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Boost Your Business With Mug Warmers

Mug warmers do as their name suggests: warm beverages for the ordinary person working in the office. Anyone can appreciate a warm drink, which custom mug warmers do. Add your branding to the mug warmers to let people know about your business.

Spread out your logo with the custom mug warmer.

Hot Selling Mug Warmers

Coffee Mug Warmer

It is great for heating coffee and other beverages. Enjoy your travel with this warmer. It also has an easy clean feature.

Mug Heating Coasters

With a fast heating mat pad, it will surely energize you to go through your day. Let’s print that logo and make your brand known!

USB Coffee Cup Warmer

This is a portable type without the need for batteries. Aside from that, it can work with power banks as well. Get this today!

Mug Warmer Auto Shut Off

Auto shut off means the warmer shuts off on its own. Once done, a red light flashes to tell you that your drink is ready.

Electric Coffee Warmer

Upgrade your workstation with this warmer. You can connect it to an electric outlet. You will surely love your morning coffee with a good heating element.

Temperature Control Cup Mug Warmer

This warmer maintains a specific temperature. With ultimate control, you can choose your desired temperature.

Smart Coffee Warmer

This warmer works with a switch and an indicator light. Enjoy your coffee, tea, milk, and other drinks using this device. Let’s run your promotional marketing today!

Mug Warmers with Automatic Shut Off

This type of mug warmer keeps coffee warm to the last drop. It shuts off after reaching the set temperature.

USB Coffee Mug Warmer

Enjoy the taste of your coffee. It is also warm to the touch and is perfect for techie users. Let’s customize your brand logo on this mug warmer.

Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

This is easy to use, and with a good induction feature, it will instantly upgrade your home office!

Mug Warmer Plates

This is your favorite coffee accessory. It will surely work for you and will provide the best coffee for the day.

Woodgrain Mug Warmers

An aesthetic look will make your office desktop space nice and more professional. Time to disclose your brand today!

Mug Warmer with Mug (4)

Custom Mug Warmer Benefits

Convenient Icon

You do not need to brew yourself another batch of coffee when you can simply warm your cup with a custom mug warmer.

Perfect Gift

Custom mug warmer comes with sensors that regulate the temperature to ensure that the warmer’s base does not scorch.

Not Bulky

Most people consume drinks that power them throughout the day, and having a custom mug warmer to heat their drinks energizes them.


Custom mug warmer is also useful as a promotional tool when used in restaurants and cafes, where the device’s brand will attract people’s curiosity.

Custom Logo On Mug Warmers

You can customize your logo on mug warmers by the below methods.

  • Screen Print
  • Full-color Print
  • Laser engraving
  • Etc.
Custom Logo On Mug Warmers
Mug Warmer Safe To Use

Mug Warmer Safe To Use

Since this product involves drinks and liquids, we design our custom mug warmer to be water resistant. Do not be afraid of your coffee spilling somewhere.

We make sure that your mug warmers are technically built. Effective and safe temperature locking, it will make heat transfer efficient.

Mug Warmer Optional Plugs

We customize mug warmer in different plugs.

  • American Plugs
  • European Plugs
  • USB Plugs
  • Chinese Plugs
Mug Warmer Optional Plugs

Mug Warmer Applicable Various Drinkware

Our mug warmers can heat different vessels, such as ceramic cups, glass cups, milk bottles, stainless steel cups, juice in the carton, and teapots.

Mug Warmers Constant Temperature

Our custom mug warmer sets the temperature according to your preference, they keep the temperature around 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Custom Mug Warmer for Any Occasions

Car Mug Warmer

Are you always hitting the road and getting used to having cold drinks often? No worries! Our car mug warmer is your new travel buddy! Enjoy that hot coffee while enjoying your joyride!

Self-Stirring And Auto Mixing Coffee Mug With Warmer

Are your hands always full and forget to even stir your coffee? You don’t need another extra hand. Our self-stirring coffee mug with warmer will have everything ready for you!

2 in 1 Smart Car Mug Cooler and Warmer

Want something hot and cold at once? We have a mug cooler and warmer too! Let’s customize this mug warmer today!

Mug Warmer Middle Banners
Warm Your Drinks With Custom Mug Warmer
  • The live event we sponsored was a huge success, partially thanks to the custom mug warmer that everybody wanted. Thanks again, LancyPromos! Expect to have another order coming through.

    Billy Adams
  • As rewards for our team-building exercise the company hosts every year, we decided on custom mug warmer. Our employees who won the exercise loved these! We’re thinking of ordering another batch to sell as an exclusive product within the company. The delivery of warmers also arrived in impeccable order! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a serious supplier.

    Trista Inaga
  • Tim from LancyPromos was a helpful chap! He was pleasant to talk with, and with his assurances of high-quality custom mug warmers, we felt confident in rushing our order. I have to say, the warmers came in as advertised.

    Shira Bentley
Can I Connect The USB Charge Of Mug Warmer To My Mac?

As long as you have the port, yes, Mac is possible.

Can I Use My Mug Warmer As A Candle Warmer, Too?

Yes. Let your candles release scent to help you relax.

Is The Mug Microwave Safe?

Yes. It is microwave safe.

How Do I Know Once The Mug Warmer Is Done With My Coffee?

Actually, there are blinking lights to help you determine if it’s good. There are product manuals too for you to read and follow!

Do You Offer Mug + Spoon + Mug Warmer?

Yes, we offer mug sets for your brand. Please see our catalog for the designs.

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