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Custom Can Coolers Rocket Your Business

Do your customers need something to let their cold beers stay chilled while on the move? If they do, they definitely need custom can coolers, also known as coozies, which thermally shroud cans, tumblers, and other vessels. These custom can coozies are compact and collapsible, which means they can fit in pockets. A promotional can cooler featuring your company logo is an amazing way to put it on the market while your customers revel in a cold beverage. Order from LancyPromos today to get a batch of personalized custom coolers.

Hot Selling Can Coolers

Imprinted Burlap Coozies

Sporting a simple design, these can coolers only utilize burlap fabric to shroud cans while having the option to place your logo on them.

Shirt Can Coolers

These particular coozies are similar to the jersey can coolers, only that they fully include sleeves, which makes them look like T-shirts.

Puffed-Up Can Jackets

These polyester-based can coolers are light and portable. The insulation from these coozies is similar to wearing a jacket.

Color Burlap Coozies with Pockets

These can coolers are made of burlap fabric and sport a neoprene patch lined with the cooler, which acts as a pocket.

Woody Coozies

While they look like carved wood, these can coolers are actually made out of foam. While not collapsible, they have a great cultured look.

Slim Magnetic Coozies

Instead of using foam or neoprene, these particular coolers use high-density sponge materials instead to insulate and have an attached magnet to hold onto the can.

Golf Ball Can Holders

Similar to football coozies, these can coolers are sculpted from polyurethane foam to look like a golf ball.

Baseball Coozies

These can coozies sport the look of a baseball sculpted from polyurethane foam, which is a sure hit among baseball fans.

Can Coolers with Velcro

These particular can coolers are more like sleeves for cans to insert, except the coozie is secured via velcro straps.

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Custom Can Cooler Benefits


The perfect item for sporting events and beach vacations. Custom coolers are appropriate for any occasion.

Brand Exposure

A lot of eyes will hone in on branded custom can coolers due to their practical use of cooling beers or any drinks during a party.


Production of custom can coolers is inexpensive compared to the potential profits because people like and will buy coozies.


Because custom can coolers are portable, selling or sharing them among your customers at trade events shouldn’t be an issue.

Can Cooler Logo Printing Methods

Custom can coolers have an imprint area big enough for your company logo or other images. Coozies can have imprints based on occasions, such as conventions, weddings, reunions, and the like. The following techniques are used to imprint coozies:

  • Screen Print
  • Full-Color Imprint / Dye Sublimation Print
  • UV Print

Can Cooler Designs and Sizes

All canisters, bottles, and other vessels come in various shapes and sizes for different occasions. With that in mind, we can have custom sizes and dimensions for custom can coolers.

To simplify the sizing of coozies, we tend to follow the standard U.S. can sizes, although clients can certainly request unique sizes. Designs for the coozies can also reflect any occasion.

Why Choose LancyPromos to Customize Can Coolers

We at LancyPromos are able to provide our clients with premium coolers, as well as customize them for any occasion or use. Clients can opt to have their logo placed on the coozies, and they can either sell them or share them with their customers. Clients can also have coolers tailored to charities, holidays, or festivals. 

We also have a collection of preset designs that our clients can avail of for specific events. One example is printing motivational quotes for gyms and fitness studios, where their customers can have a convenient coozie as well as an inspirational reminder. Another example is a cooler inspired by an item associated with a holiday, such as pumpkin-esque glow-in-the-dark coolers for Halloween, while candy-cane patterned foam sleeves are perfect for warm milk at Christmas. For charities that need awareness, a simple message on a cooler is a small but significant gesture. Clients can even have a neoprene coozie laden with sequins and a handle.

There are many presets available and clients can modify them to suit their needs. LancyPromos can then adapt submitted designs into real products. Clients may request revisions as many times as needed as part of our customization service, which is free of charge.

Custom Can Coolers for Any Occasions

Sequin-laced Neoprene Can Coolers

A portion of the neoprene-based can coolers as lined with sequins. This makes the coozie shimmer with a beautiful look.

Floating Cup Holder

A unique can cooler that acts as a cup holder when floating on a pool of water. Designed for pool parties while drinking a cold beer.

Personalized Can Coolers With Your Logos
  • “The collaborative process with LancyPromos was seamless. The staff almost always understood what I wanted my can coolers to become. The delivery was also timely, which is excellent.”

    Manuel Concepcion
  • “The supplier was very accommodating with my inquiries. Every time they answer, my anxiety lowers. The can coolers I order were simply superb!”

    Alexi Popov
  • “LancyPromos went out of its way to notify me about my incoming shipment. Gestures like these create a lasting business relationship. The coozies were also great.”

    Bryan Tiller
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