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Captivate your clients with this marvelous decor piece—the custom moon lamp! Your business and your customers’ homes will surely be bright once they get their hands on moon lamps. Control the lamps’ color, brightness, visuals, and other settings remotely. What’s more amazing is that we can apply your brand logo or preferred images to the moon lamps for guests to see. Order now from LancyPromos to get your very own bulk of custom moon lamps today!

Hot Selling Moon Lamps

A spherical lamp that projects 3D-based images with 16 RGB colors. A peculiar decor for homes that usually display the view of outer space.

A small version of the moon light lava lamp that can project 3D images with RGB-based colors.

This floating moon lamp is attached to a metal curved post by magnetism. Compared to other lamps, this one does not have settings to control.

A moon lamp with a ring attached to the side in the shape of Saturn. It also allows image projection with settings.

This moon lamp floats above a base using magnetism and includes a touch control suite on the lamp base.

This bedside moon lamp uses magnetic levitation by having two opposite magnets built into an arched base and it has touch control settings.

This particular moon lamp has a built-in humidifier that can benefit people with respiratory problems.

A unique moon lamp that projects light onto a flat surface (ceiling) with a subwoofer installed below the lamp for music.

A desk moonlight lamp in a tilted position that mimics the appearance of gas giants, such as Jupiter and Saturn.

Custom Moon Lamp Benefits


All custom moon lamps are compact enough that anyone can turn them on anywhere, especially during the night.


Custom moon lamps can attract anyone’s attention, including kids. Their designs can mimic the moon, which makes them interesting.


When reading a book, the reading experience is enhanced when there is a custom moon lamp glistening beside the reader.


Custom moon lamps are great gifts for friends and loved ones. Moon lamps evoke a certain charm since they act as both a light source and decor.

Moon Lamp Size Guide

Our custom moon lamps can have different dimensions according to client requests. We also include size presets for spherical moon lamps so clients can choose easily. The sizes available are 10 cm, 15 cm, and 20 cm.

For moon lamps with different shapes, please contact the staff for more inquiries.

Image Projection

Due to the distinctive way in which custom moon lamps present images, we encourage clients to be creative when designing their artwork for the lamp to show. Typical examples include planets, maps, and outer space.

However, you can submit any image, and our staff will handle the finishing touches.

Photos for Moon Lamps

While regular photos will work on the lamps, it is best to edit photos that maximize the full potential of custom moon lamps, especially when they are spherical. The best example would be a panoramic photo shot that LancyPromos can edit to fill up the entire lamp so that anyone can enjoy looking from all angles.

Moon lamps can provide a unique way of viewing photos, especially photos that have a strong emotional attachment. They display a certain charm, which customers can certainly appreciate and will pay for such products. Viewers can observe these lamps night or day.

Most moonlight lamps have the option of selecting a collection of colors. Customers can choose the colors they want for the occasion, whether to match their moods or change them altogether. The moon lamps have remote controllers that can select up to 16 colors.

New Moom Lamps

A romantic moon lamp that is shaped like a heart. It is perfect for couples to strengthen their relationship.

A projector that is portable and can be used to illuminate a ceiling with the image of a night sky.

A specialized night light that projects the images of nebulas. Perfect for recreating the feeling of being in outer space.

Let's Customize Your Images or Logos on Moon Lamps Today!

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  • “I love how the package was never damaged, so the moon lamps are in mint condition. The delivery arrived earlier than usual too. My compliments to LancyPromos!”

    Edwin Thatch
  • “Lisa delivered what I exactly expected from my moon lamps. The global map really fits into the lamp. Our customers will love them!”

    Matt Bragg
  • “Exemplary work by LancyPromos! Moon lamps look great and are undamaged, the package arrived quickly, and Tim even notified us when they would arrive.”

    Katerina Makarova
  • “The customer service was excellent, and the moon lamps arrived in pristine condition. Highly recommended!”

    Ericht Wells
  • “The floating moon lamps really impressed our customers at the trade expo. They liked it so much, they bought it almost immediately. As for supplier feedback, I have nothing but praises!”

    Jesse Todd
  • “LancyPromos delivered high-class moon lamps, and I can tell because we have old stocks of lamps. Their staff did their best to answer my inquiries. Order from them if you’re serious!”

    Zachary Owens
How much time does it take to produce moon lamps?

It usually takes one week to produce custom moon lamps.

What are LancyPromo’s refund and return policies?

If an item in the order is factory defective, clients may either receive a refund or receive a replacement.

Can clients request changes to item specifications?

Clients can request changes as many times as they want. However, this is not possible anymore if the moon lamps are under production.

Do lamps come with their own stands?

Yes, stands are included for moon lamps, although the end-user must assemble their parts if necessary.

How long will the batteries last?

Moon lamps last about an average of 12 hours, although they also come with charging devices.

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