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  • Small MOQ at 100 pcs
  • Custom printing your logos on the phone wallets
  • Fast production lead time: 1 week to manufacture custom phone wallets
  • Strong adhesive 3M back sticker

LancyPromos Custom Phone Wallets

Custom phone wallets are the perfect blend of advertisement and function wherever they are carried. Give these away to potential customers at a live event, and they will surely appreciate such a practical tool to carry over their cards and cash in a secure fashion. A promotional phone wallet is an excellent product to expose your brand, and it comes with a diverse range of customization options, such as colors and styles, to choose from.

Order from LancyPromos today to have your brand emblazoned on our custom phone wallets!

Our Hot Promotional Phone Wallets

Silicone Phone Wallets

Your basic phone wallets are made out of silicone. Can be customized to have simple colors with imprints and can hold up to a limited number of cards.

Dual Pockets Silicone Phone Wallets

Phone wallets with double the capacity of storing more cards. It also has the potential to be modified with simple colors and imprints.

Silicone Phone Wallets With Stand

These phone wallets have the additional benefit of having a stand, so you may use your phone hands-free in certain cases.

V.I.P. Phone Wallets

Phone wallets are meant for display as well as for promotional purposes. Their design varies, but they can still hold cards all the same.

Leather Phone Wallets

Phone wallets are made out of leather instead of silicone. They have the benefit of allowing full image imprints.

Envelope Phone Wallets

Phone wallets, typically made out of leather, are small envelopes stuck behind the phone that enclose the items they store.

Elastic Lycra Phone Wallets

Phone wallets are made of elastic lycra material that snuggly fits the items it carries and has its own adhesive to hold the wallets in place.

Ribbon Phone Wallets

These phone wallets come with a ribbon-shaped silicone mold attached that symbolizes various health causes, such as breast cancer awareness.

MagSafe Phone Wallets

These phone wallets, typically made out of leather, use magnets instead of adhesives. However, they’re only compatible with Apple iPhones.

Phone Wallet with Finger Grip

These phone wallets have straps attached that are designed to be convenient by having better ergonomics when holding the phone.

Mood Phone Wallets

Multi-colored phone wallets that are meant for promotional purposes. Allows for further modifications in the way of imprinting.

Phone Wallets With Metal Ring

These phone wallets have an attached metal ring that can act as a stand or a phone holder by slotting a finger inside.

New Cell Phone Wallets (4)

Custom Phone Wallet Benefits

Convenient Icons

The phone wallets store all your cards on your phone instead!

Fashionable Icon

Phone wallets can be glamorous! They’re only limited by your imagination.

Resilient Icon

These wallets are designed to resist fall damage to protect your cards.

Best-Value Icon

High-quality but also reasonably affordable in the bulk!

Strong Adhesive 3M Sticker

We use the strong adhesive 3M sticker for our phone wallets. So the phone wallets can stick strongly on the phones.

Free phone wallet samples can be sent to check quality before placing orders.

Phone Wallets Strong Adhesive 3M Sticker
Phone Wallet Logo Decoration Methods

Logo Decoration Methods

You can customize your logos on phone wallets by the below methods.

  • Screen Print
  • UV Print
  • Full-Color Print
  • Debossing
  • Embossing

Phone Wallets Packing Options

The standard packing for phone wallets is an individual poly bag. But we also provide the service to customize packages for your phone wallets.

  • Individual Paper Card
  • Other Package As Your Requests
Phone Wallets Packing Options

Customize Colors for Phone Wallets

You may have multiple color tones applied to your phone wallets. We offer the following color schemes:

  • Single color
  • Two-tone colors
  • Three-tone colors
Customize Printing Colors for Phone Wallets

You can customize the printing color in any PMS color on the phone wallets.

Free PMS match fee.

Recent Custom Phone Wallet Cases

Silicone Lanyards with Phone Holder and Wallet

The lanyard hangs the phone on the user’s neck while the phone itself has the phone wallet strapped on.

Silicone Phone Wallet with Mirror

A modified silicone phone wallet that has a mirror attached to it.

RFID Smart Cell Phone Wallets

Phone wallets with RFID components installed within to be used in various applications, such as electronic doors or digital punch cards.

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Let's Customize Your Phone Wallets Today!
  • “For a first-time client, I’m happy with the constant communication with the supplier. I also love what they’ve done with the finished custom phone wallets. Cheers!”

    Kerry Anderson
  • “The phone wallets are fantastic. Tried one on my phone and it sticks securely! My guests at the trade conference will surely love them. Much appreciated with the service, LancyPromos!”

    Paul Friedmann
  • “LancyPromos did a wonderful job with printing the company’s brand logo. Surely awareness of the business will grow even further. I’ll order again sometime.”

    Orion del Luna
What Is The MOQ To Customize My Cell Phone Wallets?

The minimum order quantity of custom phone wallets is 100 pieces (pcs).

What Are The Material Options For My Phone Wallets?

The common material used in the construction of phone wallets is silicone. However, other materials, such as leather and lycra, have their own advantages.

What Is The Lead Time To Customize The Phone Wallets With My Logo?

Once approved, production will last at least one to two weeks. Shipping time will depend on your location, but it will generally last one to two weeks. We also offer rush delivery for an additional cost.

Will The Phone Wallet’s Adhesives Stick Indefinitely When Used?

Adhesive sleeves are meant to stick for long periods. However, you can remove them by peeling off the adhesives carefully.

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