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LancyPromos is a professional lanyard supplier in China. Custom print your logo on the lanyards.

  • Small MOQ at 100 pcs
  • Quick turn-around time: 1 week for production
  • Various lanyard material options, such as polyester, nylon, tubular, PET, etc.
  • Multiple logo decoration methods on lanyards: screen print, dye sublimation print, woven, etc.

Custom Lanyards Boost Your Business

Your brand deserves an effective promotion through custom lanyards. Because they are useful and affordable, they can be the best giveaway tokens and promotional gifts which guarantee a good return on investment. During your busy activities like festivals, seminars, and conferences, promotional lanyards help you to keep your important things intact just as tickets, access cards, IDs, keys, and other stuff. Regardless of the need and time, custom lanyards will surely accommodate your purpose.

Get ready, and we’ll have your logo printed on the lanyards today!

Hot Promotional Lanyards

Polyester Lanyard

Looking for an attractive way to flaunt your logo? Polyester can be melted and it doesn’t easily tear and stretch. It can last and sustain after a long time of use.

Nylon Lanyard

Nylon is commonly used in manufacturing apparel but it can be used in making custom lanyards too. Want to have that shiny and silky effect? Nylon is it!

Tubular Lanyards

Looking for something pocket friendly? A tubular lanyard is an affordable yet practical type of promotional that you can use for your business.

Dye Sublimation Lanyards

A dye-sublimation is a digital method for full-color printing on both sides of the promotional lanyards. Message us and we’ll be your supplier.

Woven Lanyards

Fan of embroidery? Woven lanyards are your choice. If you want a textured logo and a durable item, come and get this now! Your logo will not be faded.

Recycled PET Lanyards

This type of lanyard is eco-friendly and sustainable. Choose your logo method, pick a color for your promotional, and you’re good to go!

Personalized Promotional Lanyards (5)

  • LED Lanyards

    Want to be flashy and bright? Well, our LED Lanyards are the life of the party. Show your vibrant and bold personality with these promotional lanyards.

  • LED Lanyards

    Getting annoyed wearing your face masks and wanting to wear them off for a while? Do that without losing your mask. Your face mask lanyard will hold it for you.

  • Custom Key Lanyards

    Afraid of losing your keys? Our custom key lanyards will keep everything intact. Never lose even one single key. Time to design your lanyard today!

  • Text-Glow Lanyards

    Similar with glow in the dark effect, try our best selling text-glow lanyards today! Appreciate its beauty in the dark.

  • Glitter Lanyards

    Want to have that shimmer effect in your lanyards? Well, the glitter lanyards will show it off.

Lanyards By Aattachments (4)

  • Glitter Lanyards

    Do you keep on losing your flash drive especially when it is in need and urgent? Get a hold of these essentials with the use of lanyards.

  • Eye Glasses Lanyards

    Do you always find your eyeglasses broken and need repair? Well, a lanyard can keep it safe and near you. The eyeglasses lanyard makes sure it’ll be handy and easy for you.

  • Electronic Cigarette Lanyards

    Wanting to keep up with your habits? Well, have your electronic cigarette around with the lanyards! So you can smoke at any time you want.

  • Mobile Phone Lanyards

    Keep your phone near your hands with these lanyards! Just hang it around your neck while easily checking your phone for any updates from your socials or SMS.

Custom Lanyards Benefits

Increases Security Icon
Increases Security

Security personnel can easily tell if you are part of the company just by looking at your custom lanyards. Other individuals are restricted, and they give safety and security to everyone. 

Multi-purpose Icon
Highly Functional

Lanyards can hold your essential items for work like name tags, keys, face masks, badges, and a lot more. Custom lanyards answer your daily predicaments and will give you convenience all throughout the day.

Economical Icons
Boost Morale

Make everyone feel like they are involved, and are part of the whole. Through these, custom lanyards will increase brand awareness and will have a good impact on your business.

Durable Icons
Professional Look

Professionalism is always associated with trust and reliability. Custom lanyards make people see your brand as trustworthy and allow conversation and business communication.

Customized Logo On Lanyards

You can customize logos on the lanyards by the below printing methods.

  • Screen Print
  • Dye Sublimation Print
  • Woven
  • Etc.
Customized Logo On Lanyards
Custom Lanyards Attachment

Custom Lanyards Attachments

Here at LancyPromos, it is free to choose one of the attachments, including a metal J-clip, metal lobster claw, metal key ring, and plastic cellphone loop.

We also provide some other lanyard attachments with additional charges. Please see below.

Metal slide hook; metal oval hook, snap swivel hook, metal swivel hook, plastic J-hook, plastic bulldog clip, plastic swivel hook, breakaway, buckle, etc.

Custom Lanyards ID Cards

We can customize the ID card size and print the ID cards according to your request. 

Just email us your requests.

Custom Lanyards ID Cards

LancyPromos Custom Lanyards

Lanyards Manufacturer
Lanyards Manufacturers

Business branding is easy especially when you bring custom lanyards into the game. Because they are unique, these will draw attention to your potential buyers while your company employees and professionals wear them. Guests, visitors, and participants will find it easy to tell who the employees are if these accessories are being added to their outfits. Take pride in upholding professionalism and attract more partners willing to connect to your business. Promotional lanyards are considered a great marketing tool that gives decent publicity during fundraisings, exhibitions, bazaars, conferences, and other events.

These custom lanyards serve as an advertising board worn around the neck of the recipients to create exposure in promotional campaigns and formal settings. With good identification pieces, representatives have an upgraded look that will give them a more formal and professional look while speaking to prospective clients. VIP guests can also be attracted to the staffs wearing custom lanyards and would want to hear a pitch from the company. Lancypromos offers different types of lanyards such as detachable lanyards, open-ended, close-ended, and a lot more. We have full-color lanyards, polyester, nylon, glitter lanyards, ID badge, and other types of lanyards.

Not only that, but accessories are also available such as ID badge reels, zip badges, plastic badges, metal necklace ball chains, elastic cords, and a lot more. We can cater additional attachments as well like custom paper inserts, plastic buckles, safety breakaways, and other requests you wish to have. Give endless opportunities to your brand through these promotional lanyards.

Custom Lanyard Badge Holders

These easy hook transparent badge holder pouches will effortlessly display names and other information when attached to your custom lanyards or badge reels!

Custom Lanyard Badge Reels

These badge reels can show off your brand and logo during conventions, conferences, and events. Have your logo printed on the badge reels and attract more buyers in no time!

Custom Lanyards Applications

School Lanyards

Be proud of your institution by wearing your school lanyards with confidence. People can tell which university you belong to through your lanyards. They give easy identification, which is easy for security guards and personnel.

Event Lanyards

Wearing your event lanyards give good public awareness. Event lanyards can also contribute to event success and good organization because clients will be able to know who are the event facilitators and the coordinators.

Trade Show Lanyards

Let people know that you have something to offer and your brand is a real deal. Trade Show Lanyards can give you an opportunity to be involved with business networks and explore more about the niche you are in.

Lanyard Middle Banner
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  • Gavin is a great guy! I requested a custom size for my lanyards and was glad that he was able to assist me. Thanks, guys!”

    Lia Franklins
  • The order processing is so smooth. I thought I’d run into problems in editing my design for the custom lanyards, but the designers are very nice.”

    Rosemary Pooz
  • My custom lanyards arrived two days early. Thank Gavin for the constant updates. Will be back for future orders.”

    Joleen Phyliss
What Sizes Do you Offer For My Custom Lanyards?

The standard length is 36″; the standard width of the lanyard is 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″.

If you have a special size for your lanyards, please email us at We will email back in 24 hours.

Can I Mix The Lanyard Colors In One Order?

Yes, you can mix the colors of the lanyard in one order. But the MOQ of each color should be no less than 50 pcs.

Can I Print Different Logos In One Lanayrd Order?

Yes, you can print different logos in one lanyard order. But the MOQ of each logo should be no less than 50 pcs.

What Are The Stock Colors For Custom Lanyards?

The below image shows our stock colors for our custom lanyards. If you have special color requests, please do not hesitate to email us.

PS: for the dye sublimation lanyards, the color of the lanyards can be PMS matched. Free PMS match fee.

Lanyard Color Options

What Is the Turn-Around-Time of Customizing Lanyards?

The standard turn-around time is about 1 week for production. But rush service is available if there is a firmed in-hands date.

How Can I Get A Virtual Proof For My Custom Lanyards?

Please send your art in a vector file for the lanyards. Our artist will draw the virtual proof according to your requests.

If you do not have the vector art, you can also email us the images or pictures.

The lanyard virtual proof will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

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