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The hookah, also called hookah shisha, refers to Arabian hookah, which originated in India 800 years ago and then gradually spread to the Arab world. There are now similar hookahs in Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia.

Hookah is a part of Arab countries and Arab culture and living traditions. Hookahs are mostly fruit-flavored, blueberries, apples, grapes…

Hookah smoke is produced by charcoal roasting and heating fruit smoke cream. And cigarette cream is not a drug, but a big smoke cream. Arabian hookah smokes fruit smoke cream, made of 30% fresh tobacco leaves, 70% dried fruit pulp, and honey glycerin, with traditional secret recipes such as musk and borneol.

It’s more and more popular among young people. Customize your company logo or information on the hookah at LancyPromos. It’s a great way for your promotional business.

Hookah By Materials

Custom Metal Hookah

You should get our Metal Hookah if you want a durable one at a reasonable price. This material definitely suits you. Check our collection today!

Custom Glass Hookah

Looking for an elegant masterpiece? Our Glass Hookah is must try! The good and sophisticated craft will surely make your brand known to everyone!

Wholesale Custom Acrylic Hookah

This type of hookah is lightweight and is available in different styles. This can definitely last long and gives a great smoke. Let our designers help you with your custom hookah!

Custom Resin Hookah

This is perfect for you if you are an eco-friendly user. With soft touch and smooth feeling, this will attract your buyers as easily as 1 2 3!

Custom Wooden Hookah

Our Wooden Hookah is a great addition to your collection with its heat-resistant features. This is perfect for home use. Let’s customize your logo today!

Custom Plastic Hookah

If you are looking for a trendy and cute type of hookah, our Plastic Hookah is just waiting for you. It is reusable and made with premium quality.

Hookah By Hose Qty (3)

  • Single Hose Acrylic Hookah Supplier

    If you want a single hose hookah, this is very ideal for you. With 1 hose in its complete set, you can certainly enjoy your “me time”. Get this today!

  • Two Hoses Acrylic Hookah Supplier

    Do you spend your smoking time with a duo? You should get these 2 Hose Hookah. Share your hookah experience with your loved ones and friends.

  • Four Hoses Acrylic Hookah Supplier

    The more, the merrier! This type of hookah is ideal for crowded places, such as restaurants and bars. You can customize your logo by laser engraving on the hookah.

Custom Hookah Benefits

Multiple Designs Icon
Multiple Designs

We offer multiple designs of hookahs in stock. It also can be customized if qty is large.

High Quality Icon
High Quality

All the materials we use for your hookahs are good quality and purchased from reliable suppliers.

Service Guarantee Icon
Service Guarantee

The hookahs will be packed well before shipping. We will redo it for you for quality issues.

Customization Icons

Customize print or laser on the hookah according to your request. Free proof charge.

Customize Logo On Hookahs

How to customize your logo on hookahs? There are several methods.

  • Laser on screw connection
  • Laser on tray
  • Laser on stem
  • Print logo on the body
  • Etc.
Customize Logo On Hookahs
LED Hookahs

Custom Hookah With LED Light

There is a LED light on the hookah. The LED light can be changed through the remote controller for some hookah styles.

Custom Hookah By Size

We do customization, and it is not only the material and the logo, but also we can customize your hookah’s size. The hookahs can be customized by the following size.

  • Small hookah: height around 13.8″ (35 cm)
  • Medium hookah: height between 21.6″ to 23.6″ (50 to 60 cm)
  • Large hookah: height between 29.5″ to 31.5″ (75 to 80 cm)
Custom Hookah Sizes

Choose LancyPromos For Custom Hookahs

Custom Hookah Supplier
Custom Hookah Supplier

LancyPromos works with five hookah manufacturers who have experience of over 15 years in this industry. There are various designs for your choice, and your logo can be customized according to your request.

Different materials and sizes of hookah are available. Also, you can choose the qty of hose on the hookah.

Does LancyPromos provide other promotional products except for custom hookah?

LancyPromos has a sourcing team in China to help clients source other promotional items in China. Below are the promotional gifts (custom can cooler, shopping tote bag, sports sunglasses, pop phone holders, table cloth, etc.) we sourced recently.

Hookah Manufacturing Processes

Below are some of the steps for customizing hookah.

  • Get glass material
  • Bowing glass
  • Cooling glass
  • Annealing
  • NC workshop
  • Assembling
  • Etc.
Hookah Usages

Hookahs are popular among people. You can use them in the below themes.

  • Nightclubs
  • Parties
  • Home
  • Office
  • Etc.
Custom Hookah Shisha Banner
Your One-stop Shop for Custom Hookah

LancyPromos is your one-stop shop for custom hookah. Please email us your requests and artwork for the hookahs today.

  • “This is a stable type of hookah and it is also easy to control. It can be used by beginners and experts. Love my hookah!”

    Sharon Mather
  • “It came and the package is complete. The prints are superb too! And of course, the smoke is great. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase.”

    Kyle Brugnola
  • “I glanced at it and the prints are gorgeous! My logo looks very classy in it! I thought it is too difficult to assemble but it sure is a great addition to a party!”

    Randy Jackson
What Is the MOQ To Customize Hookahs?

The standard minimum order quantity to customize hookahs is 50 pcs. But if you have a lower quantity,  please contact our sales team. We will check and email back in 24 hours.

What Is the Lead Time For Customizing Hookahs?

The standard lead time for customizing hookahs is about one to two weeks for production. It takes about one to weeks for air shipping, and about four to five weeks if shipping by ocean.

Rush service is available if there is a due in hands date.

Are Hookahs Harmless?

The hookah is in contact with water, so many people think hookah is not harmful. But hookahs still do some harm.

Singapore announced a ban on shisha hookahs in November 2014 because many people think that shisha has no tobacco taste and is inhaled into the nasal cavity through the water. Hence, they believe that shisha hookah does little harm to the human body and is hardly addictive.

However, the fact is that although only 20% of the tobacco substances in hookah smoking will be inhaled into the human body, most of the smoking substances are harmful substances such as nicotine.

More research has shown that the amount of nicotine delivered by a hookah depends on the duration, frequency, and depth of inhalation of a puff. On average, smoking a hookah for half an hour is equivalent to inhaling 18 cigarettes! Of course, but the toxins are only a few percent of a cigarette.

Therefore, hookah is still harmful! It’s just a little less harmless.


How Many Flavors Does Hookah Have?

Shisha hookah is fruity and fresh with a wide variety of flavors. There are fruit flavors, herbal flavors, and mixed flavors. Fruit flavors include apple, coconut, blueberry, lemon, watermelon, and cantaloupe; herbal flavors: rose, cinnamon, vanilla, anise, cardamom, etc.; mixed flavors include coffee, cocktail, cola, cappuccino, etc.

What Are The Functions Of Hookah?

Shisha hookah has many functions, such as activating qi and activating collaterals; opening the orifices and refreshing the brain; strengthening the spleen and soothing the nerves; dispersing the lungs and resolving phlegm; reducing inflammation and relieving pain; clearing away heat and detoxifying the process of smoking shisha is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine therapy. It will not let third-parties smoke second-hand smoke, and only the aroma of fruit will remain in the air.

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