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Custom hats come in all styles, from baseball caps to beanies. Hats are also a promotional item for brand exposure and creative designs. We at LancyPromos can accommodate all types of promotional caps.

Customize by adding logos or text via printing and selecting the text’s fonts and colors on different parts of your hats. We also allow embroidery to make custom hats of the finest quality. For ordering and designing your own custom hats, please contact LancyPromos for details.

Hat By Styles

Baseball Hats

The common of all! Our baseball hats are famous in the fashion industry. We make them “fitted” and “adjustable” at the same time. Time to make your brand shine!

Trucker Hats

Fan of rural lifestyle? Well! You should see our Trucker Hats designs and maybe you’ll consider them as a good way to promote your brand.

Dad Hats

Time to check our “relax and chill” dad hats! We design them as a relaxed fit that would greatly attract your target market. Check this out today!

Snapback Hats

Are your baseball fans? Well, snapback hats are your partner! With a durable, adjustable back strap, they are an excellent accessory for different daily activities.

Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats are very famous right now for Gen Z and the millennials. They mix up their outfits with bucket hats, and we guarantee we make these as easy and smooth!

Cowboy Hats

Fashion + Protection. Our Cowboy hats are designed to protect you from different changing weather. Check this soft, shaped and dope hat today!


Breathability at its finest! If you have a sports brand, these visors would be a great option. Boost your brand using these hats today!

Beanie Hats

Simple yet elegant. Our beanie hats are designed to keep you warm in cold weather. Time to impress your customers with beanies!

Beret Hats

Slay the day as if it’s a fashion runway! They are one of the hottest hats in our collection. Let’s customize your beret hats!

Hat By Materials (7)

  • Polyester Hats

    In new hat-making, polyester is often used. Because it is durable and water-resistant, lots of people prefer hats in this material.

  • Nylon Hats

    If you want to be practical, you should go for nylon hats. They do not shrink and stay in their original shape for a long time.

  • Wool Hat

    If you want to be stylish during winter, these are a great choice! They keep the person’s head dry and cool.

  • Linen Hats

    These hats are made up of natural fiber. Looking for something breathable and soft? Then customize your own linen hats today!

  • Denim Hats

    They are one of our unique hats that provides better filling and are less prone to wrinkles. They are usually one size fit for most people.

  • Denim Hats

    Are you a denim lover? Dominate the new business era with our denim hats. We will customize the best exciting hats for your brand.

  • Cotton Hats

    Made with natural fibers, cotton hats are sturdy and cheap. They do not fade easily and are hypoallergenic as well.

Hat By Panel (4)

  • 3 Panel Hats

    These 3-panel hats are trendy and perfect for all occasions. They are also considered functional types of hats.

  • 5 Panel Hats

    These hats are in matching the shape of the rest of the cap and are ideal for large printed logos.

  • 6 Panel Hats

    With one size fits all design, they are very known to the market. They also have a flat brim that everybody would love.

  • 7 Panel Hats

    These types of hats are perfect for any style and decoration with a seamless front panel. Let’s customize your hat today!

Custom Hat Benefits

Promotional Icons

People who see your logo or your trademark through the custom hats will remember your brand and be curious about your business nature.

Wide Design Options
Wide Design Options

Given that we have different hat styles, you will have more options to select which you think is best suitable for your brand.

Unisex Icons

Custom hats do not concern gender. They can target both, which is an advantage on your part.

Cost-effective Icons

You don’t have to lower your promotional scale just because the budget is tight. Custom hats help you with your brand’s awareness.

Customize Logo Decorations Methods for Hats

Your logo can be customized by the below methods on your hats.

  • Screen Print
  • UV Print
  • Heat Transfer Print
  • Embroidery
  • Patch
  • Label or Tags
  • Etc.
Customize Logo Decorations Methods for Hats
Hat Back Strap Or Closure Options

Hat Back Strap/ Closure Options

We have a wide selection of closures. You can customize the hat back straps through the below options.

  • Plastic Buckle
  • Metal Buckle
  • Magic Sticker
  • Plastic and Magic Sticker
  • Nylon Webbing and Half Round Metal Closure
  • Sunday Metal Buckle
  • Leather and Metal Buckle

Cap Crown Shape Options

You can customize the cap crown shape by the below options.

  • Low-profile
  • Mid-profile
  • High-profile
  • Structured
  • Soft Structured
  • Unstructured
Cap Crown Shapes

Why Choose LancyPromos to Customize Hats

Hat Manufacturer
Cap Manufacturer

LancyPromos is a US-based company that can supply your demand for custom hats. Our satellite offices in China help us meet the demand by working with local hat manufacturers. The expertise of our partners in China spans over 15 years, which allows us to provide not only custom caps for our customers but other items as well. Regular inspections before shipping occur to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Our shipping methods include regular shipping by sea or air express from China. UPS, FedEx, or DHL will handle worldwide deliveries.

Hat Back Options

We give these back options for you:

1. Mesh back – If you are sweaty, a mesh back hat is good for you. It will allow your head to breathe; this is the back option used by farmers, workers, and truck drivers.

2. Stretch/Flex fit – This back option is so comfy and fits as if there is spandex around your head.

3. Front fabric – You can also choose the front fabric to customize your hat back.

Apply Your Colors

Hats are customized based on your activity and your purpose. There are hats ideal for working, for fun, for casual events, and just for the plain day hustle.

For the color of the hat, there is a fabric swatch of the stock colors for the hats for you to choose from.

For the color of the logo, we do not limit your color. Colors can be PMS matched to make them solid and accurate.

Hats Middle Banner
LancyPromos - Your Trusted Custom Hats Supplier in China
  • I love the custom hats. The embroidery will impress our guests and shareholders at the next commerce expo. My hats off to LancyPromos!”

    Carol Turner
  • Tim really helped me out with designing the custom hats. My bosses are happy to know what I got were superb hats! Thanks Tim!

    Jeff Paz
  • LancyPromos did their job more than well. The custom hats I received had those golden visors and the logo I sent, embroidered, of course. All my requests were done to the letter.

    Larry Leon
What Is the MOQ To Customize My Hats?

The standard MOQ to customize hats is 100 pcs. The MOQ of some hats is higher. Please email us at for further instructions.

What Is The Turn-around Time To Customize My Hats?

Normally, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks to produce the hats. And it costs about 1 week for air shipping.

Can I Add More Colors On My Hats?

Yes! You can add not just colors, but photos as well. Logos added via embroidery, however, have a limit of 12 colors.

Which Is Best For Custom Hats: Printing or Embroidering?

Either of the two is viable. For cost-effective measures, custom hats in large quantities should consider printing. Orders that prefer higher quality hats should turn to embroidery instead. However, these are all dependent on customer preference and business interest.

Which Part Can I Add My Designs To The Hat?

It depends on which style is preferred. An example is the baseball cap, where most designs, logos, texts, and the like are printed or embroidered on the front panel, which is the most visible part of the cap. It is advised to use simplistic designs for reselling purposes.

Do You Deliver Hats Worldwide?

Yes! LancyPromos can ship hats around the world.

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