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Provide your consumers with custom hammocks to kick back and relax in mother nature’s splendor. These high-quality hanging beds are great and will be appreciated by customers alike. Your business will grow further when the custom hammocks you give out have your branding, such as your logo and colors, during conventions catering to backpackers and hikers.

Order a large volume of custom hammocks today at reasonable and affordable rates from LancyPromos, the supplier of hammocks that companies can trust throughout the world.

Hot Selling Hammocks

Portable Camping Hammocks

These basic hammocks are made out of 210T nylon fabric with two hooks, two tethers, and a pouch for storage.

Camping Double Hammocks

Hammocks are made of parachute material, making them easy to assemble and disassemble in quick order.

Outdoor Couple Hammocks

Hammocks with greater weight capacity and those capable of holding two people are perfect for couples sleeping out in wilderness.

Portable Nylon Hammocks

Compact hammocks are made out of 210T nylon fabric with two hooks and two tethers. They also hold two people.

Portable Hammock With Stand

Instead of using tethers, these large hammocks have silver steel frames that allow them to be used as compact beds.

Mosquito-Bug Net Hammocks

Hammocks with mosquito nets attached above the canvas are great for protection against mosquito bites during the summer season.

Double Camping Hammock With Tree Straps

Hammocks are made out of polyester and are capable of holding couples. They’re more resilient and can hold more weight.

High Sierra Packable Hammock With Straps

Durable hammocks are made out of parachute material and have straps that are designed to hang on trees without tying knots.

Sourcing More Hammocks

If your client loves some other types of hammocks, please send the images to us by email. We will source it for you in China!

Hammock By Materials (5)

  • Cotton Hammocks

    A good material to manufacture, cotton hammocks can mold around one’s body to a perfect fit and are usually the most colorful. Let’s customize your hammocks today!

  • Polyester Hammocks

    The advantages of using polyester-based hammocks are that they are long-lasting and weatherproof, which means less maintenance for hikers and adventurers.

  • Nylon Hammocks

    These hammocks are reinforced with additional fibers to prevent wear and tear and have an extra coating to prevent further water absorption.

  • Parachute Silk Hammocks

    They are nylon-based but are light and silky. Their lighter weight means they are capable of drying more quickly than normal nylon hammocks.

  • Canvas Hammocks

    Cotton-based canvas hammocks are resilient, thick, and capable of regulating temperature via insulation. Canvas also has better retention of colors.

Custom Hammock Benefits

Comfort Icon

Designed and tailored to snuggly, these custom hammocks are pleasant to lie in and enjoy the great outdoors.

Portability Icon

Custom hammocks come with their own bags to store and secure all of their parts, making them perfect as portable beds.

Personality Icon

With your brand printed, these custom hammocks will let people appreciate that they are unique when lying down and relaxing.

Best Value Icon
Best Value

Custom hammocks needn’t be too costly for businesses and consumers alike, as they can be made inexpensively while retaining standards.

Customized Logo Methods For Hammocks

You can customize your logo on the hammocks in the below ways:

  • Screen Print
  • Embroidery
  • Heat Transfer Print
  • Sewn-In Label
  • Etc.
Customized Logo Methods For Hammocks
Customized Colors For Hammocks

Customized Colors For Hammocks

All hammocks can have their own colors based on the client’s preference and promotional vision. We offer the following color schemes:

  • One-tone color
  • Two-tone colors
  • Three-tone colors

Customized Sizes For Hammocks

Most promotional hammocks have preset sizes for single or double capacity. However, we can accommodate custom sizes for your hammocks. Preset sizes include, but are not limited to:

  • 230 x 90 cm
  • 260 x 140 cm
  • 300 x 200 cm
  • Etc.
Customized Sizes For Hammocks

Hammock Attachment Options

Hammocks need to be secured by various means, so they do not crumple and avoid hurting the person/s lying on them. Below are parts of the hammock attachment options.

  • Hardware, such as chains, hooks, ring buckles, and the like
  • Rope knots
  • Hammock stands
  • Tree straps
Durable Materials for Hammocks

You can customize your hammocks with the below material.

  • Nylon, particularly ripstop nylon, is the most durable material for custom hammocks due to additional fibers weaved onto the nylon.
  • Polyester, which is resistant to weather. Parachute silk hammocks are durable but lightweight as well.
  • Canvas, while cotton-based, is woven with PVC, which allows it to be long-lasting.
  • Cotton, which, while comfortable, is less resilient than the rest of the materials.
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LancyPromos - China Custom Hammocks Supplier
  • “Every component of the custom hammocks was constructed thoughtfully so that hikers could easily assemble them. I would highly recommend LancyPromos to anyone looking for their own hammock!”

    Gavin Greene
  • Tim answered every question I had regarding the ordering process and even suggested some ideas about the placement of my business’s logo on the custom hammocks. Thanks to Tim, I will be a repeat customer from now on.”

    Elias Johanssen
  • My company has a sterling reputation with its clientele of travelers, so I was delighted about the sturdiness of the custom hammocks we ordered. They came in two days before the expected arrival date. My compliments go to the fine people of LancyPromos, my customers will surely talk about our hammocks.”

    Harrison Chan
Why Custom Hammocks?

Custom and promotional hammocks are fun to have, especially if they’re customized to the point of being comical, and are necessary to have when camping out in the wilderness.

Where Should I Secure my Hammock?

Secure your hammock on trees or other surfaces sturdy enough to hold your weight. Refrain from strapping on widow markers like dead trees. It is encouraged to use your own stands if available. Avoid trees with wildlife living on them.

Is It Normal for Hammocks To Be Wobbly?

Yes, since hammocks can naturally stretch and are intended to be swayed by the wind. When in doubt, double-check your tethers that secure your hammock.

How Do I Submit My Art for Custom Hammocks?

Send your logo to Your logos will be virtually proofed by our in-house artists.

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