be faded over time. These are great promotional gifts for bars and restaurants.

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Standard Sizes Logo Bar Mats

3.5 x 21 Inches Bar Mats

With thick rubbers, you’re sure you can do cocktails smoothly. If you have a home bar, this is also ideal to use to keep your counter dry and clean.

3.5 x 24 Inches Bar Mats

With a good sticky feature, it can be installed firmly on the surface. This is a sturdy and durable type of bar mat. Email your logo to us today.

14 x 14 Inches Bar Mats

This type of mat is a great addition to your bar counter. Prepare and serve drinks smoothly with this bar mat. With its cute size, it can add charm to your home bar counter.

17 x 17 Inches Bar Mats

It has an easy clean feature which is perfect for home bartending as well. This is a practical tool that keeps your counter tidy.

24 x 4 Inches Bar Mats

With a non-slip rubber grip, this type of bar mat is perfect for restaurant and home use. This is also perfect for outdoor use.

Customize Size Bar Mats

We are flexible, and we would like to hear your thoughts as well. We can do custom sizes for your bar mats.

Bar Mats By Types (3)

  • Rail Bar Mats

    With a heavyweight and non-toxic feature, our Rail Bar Mats are perfect for coffee counters, fast food counters, and restaurants. Protect your glasses and your drinks with ease!

  • Interlocking Bar Mats

    To avoid accidents in breaking your glasses and spilling your drinks, these Interlocking Bar Mats are really perfect for you. It can be cut easily to fit your counter size.

  • Service Bar Mats

    If you want less stress, these Service Bar Mats are your option. Fewer cleaning features make it perfect for fast-paced bars and coffee shops.

Bar Mats By Materials (3)

  • PVC Bar Mat

    If you have a wood counter, this is a perfect bar mat since it won’t damage and scratch the appearance. You can customize your logo by debossing.

  • Rubber Bar Mat

    Rubber Bar Mats can be rolled if you want to store them in your cabinet. You can full-color print your logo or information on these bar mats.

  • Silicone Bar Mat

    It features a flat look and gives a sturdy quality.  It can be used as a dish drainer too. It is time to upgrade your kitchen with this bar mat.

Custom Bar Mat Benefits

Easy To Clean Icon
Easy To Clean

Custom bar mats are easy to clean and give the owner more convenience. It is also hygienic compared to bar or beer towels.

Flexible Sizing Icon

Because it is made of rubber, these custom bar mats can sustain spills of oil, water, and other liquids. Bar mats are designed with resilience and charm.

Visible Logo Finish Icon
Good Marketing Choice

Custom bar mats can be used as event tokens, brand giveaways, or promotional gifts. These can help you introduce your brand to others and boost your sales instantly.


Custom bar mats are economical and won’t hurt your brand’s budget allocation. Even though it is cost-effective, that does not mean the quality is being sacrificed.

Custom Shape and Size

The bar mat is usually rectangular or square. If you want to customize the bar mats in different shapes and sizes, we can also manufacture them for you.

Just send us your artwork of the bar mats, and we will make a free proof for you.

Custom Shape and Size - Bar Mats
Custom Nubs or Dimples - Bar Mats

Custom Nubs or Dimples

You can also customize the nubs and dimples on your bar mats.

Just email us the details.

Bar Mats Logo Methods

Your logos can be customized by the below methods on bar mats.

  • Debossing
  • Embossing
  • 3D Logo
  • Full-Color Printing
Bar Mats Logo Methods

Why Choose LancyPromos to Customize Bar Mats

PVC Bar Mat Materials
Bar Mat Manufacturer

Lancypromos is the supplier you should partner with for custom bar mats. We are a US-based company, and we have access to different bar mat factories in China to achieve high-quality yet economical logo bar mats. We have good collaboration and relationships with 10 factories that have over 15 years of experience in manufacturing bar mats.

To ensure quality, we also serve our clients by providing inspectors to examine and evaluate the finished bar mats before shipping. 

Custom Color for Bar Mats

Besides the black bar mats, we also proved the service to customize the color of bar mats according to your PMS quests.

Just let us know the PMS number you want.

Bar Mat - Safe For Food Preparing

The materials of our bar mats are in food grade, which is safe for food preparation.

  • Hold liquid well and flexibly
  • Nontoxic and anti-slip


Custom Bar Mat Occasions

Cocktail Bar Mat

This type of bar mat features a superior material designed to last long. Considering its decent dimension, this Cocktail Bar Mat will exhibit your logo design efficiently.

LED Bar Mats

Want something beaming? Add more character and mood to your brand through the LED Bar Mats. These are interesting and fun mats ready to paint your party glowing!

A coffee bar mat is usually smaller in its dimensions to accommodate coffee tables while still employing a spill-free design and is made with food-grade material. Spread your logo through the coffee bar mat!

Bar Mats Middle Banner
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  • The rail bar mats are lovely. The print is high quality. Thank you Kevin for the good communication! My custom bar mats are looking great!”

    Adrian Wafer
  • The order processing for my custom bar mats is smooth but Kevin did not hesitate to help me. Very satisfied with my order experience.

    Yesha Vaughn
  • I placed a rush order for custom bar mats, and to my surprise, it arrived just in time. The customer service is really superb.

    Jules Hastings
Is The Layout Of Your Bar Mats Just In A Horizontal Position?

Well, horizontal and vertical positions work for us. Let us know and send us the design so our designers can finalize everything.

What Is The Standard Thickness Of The Bar Mats?

The standard thickness of our custom bar mats is 1/2″.

What Is The MOQ To Customize My Bar Mats?

The MOQ to customize the bar mats is 25 pcs.

What Is the Turn-around Time To Customize Bar Mats?

It needs about 1 to 2 weeks to manufacture the bar mats. And it takes about 1 week for air shipping.

What Is the Thickness of Lines and Letters On The Bar Mats?

The thickness of lines and letters on the bar mats can be 1/16″.

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