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Brighten your path with custom flashlights decorated with your logo! Choose which type of flashlight you prefer, ranging from aluminum-cased LEDs to pop-ups. Custom flashlights are such practical tools that everyone uses, and they are designed to be portable enough to carry anywhere. Promotional flashlights are also great gifts at live events, especially at safety conferences.

Your business stands to gain a bargain by purchasing large quantities of flashlights. Order now at LancyPromos!

Hot Promotional Flashlights

Aluminum LED Flashlight

With a heavy aluminum finish, these types of flashlights are perfect for the outdoors and give good illumination. They’re easy to carry and can last after long use.

Plastic LED Flashlights

With colorful designs, these plastic LED flashlights will fit perfectly with the different personalities of your buyers. They’re also durable and perfect for everyday use.

Waterproof Flashlights

Never be afraid of water getting in! Our waterproof flashlights are ready to help you if you need flashlights on rainy days. With bright illumination, you can clearly see the things around you.

LED Lanterns

Our LED lanterns will help you during emergencies and outdoor activities with durable handles and hooks. They can sustain different weather conditions as well.

LED Telescopic Flashlights

These types of flashlights are modern and practical. They also give a long-distance light beam. With a pocket design, these flashlights are definitely the perfect companion.

LED Telescopic Flashlights

With an incredible light output, for sure you would want to carry them all the time! These are lightweight and available in different kinds of colors. Design your flashlight today!

Solar LED Flashlights

You don’t have to buy batteries often! Our Solar LED flashlights are capable of giving high levels of illumination. They’re perfect for home use, outdoor use, and vehicle use.

Foladable Flashlights

These types of flashlights are compact and lightweight. One advantage is foldable so that they can fit into your pocket and small purse. Let’s process your foldable flashlight today!

Pop UP Flashlights

They’re great for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. They can pop up and emit a bright ambient light. Have a memorable camping trip while using these flashlights.

Bike Flashlights

The night bike ride is a great exercise for sporty people. These bike flashlights help to improve visibility and give good illumination. Enjoy your night bike rides today!

Bottle Opener Flashlight

With a sturdy body, these bottle opener flashlights will give you a powerful light. They’re also a 2-in-1 type of flashlight with a bottle opener feature.

Flashlight Combo Tool

This is a handy type of flashlight with a tool combination in its handle. Never be afraid of walking in the dark when you have this flashlight combo tool.

Selfie Clip Ring Lights

Enjoy night photographs with these selfie clip-right lights. Achieve that bright selfie using these portable and handy phone attachments.

LED Light Pens

Fond of writing in the dark? Our LED Light Pens will make everything clearer and brighter for you. Time to upgrade your promotional light merchandise today!

Flashlight Gift Set

Everyone loves to receive a gift. With this gift set, your buyers will love its inclusion and features. Perfect for holiday gifts, trade shows and event tokens.

Flashlight By Occasions (6)

  • Glowstick Flashlights

    Also known as light wands, these glow sticks make fun better. The flashlights are created using a plastic tube, which can sustain extreme usage.

  • Kerosene Lamp

    From the word itself, kerosene is used to emit light. This is a classic and vintage type of light. It can be used for tokens and giveaways and displayed in someone’s collection.

  • Headlight Flashlights

    The headlights are attached to your head or to your helmet. They’re best and commonly used in hiking, mountaineering, caving, and other types of adventure.

  • Trouble Light

    Also known as inspection lamps, trouble lights are used to inspect secluded places, and the bulbs have a protective case to prevent them from breaking.

  • Tactical Flashlight

    These types of flashlights are often used by men in uniform. They help aim a weapon and expose the target. They generate maximum beam output ideal for outdoor use.

  • Right Angle Flashlight

    These right-angle flashlights are often used in hazardous places with a classic military design. They give a super bright beam that penetrates smoke.

Custom Flashlight Benefits


Due to advances in technology, custom flashlights are long-lasting tools when properly used and can exhibit your branding to consumers for a long time.


In cases of emergency, custom flashlights are often used as a means to locate or escape danger and do so for longer periods of time.


Most custom flashlights use LED lightbulbs, which last longer and are cheaper, thus minimizing the need to regularly maintain and replace spare parts.


LED lightbulbs in custom flashlights make them lighter than their older counterparts, which is great for portability.

Flashlights Logo Customization Methods

You can customize logos on the flashlights by the below methods.

  • Screen Print
  • Full-Color Print
  • Laser Etching
  • Etc.
Flashlights Logo Customization Methods
Flashlight Packing Options

Flashlight Packing Options

We can also customize the flashlight packages. Below are part of the options.

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Neoprene cases
  • Eco-friendly bags
  • Etc.

Flashlights Power Supply Modes

We proved the below battery options for the promotional flashlights.

  • Button Batteries
  • AA; AAA Batteries
  • Rechargeable
Flashlights Power Supply Modes

Why Choose LancyPromos to Customize Your Flashlights

Flashlights Manufacturer
Flashlights Supplier

Based in the United States, LancyPromos is a reliable source of custom flashlights. We also have offices situated in China and collaborate with regional manufacturing companies. All the flashlight manufacturers we work with have over 15 years of experience in producing custom flashlights.

We can also help you source other promotional gifts in China. The below items are our latest cases (custom graduation stole, massage guns, weed pipes, weed grinders, water bottles, etc.)

Upgraded Flashlights

LancyPromos also supplies updated flashlights for your promotional needs.

Different Light Modes (Low>Middle>High>Strobe).

Free Flashlight Samples

Free flashlight samples can be sent to check the quality before placing orders.

If the order quantity is large, you can also make a pre-production sample of the flashlight before mass production.

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LancyPromos - Custom Flashlights Supplier in China
  • I ordered the keychain flashlight and I wanna thank you for rushing it. Thank you for this transaction, I will definitely come back!

    Altair Simmons
  • Our company sponsored a writer’s guild conference awhile back, so we decided to order LED light pens with our logos printed as giveaways for the event. We got our order via air express, and we were so amazed at how fast they delivered. I highly commend LancyPromos for these wonderful flashlight pens.

    Shane Guills
  • The LED lanterns we bought from LancyPromos were thoughtfully crafted. They even shine brighter than expected! Tim was also a great guy to talk with. I highly recommend ordering from this company.”

    Ken Willis
Do You Give Batteries Along With The Flashlights?

Unfortunately, we ship you the flashlights, excluding the battery.

Please contact our salesman at for details if you need the batteries.

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