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Get the party rolling with your custom Bluetooth speakers that have your logos on them. Customers will appreciate custom Bluetooth speakers since they allow them to play their favorite tunes from their phones. Promotional Bluetooth speakers come in all types, from your standard speaker that can fit inside a pocket to a speaker with excellent bass that can rival other sound systems. People will surely notice the branding on these Bluetooth speakers with your logo on them.

Order a bunch of speakers from LancyPromos right now!

Hot Selling Bluetooth Speakers

Square Whammo Bluetooth Speakers

This type of Bluetooth speaker is portable and available in different colors like black, red, blue, and white. Keep the party going with this square whammo speaker.

Cylinder Bluetooth Speakers

Made with ABS Plastic, this type of Bluetooth speaker is a great present and giveaway to your loved ones. With a built-in microphone, this will surely be easier for you. Let’s customize your Bluetooth speakers today!

Waterproof Sucker Bluetooth Speakers

With high-definition technology, this type of speaker can be paired with your devices and can sustain 3 hours of continuous playtime. Check our catalog today!

Musical Planter And Wireless Speaker

You can jump to the next song by touching the plant. This is a good music device that will surely light up the atmosphere. Design your own custom Bluetooth speaker today!

Bluetooth Circular Steel Speaker

With great sound quality, this is perfect for any kind of event. With a rechargeable Li-on battery, this can play good music for long hours.

Wood Bluetooth Speakers With Wireless Charging Pad

Enjoy this speaker with a wireless charging pad with a touch of wood. This is a good idea as a present and giveaway. Check our catalog today!

Bamboo Wireless Light Up Speaker

Pair your device with this gorgeous speaker. It illuminates a white color when in use. Print your brand’s logo on this Bluetooth speaker. Get yours now!

Water Bottle And Wireless Speaker

With good insulation, this water bottle and wireless speaker makes your experience better. Available in black color, this type of wireless speaker will surely slay elegance.

Wood Grain Speaker and Wireless Charging Pad

This Bluetooth speaker has a woodgrain finish. It can fit your aesthetic space and has a good sound release. And it can wireless charge your phones.

Clip Bluetooth Speaker

Take your favorite music everywhere with this clip speaker. With stylish and elegant colors, your friends will want to have theirs too! Let’s customize your logo on this Bluetooth speaker today.

Light-Up Logo Bluetooth Speakers

Show off your brand’s logo with this light-up Bluetooth speaker. Take your promotional strategy to the next level with this Bluetooth speaker!

Wood Grain Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for a trendy Bluetooth speaker? This woodgrain finish speaker is a great addition to your day! With long hours of playback time, you won’t surely miss your favorite song!

Wireless Custom Alarm Clock Speaker With Qi Charging Station

Listen to your favorite songs while charging your phone wirelessly! This is available in the full-color imprint.

Lantern with Wireless Speaker

This is perfect for home use and camping. This type of wireless speaker illuminates light while you dance in the groove of the music. Available in different colors too!

Vibrant Wireless Speakers

With high-definition Bluetooth technology, it can connect your device effortlessly. Carry this with you, and don’t let boredom ruin the moment.

Custom Bluetooth Speakers Benefits

Trending Icon

Popular in the mainstream due to custom Bluetooth speakers’ being easy to set up by merely using their smartphones to connect.

Portable Icon

Custom Bluetooth speakers come in all sizes, from big speakers that can be carried by hand to devices that are so small that they fit in pockets.

Cost-Effective Icon

Consumers and businesses can find custom Bluetooth speakers cost-effective in everyday use compared to purchasing different but expensive sound systems.

Not Age-Sensitive Icon

Anyone, from a child to an old person, with sufficient knowledge of how Bluetooth works can easily set up their custom Bluetooth speakers for their purposes.

Logo Decorations Methods on Bluetooth Speakers

You can customize logos on the Bluetooth speakers by the below methods.

  • Screen Print
  • UV Print
  • Full-color Print
  • Laser Etching
  • Etc.
Logo Decorations Methods on Bluetooth Speakers
Source Other Bluetooth Speakers For You

Source Other Bluetooth Speakers For You

If want any other Bluetooth speakers, we can help you source them in China. Just email us your requests or images of the Bluetooth speakers you would like.

We have an efficient and fast sourcing office in China.

Customize Packages for Your Bluetooth Speakers

You can customize the Bluetooth speaker packages as below.

  • Window box
  • Paper box
  • Travel box
  • Etc.
Customize Packages for Your Bluetooth Speakers

Why Choose LancyPromos to Customize Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers Supplier
Bluetooth Speakers Manufacturer

LancyPromos is a professional supplier of Bluetooth speakers. We have offices in China to collaborate with regional Bluetooth speaker manufacturing partners in China. All our Bluetooth factories have experience over 15 years of manufacturing custom Bluetooth speakers. All your Bluetooth speakers will be checked before packing. 

If you need them urgently, we can ship the Bluetooth speakers by air express. It takes about 5 days for shipping.

If time is enough, we can ship them by economic air or ocean shipping. Which can save you a lot of money.

Bluetooth Speaker Certificates

Our Bluetooth speakers are certified by the below certificates.

  • CE
  • RoHS
  • FCC
  • Etc.
Bluetooth Speakers PMS Match For Print

Your logos can be customized according to your PMS colors. 

Free PMS match fee.

See Our Recent Custom Bluetooth Speaker Cases

IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

It releases sound with clarity. This is perfect to use outdoors, too, especially when you’re having a pool party! Enjoy that perfect soundtrack with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Shower Bluetooth Speaker

With its small size, this type of speaker can play loud music. It is portable and compact and can make your shower more booming!

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker will surely light up your room with tripod legs used as a night lamp. This is your perfect sleeping companion from now on!

Colorful Flashing Lights Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy outdoor parties, beach, and travel with this type of speaker. Fall in love with its nice colors while jamming with the music. Achieve that perfect sound effect!

Built in Power Bank Wireless Speaker

You’re probably having too much fun that you missed charging your speaker. With the built-in power bank feature, you’d never worry about what would happen next. Enjoy your party without any worries!

Bluetooth Speakers Middle Banner
Your Trusted Supplier for Custom Bluetooth Speakers
  • Teenaged entrepreneurs in our business symposium could not get enough custom Bluetooth speakers that we ordered from LancyPromos. I had an idea they were trendy, but not this popular. Good thing the speakers were excellently built and even had our brand so those folks will remember us.

    Lisa Newman
  • We played the custom Bluetooth speakers as sample products to attract customers, which went well due to their great bass. The delivery service was also excellent!

    Lexi Tatum
  • Tim really helped us out with the shipping process. He’s a great guy to talk with, and the Bluetooth speaker we got was superb!

    Catherine Kennedy
What is the volume level of the Bluetooth speakers?

Our Bluetooth speakers include 3-watt speakers. It’s sufficient to get the celebration rolling.

What is the application of portable bluetooth speakers?

To operate your Bluetooth speakers, switch on both your mobile phone’s and other devices’ Bluetooth connections, as well as your Bluetooth speaker. Allow your phone or device to identify your Bluetooth speaker. When it shows, click “Connect,” and you’re all set!

What devices may custom Bluetooth speakers be paired with?

With Bluetooth 4.0-5.0 fast connectivity, our speakers are compatible with Apple, Android, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Why should you consider wattage of bluetooth speakers?

Wattage plays a big factor since it determines the sound output quality. The larger the size and wattage, the greater the sound volume it can produce.

What distinguishes Bluetooth speakers from WiFi speakers?

WiFi speakers work with the presence of an internet connection. It will not function if the internet is not accessible. While you can enjoy Bluetooth speakers offline. Without the need for the internet, your song can be played continually.

Is the size of a bluetooth speaker's battery significant?

Of course, battery size is a great factor. The greater the mAH capacity, the longer it will work. You must consider good mAH capacity to ensure long hours of use.

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