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  • Custom shapes
  • Small MOQ from 50 pcs
  • PMS match for filling colors
  • High-quality materials, including solid brass, zinc alloy, etc.

LancyPromos Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are considered sophisticated metal coins available in different sizes and shapes. They are awarded to someone who achieved exceptional challenges and rigor. Not only that, custom challenge coins can be a nice present too! Honor coins are used in different ways, they are used to raise someone’s character and remembrance.

Custom challenge coins can also assist in promoting a brand by sending corporate challenge coins to their target market. They can be distributed during personal events like weddings, funerals, fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaties and so much more! They can also be used in the sports industry for soccer, baseball, triathlons, swimming, and other races.  Show your support through challenge coins.

Challenge Coins By Department

Air Force Coins

Air Force carries out missions and fulfills safety for everyone. It depicts honor and service by achieving the duties expected from them. Let’s customize your Air Force Coins now!

Army Coins

Army also has its own challenge coins. These people engraft camaraderie and show patriotic deeds by going to war and being successful against enemy operations.

Navy Coins

Talk about tradition and submarine achievements. The Navy Challenge Coins are granted to navy teams that show values and loyalty.

Marine Coins

If you have Marine Challenge Coins, that means you are a member of an elite group. This type of coin is granted when one accomplishes a specific line of duty.

Coast Guard Coins

This type of coin is all about their promise to protect the shores and provide an excellent service to their fellowmen. Let’s customize your challenge coins now!

Space Force Coins

Leadership value is what the space force’s all about. Organizing guardians and being successful in forces fight is at the top of their vision.

Police Coins

We see policemen as people with high morale and good value of service. Show off your value and your identity with police coins.

Fire Or EMS Coins

Being a fireman is a tough job. Fire | EMS Coins are all about courage and bravery. Customize your own logo on challenge coins.

Challenge Coins By Colors (4)

  • Challenge Coins No Colors

    Want to be different without integrating colors? Well, we can create an antique and vintage finish for your coins. It can be gold, silver, or copper material. Please send us your ideal design in mind.

  • Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

    We produce high-quality challenge coins. Soft Enamel Challenge Coins have a more defined look. Recessed areas are filled with soft enamel colors; raised areas show the color of the plating.

  • Hard Enamel Challenge Coins

    This type of challenge coin is flat and with a scratch-resistant feature. It has a shiny appearance and can show off colors perfectly. Hard enamel is also called cloisonne. It’s of higher quality than soft enamel.

  • Offset Print Challenge Coins

    Do you want to incorporate images in your challenge coins? Well, actual pictures actually work through Offset Print Challenge Coins. You can forward us images and have them printed on your coins.

Custom Challenge Coins Benefits

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Boost Confidence

Whenever a person receives an award, it boosts their confidence and self-worth. Custom challenge coins give them a confirmation that they are doing well in their field and their efforts are being recognized.

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Tells A Story

Through custom challenge coins, important events and life highlights are documented in a creative way. Whether it is a career achievement, personal success, and small wins, these coins can remark these lasting events.

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The impact is greater whenever it is rare. We see something rare as precious and significant. Custom challenge coins can trigger someone’s curiosity and would lead them to design such gifts.

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Custom challenge coins can perfectly fit small pockets and wallets. You can take it out whenever you want with just one hand because of its advantage of being handy and compact.

Customize Coins By Your Shapes

Custom Challenge Coins are naturally round and have a circle shape.

If you want to customize the challenge coins in your own shapes, just email us your artwork or designs. Our artist will make a free virtual proof for your approval before production.

Challenge Coin Edge Options

Challenge Coin Edge Options

You can customize the edges of challenge coins by the below options.

Rope Edge; Oblique Line Edge

Bezel Edge; Cross Cut Edge

Spur Edge; Leaf Edge

Challenge Coin Packing Options

We have below packing options for your custom challenge coins.

  • PVC Pouch
  • Coin Capsule
  • Velvet Pouch
  • Velvet Box
  • Acrylic Case
Challenge Coin Packing Options

How To Make Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins Manufacturer
Challenge Coins Factory

LancyPromos is a US-based company and has been a trusted supplier of custom challenge coins since 2014. We have employees in China who help collaborate with challenge coins factories. All the manufacturers we work with have over 15 years of experience in producing challenge coins.

If you want to source some other promotional challenge coins not included on our website, LancyPromos is ready to help you source them from China. 

2D & 3D Challenge Coins

You can customize your challenge coins in 2D or 3D effects. The 2D effect is flat with raised and recessed areas. The 3D effect is more stereoscopic.

Glow In The Dark Enamel Effect

Want something even more unique? Stand out from the rest with a glow-in-the-dark feature. It gives a special effect that people will be drawn to.

Challenge Coin Sequential Numbering

We can customize it if you want sequential numbers on the challenge coins. Just email us your artwork and requests, and we will make a virtual proof for you.

Edge Engraving

We provide the service to laser engrave your custom information on the challenge coin edge. The info can be a website, phone number or names, etc.

Custom Challenge Coins For Any Occasions

Corporate Coins

Corporate Coins promote corporate identity and build relationships. Let your company teams be proud of their identity through these custom challenge coins.

Government Coins

Government employees promote love for the nation, patriotism, and nationality through custom challenge coins. It can also improve the spirit of unity.

School Coins

Want something to document educational milestones and achievements? Well, you should be thinking about school custom coins.

Sports Challenge Coins

Show your belongingness through sports challenge coins. It honors athletes for an excellent games and admirable performances.

Club Coins

Custom club challenge coins show your membership and involvement in the group. It shows your serious intention and active participation in the club you are involved in.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

These types of challenge coins promote excellence and unity. Laws should be enforced every day, and such coins would remind about the duties one should live by.

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LancyPromos - Custom Challenge Coins Supplier in China


  • Great job in shipping my custom challenge coins on time. Thumbs up for your service, Lancypromos!”

    Sheena Wilsons
  • The communication is terrific! Impressed with the pre-production sample of my custom challenge coins. Thank you David for the great help!”

    Michael Yee
  • Great price for a professional service. Will definitely order the challenge coin again.”

    John Willard
What Is The Size Of Your Challenge Coin?

The standard challenge coin sizes are varied from 1.25″ dia to 2″ dia. But if you have other size requests, we can customize it for you.

What Is The Thickness Of Your Challenge Coin?

Please see the standard thickness of the challenge coin for each size.

  • 1.25″ dia coin, thickness is 2.5 mm
  • 1.50″ dia coin, thickness is 3.0 mm
  • 1.75″ dia coin, thickness is 3.0 mm
  • 2″ dia coin, thickness is 3.0 mm
Do You Keep My Design Just In Case I Want To Reorder My Challenge Coins?

Yes, we put the approved proof of the challenge coins in our database so if you’ll order again, we can directly proceed to the production phase.

What Is The MOQ To Customize My Challenge Coins?

The MOQ is 50 pcs.

What Is The Turn-Around Time To Customize My Challenge Coins?

The standard production lead time to manufacture the challenge coin is about 2 weeks, and it costs about 1 week for shipping.

If the qty is large or you have a deadline in-hands date, please email us at

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