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  • Unisex
  • Custom logo
  • Keep warm
  • Various styles

LancyPromos Custom Beanies

Custom beanies make style and fashion easy for you during the cold days. It is a hat people usually wear during the winter season. You can wear it for personal use, as a team uniform, and even as an event token and gift. You can make your own cuffed beanie, fisherman beanie, or baggy hat. Customize your beanie with fun by incorporating your logo, vibrant colors, and attractive patterns.

Deliver your message and your statement through custom beanies. They are not just ideal for outdoors, and sporty activities but can be good protection gear to keep you warm and safe.

Are you looking forward to exciting winter activity? Custom beanies can effectively market your company. With several styles and professional looks, these custom beanies will surely match your likes and preference.

Hot Selling Beanies

Classic Beanie

This type of beanie is made of acrylic and in standard size. It is naturally soft and gives good insulation.

Cuffed Beanie

With full closure, they give you a comfortable feeling. Cuffed beanies are also adjustable, so either men or women can wear these.

Pom Pom Beanies

With a cute pom pom on top, this will surely spice your outfit. It is versatile and is manufactured with high-quality acrylic.

Slouch Beanies

This unique and light headwear for men and women is great for everyday use. Protect yourself with a touch of fashion by slouch beanies.

Knit Beanies

Are you looking for something fun and cute? Well, our knit beanies will surely catch your attention. Let’s design your promotional knit beanies today!

Sourcing More Beanies For You

If you want other options for the beanies, please do not hesitate to email us the image and your requests. We will source the beanies for you.

Beanies Materials (4)

  • Acrylic Beanies

    Acrylic is a synthetic material. It is cost-effective and can hold colors for quite a long time even though it is under frequent washing.

  • Cotton Beanies

    Looking for something soft and comfy? Well, cotton beanies can give that to you. It is also hypoallergenic.

  • Fleece Beanies

    Fleece is a great option to be worn every day. It gives good insulation and is lightweight. Be always on the go with fleece beanies!

  • Wool Beanies

    This could be a great addition to your closet. It is easy to clean, and it is also breathable. Let’s plan your promotional wool beanies now!

Some Other Beanies (4)

  • Cuffless Beanie

    This type of beanie will give protection from the upper forehead area. With a soft lining, this is ideal to be used in any weather.

  • Brimmed Beanie

    Not only it protect you from the cold, but it’ll also help you to protect your eyes from the sun too. With fitted construction, it really gives warmth and a soft feeling.

  • Earflap Beanie

    From the word itself, the earflap beanie comes down to your ears as its strings. This is suitable for cold weather and perfect for kids, adults, and seniors.

  • Fisherman Beanie

    This type of beanie gives you that “dope” look. It makes your ears visible and gives enough warmth and fashion.

Custom Beanies Benefits

Unisex Icon

Custom beanies are not gender-sensitive. If you are eyeing for a general audience, they can target both genders. The greater the audience, the better business exposure.

For The Millenials Icon

Because custom beanies are unique, this is a good tactic to boost your business. The more you show up, the more people will add value to your brand.

Cost-Effective Icon
Employee Acknowledgment

People get better when acknowledged. Custom beanies can lead to increased profitability and productivity through the collective efforts of the workforce.

Functional Icon

Custom beanies can make your whole body warm and comfortable. Through the warmth and comfort beanies give, your veins, skin, and other body parts will give enough calmness and support.

Beanies Logo Methods

We have been in this promotional beanies industry for over 8 years. You can customize your logo on the beanies by the below methods.

  • Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Label or Patch
  • Etc.
Beanies logo methods
Beanie Sizes

Beanie Sizes

For the beanie sizes, you have the below choices.

  • Kids Size
  • Adults Size
  • Customize the beanie size according to your requests

Beanies Color Options

For the beanie color options, you have the below options.

  • Stock colors
  • Customize the color of beanies by PMS matching
Beanies Color Options

How to Customize Beanies

Beanies Manufacturer
Beanies Factory
  1. You email us the request or images of the beanies that you want to customize.
  2. We will quote you back within 24 hours and send you the beanies virtual proof after receiving your artwork.
  3. We will manufacture your beanies after you approve the proof.
  4. After payment is received, the finished beanies will be shipped by UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

Beanies Yarn Quality & Kitting Methods

There are a lot of yarns to be used in beanies. We have wool, acrylic, and cotton. Also, Lancypromos can do knitting methods like lace, stripes, fair isle, and much more to customize your beanies.

Just email us if you have any questions about the beanies.

Beanies Tags

You can customize beanie tags by the below options.

  • Woven tag
  • Rubber tag
  • Leather tag
  • Etc.

Custom Beanies for Any Occasions

Santa Beanies

Can’t wait for Christmas? Wear it and ignite that Christmas spirit in you. With colorful patterns and designs, show off your Santa beanies to everybody!

LED Party Beanies

Have fun with your LED party beanies! It is unique and eye-catching! With the LED feature, it will surely match your party and will make everyone surprised!

Skull Beanies

Want something gothic and manly? Our skull beanie is available for your business promotion. Let’s achieve that perfect design for your brand now!

Custom Sports Beanies

Do you have that sporty spirit? Well, show your support with our sports fans beanies! With good absorption and smooth fabric, you’d never want to attend the game without this friend!

Beanies Middle Banner
LancyPromos - Your One-Stop-Shop For Beanies
  • “100% satisfied with the outcome of my design! I like the quality of the prints and the colors are bright. I love my customized beanies. Thank you so much!”

    Cynthia Salome
  • “The fabric of the beanie is very smooth and comfy. Lancypromos is a great supplier! I will order more beanies for other projects.”

    Ricky Michaels
  • “I am getting positive feedback from my customers saying the beanies are stylish and flexible. Thanks for the help, guys!”

    Ivana Anderson
What Material Is Best For Beanies?

There are premium clothing materials that can keep you warm and comfortable during winter, but our team has specialized textures like wool, fleece, acrylic, cotton, and polyester. Acrylic beanies are widely used because of their remarkable softness and mild feeling. Fleece can also be added to its interior to secure an even warmer effect.

How Do I Care For My Custom Beanie?

Gentle washing will do. Please do not machine wash.

Can I Also Customize My Beanies’ Tags?

Yes, feel free to send us the design for your tag.

What's the distinction between a stocking cap and a beanie?

Technically speaking, these apparels mean the same thing. Beanies are also known as knit caps, stocking caps, knit hats, tassel caps, burglar beanies, dinks, and dinkies. These hats are just the same, and these slouchy beanies protect and keep your head warm.

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