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LancyPromos is your one-stop shop for promotional lapel pins.

  • Small MOQ at 50 pcs
  • Custom shape and color
  • Production lead time for custom lapel pins: 1 to 2 weeks
  • Different crafts: such as soft enamel, hard enamel, offset printing, etc

Custom lapel pins are shiny, sophisticated, and clean material meant to be given as a gift or as an award for someone who achieved high excellency and performed a good deed. They are also an inspiration for others, a symbol to reflect on one’s service and dedication. Custom pins are also being used by groups such as fraternities, sororities, brotherhood, sisterhood, and fellowship. Because it is durable, custom pins are a great choice that everyone will treasure and keep.

Lancypromos offers different kinds of custom lapel pins. If you want soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins, antique pins, 3D pins, or any other lapel pins. Trust that we are capable of producing these lapel pins for your brand. What are you waiting for? Let’s plan out your custom pins.

Lapel Pins By Crafts

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins are made by merely applying the enamel once in the hollow portions of the metal. Once done, the team will proceed to bake until the product is finished.

Hard Enamel Pins

Looking for something durable? Well, the enamel is being applied a couple of times then, having it exposed to a very high temperature. Also known as cloisonne pins. Higher quality.

Offset Print Pins

If you are looking for a much more creative way, then you should settle for offset print pins. It can apply gradients, drop shadows, and other creative effects to your design.

3D or Cut Out Pins

Wanting to integrate angles and dimensions? Well, 3D/Cut out Pins should be your “go-to”! We’ll achieve that amazing result in no time!

Sandblast Pins

Do you want to have pins with just base colors? Sandblast Pin is your partner. It gives a classic, elegant and timeless look to your lapel pins.

Antique Pins

If you are a fan of vintage stuff, you’ll definitely fall in love with Antique Pins. These pieces often have sentimental value.

Acrylic Pins

Vibrant and colorful! Yes. Show your lively personality with these acrylic pins. This is a cost-effective option where you can add a personalized touch.

Wood Pins

With sustainable sources, make your lapel pins unique and awesome. Wood Pins are eye-catching and also eco-friendly. Let’s customize your wood pins today!

Laser Etched Pins

These pins are also called name badges. Laser etch your names, and company information on these pins, with the back of the safety pin. Let’s customize your name badge pin today!

LancyPromos Lapel Pins Advantages

Multiple Crafts Icon
Multiple Crafts

We can customize lapel pins with multiple crafts. For example, soft enamel, hard enamel, cloisonne, offset print with epoxy dome, sandblast, cut out, 3D, etc.

Various Plating Methods Icon
Various Plating Methods

LancyPromos offers various plating methods for your lapel pins, such as gold, silver, black nickel, bronze, antique gold, antique silver, dye black, etc.

Quick Response Icon
Quick Response

Your inquiry and proof will be sent within 24 hours. LancyPromos offer 7 x 24 services.

Customization Icons

Your lapel pins can be made in custom shapes and colors. The filled colors can be PMS matched. Free charge for PMS match.

Lapel Pins - Custom Design & Shapes

The lapel pins are made by die struck or die cast. We can customize the lapel pin according to your shapes, sizes, and designs.

The standard size of the lapel pins is from 0.5″ to 3.0″. If you need other sizes, please email us.


Lapel Pins - Custom Design & Shapes
Lapel Pin Back Accessory Choices

Lapel Pin Back Accessory Options

The standard back accessory of the lapel pins is a butterfly/ military clutch.

You can customize the back accessories of the lapel pin according to your usage. We have cuff links, tie pins, magnets, deluxe clutches, stick pins, etc.

Lapel Pin Packing Options

Your lapel pins will be packed in individual zipper bags as default. You can also customize the lapel pin packages with the below options.

  • Backer card
  • Plastic box
  • Velvet box
  • Etc.
Lapel Pin Packing Choices

Make Your Custom Lapel Pins In 5 Easy Steps

Lapel Pins Manufacturer
Lapel Pins Factory

We will have to ask for an initial design from you. Once we have it, we can do enhancements and a few revisions. Follow these simple steps to have your custom pins done:

  1. Get a quote from our team by email.
  2. Once approved, we will proceed with the design stage.
  3. This is the brainstorming stage. If you want to make changes to the design, our artists will revise it until you are satisfied and give your go signal.
  4. Place your order anytime!
  5. Give us 2-4 weeks for the shipment. Your custom pins will arrive with strict quality assurance.

Lapel Pins Upgrade

You can customize your lapel pins to higher quality by the below upgrade methods.

  • Glitter
  • Hinge
  • Glow in the dark
  • Rainbow Metal
  • Etc.
Metal Lapel Pin Material Options

You can customize the material of your lapel pins with the below options.

  • Iron
  • Brass
  • Zinc alloy
  • Wood
  • Etc.

Custom Lapel Pins For Any Occasions

Corporate Pins

A valuable employee is a gem, and there is no way your passion and your dedication are taken for granted. Through corporate pins, you are honored and recognized. Indeed, hard work pays off!

Associations & Awareness Pins

“I belong!” Lapel pins could also mean you are a member of a respected group or team. Stand out and make yourself involved with these custom lapel pins. Here in LancyPromos, you’re never behind!

Schools & Education Pins

Your efforts are recognized! Lapel Pins are usually designed for graduating students. Show them you can, and you can do great things with custom pins.

Military Pins

We supply military pins too! Your work is no joke; we wanted you to feel that you are indispensable and imperative. Customize lapel pins for your troop today!

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Your Custom Lapel Pins Supplier in China
  • “Fantastic job in designing my custom pins. Really appreciate this team. Definitely the perfect guys!”

    Sam Harding
  • “Our fraternity members love the custom lapel pins and want to order more for Christmas. Thanks guys!”

    Tim Shawn
  • “I found your company through Google search, and I am glad I had this transaction with you. David communicated with us constantly regarding the design, and the production down to the shipment of my custom pins. I will definitely recommend your service to others!”

    Nina Plumley
What Is the Difference Between Custom Lapel Pins and Button Pins?

Button pins are made from metal and feature a safety pin clutch while lapel pins are made from different materials and are usually structured with a butterfly clutch or rubber pin back.

What Is the Difference Between Soft And Hard Enamel Pins?

Aside from their look, soft and hard enamel pins greatly differ from each other. Hard enamel pins are flat and smooth while soft enamel pins have a textured or patterned feel.

Where Are Custom Lapel Pins Used?

Custom lapel pins are used to promote items, advertise your brand and celebrate your achievements.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity To Customize My Lapel Pins?

The minimum order quantity to customize the lapel pin is 100 pcs.

What Is the Lead Time To Customize My Lapel Pins?

Normally, the production to customize the lapel pin is about 1 to 2 weeks for production. And it takes about 1 week for air shipping.

If the qty is huge, it needs a longer time for production.

Also, if you prefer ocean shipping, it takes about 4 weeks for fast boat shipping.

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