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LancyPromos supplies custom medals perfect for your events.

  • Small MOQ at 50 pcs
  • Soft enamel, hard enamel, sandblast, etc.
  • Customize medals in your sizes or shapes
  • Sturdy materials: iron, brass, zinc alloy, wood, or acrylic

LancyPromos Logo Medals

Custom medals are usually awarded to a person or an organization in recognition of military, sports, academic, or other achievements. If you happen to go to contests, gatherings, and even tournaments, custom medals will always catch the attention of many. This represents success and achievement. Custom medallions are made of high-quality materials, and they can be manufactured with full color incorporated with your logo or any symbol that you wish to include.

Logo medals are perfect for any performance, sports, and also academic event. Show off your brand and your business in a professional way through custom medals. Have your logo made uniquely and attractively! Our team also offers the engraving option to add more quality to your medals.

Medals By Themes

Race Medals

As the name implies, these medals are used mainly for any kind of racing event. Let our team of manufacturers help you in coming up with a sporty medal!

Running Medals

The marathon race is a competitive game. Imagine receiving a medal because you won in a Triathlon, Mud Run, and other races. Great, right?

Sports Medals

Include your logo or image in these medals, and let your brand shine! Sports medals are awarded to athletic people who won in a competition.

Soccer Medals

Fan of soccer events? Well, soccer medals are given to soccer athletes who showed remarkable play. Time to showcase your business today!

Military Medals

These medals are given to professionals and personnel who display bravery and commitment. Why not arrange your promotional using these awards?

Graduation Medals

These medals are mainly used for any academic events or programs. Students feel so proud when they receive such medals. Let us be your reliable supplier!

Award Medals

Looking for a perfect customized award for someone exemplary? Well, we are a team of experienced medal suppliers willing to share our ideas to come up with a great token for someone.

Navy Medals

When someone did something heroic, we never forget their deeds, and we recognize them for being such a model. LancyPromos is a leading medal supplier in China. We’d love to offer you our service and products.

Army Medals

When you serve, you serve with passion and integrity. We usually give these awards to veterans and active army servicemen who rendered standard service. Let’s make this award worthier.

Air Force Medals

This medal is given to personnel who participated in operations and flights. Time to make your own medal right now! Free proof charge, just email us your art!

Marine Corps Medals

Combat service is no joke that is why the workforce who joined this service must be renowned. Let’s customize the medals with your logo today.

Service Medals

Service Medals are awarded to people who participated in a campaign and other types of service. Add a personal touch to these awards. Email us now!

Religious Medals

People who show great devotion deserve to be celebrated. Allow our team to design this custom merch today!

Catholic Medals

Wearing medals with saints is a tradition, especially among the Christian and Catholics. Talk to us and design your own one.

Liberty Medals

When you show great leadership, you are usually given an award. We make it possible for you.

Medals By Crafts (8)

  • Soft Enamel Medals

    These medals use Soft Enamel and colors are filled in the recessed area. These medals’ raised areas (lines) show the plating color, such as gold, silver, brass, etc.

  • Hard Enamel Medals

    The awardees would surely love their medals with a nice and smooth finish. The hard enamel is also called Cloisonne, which is of higher quality than the soft enamel.

  • Custom Antique Medals

    Loving that vintage design? Well, we are here to help you design your own antique medals. You can choose from antique gold, silver, brass, or bronze finishes.

  • Shiny And Sandblast Medals

    Want something shiny and glossy? Our Shiny and Sandblast Medals are also designed with strong protection. You can make the medal shiny gold, silver, brass, or bronze.

  • Custom Shaped Insert Medals

    If want to put gradient colors on your medals, we can print the gradient colors digitally with a sticker. Then stick the sticker on your medals. The sticker can be custom shaped.

  • Custom 3D Medals

    3D can also be incorporated into medals. Whether it is for a business award, sports, or academic, our team is confident that we can do these requests for you.

  • Custom Cut Out Medals

    With detailed designs, our cut-out medals will surely stand out! Just email us your medal artwork, and we will make a free digital proof for your approval before production.

  • Color Printed Medals

    We also provide the service to digital print your logo directly on the medals. With brilliant colors, the awardees will surely appreciate their own medals.

Number of Colors in Your Custom Medals (4)

Custom Medals Benefits

Your Brand Stands Out Icon
Strengthen Reputation

Custom medals give recognition to people who help your business. They give people an impression that you really care about them and you celebrate their small wins together. People will trust that your business is worth the try and you live your vision by taking an action.

Cultivate A Sense Of Value Icon
Establish Relationships

Giving them these custom medals mean that you go the extra mile to let people know they play an important role in your business success. It means that every effort they had won’t go unnoticed.

Collection Icon
Business Growth

If you give custom medals to people, it means you are sharing and pitching your business to them in a unique way. Developing a new marketing model will surely give you significant business growth.

Affordable Icon
Budget Friendly

Running a marketing strategy might consume most of your business budget, but with custom medals, there is no need to spend all of your financial allocations. With a small fund, you can run your promotional medals immediately.

Custom Medal Ribbon Options

We provide ribbon options for your custom medals.

Ribbon width options: 0.75″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″ or 1.75″

Ribbon length options: 14.5″, 15″, 15.5″, 16″, 16.5″, 17″, 18″

Ribbon color options: stock colors or dye sublimation with your logo

Custom Medal Ribbon Options
Medal Ribbon Loop Type

Medal Ribbon Loop Type

Decide the perfect medal ribbon loop type that matches the award. We offer the below options.

  • Round Shape
  • Wide Shape – Custom Fit
  • Wide Shape – Large

We can show you samples so you have an idea how what it would look like. Email our team today!

Medal Packing Options

You can choose the below packing options.

  • Individual Poly Bag
  • Individually Velvet Box
  • Individual Velvet Pouch

Let us know, and we’ll prepare everything for you.

Medal Packing Options

How To Customize Your Medals

Medals Supplier
Medals Manufacturer

Coming up with a good-looking and elegant custom medal is not as hard as you think. Lancypromos makes every step easy and efficient. Check this step-by-step instruction on how to get your custom medal done.

Step 1: Digital Proof

Email the artwork of the custom medal, and our artists to make a digital proof for your approval before production.

Step 2: The GO Signal!

Our team will send the physical sample photos of your medal to see if the final product is okay for you. We have more time to make some changes in this step so don’t worry!

Step 3: Shipping & Delivery Medals

We will then proceed to the shipment of your custom medals. We will give you a working tracking # so you can monitor its delivery and ETA.

Upgrade Medal Options

If you want to make your medals more beautiful and unique, we can upgrade them with the below options.

  • Glitter
  • Diamond
  • Two-tone Finish
  • Etc.
Medal Back Options

You can choose the below options to customize the back of your medals.

  • Laser Engraving
  • Back Mold
  • Engrave Sequential Names
  • Engrave Sequential Numbers
  • Etc.
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  • “Lancypromos are the guys for your project. I work with David for the final design of my medals and he’s really great talent. I’ll be back soon for future orders!”

    Douglas Grepta
  • “Fast delivery is great! I love how they constantly update me through email about the shipment of my medals. Thanks, guys!”

    Haidee Chandler
  • “Order processing is so smooth! My custom medals look great. You deserve more than five stars!”

    Charles Smith
I Want My Medals With Different Shapes. Is It Possible?

Yes, you can customize the shapes of your medals. And you can mix the medal shapes in one order.

Do You Offer Medals In Other Materials?

Yes, we also offer materials in wood, PVC, and acrylic. You can also customize your logo in these kinds of medals.

What Are The Sizes of My Medals Can Be?

Your medals can be customized from 1.5″ to 3.5″.

What Are The Thickness of My Medals Can Be?

Our medal thickness ranges from 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm. The larger the medal is, the thicker the medal will be.

What Is the MOQ To Customize My Medals?

You can customize your medal at the MOQ of 50 pcs.

What Is The Turn-Around Time To Customize My Medals?

It takes about 1 to 2 weeks to manufacture your medals.

Rush service is available if needed.

Can I Include Numbers And Names On Each Medal?

For sure! Custom medals are designed according to their receiver so it is so much possible to include personalized numbers and names. We offer laser engraving to make it flawless and sophisticated. An extra fee will be charged for this.

However, if you want to have the names and numbers done with metal lines, it means extra molds are required.

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