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  • Various models
  • Certified by CE, RoHS, etc.
  • Custom logo on power banks
  • Custom packaging for power banks

Boost Your Business With Custom Power Banks

Power banks are useful devices for charging smartphones and other electronic devices while traveling. Custom power banks can also be used as promotional tools since most people charge their devices often when they can. Adding a logo to the promotional power banks will make people notice the branding, such as when handed out as gifts at trade expos.

Regardless of whether your business is in electronics, customers won’t say no to a logo power bank.

Hot Selling Power Banks

Leather Wrapped Power Bank

Your basic design power banks are shrouded in tailored leather, equipped with two USB-A ports for dual charging and a Micro-USB port for recharge.

High Capacity Power Bank

Constructed to have a capacity greater up to 20000 mAh, these battery packs have wireless charging and have a longer charge duration.

Wall Plug Power Banks

Power banks that come with AC plugs are meant to be conveniently recharged on wall plugs. They come with built-in cables with compatible ports.

Wireless Power Banks

Although equipped with a standard USB-A port for cables, they have a Qi charger installed capable of inductive charging.

Solar Power Banks

Rechargeable power banks are equipped with tiny solar panels. The panels ensure a steady supply of electricity when exposed to sunlight.

Mini Wireless Power Banks

Designed for everyday use cases, these battery packs have been miniaturized further and are equipped with a Qi charger.

Slim Power Banks

These compact and lightweight battery packs come with cables with ports compatible with modern devices.

PD Fast Charger

Battery packs with built-in LED displays indicate how much energy left is stored and can fast charge any devices connected.

Counsel Power Banks

Small power banks that are equally small in battery capacity, these battery packs have compatible ports for all charging cables.

Aluminum HD Wireless Power Bank

These battery packs have an aluminum casing that shrouds the lithium-ion batteries and have both Qi and non-wireless charging ports.

Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

These compact battery packs instantly snap into place via magnetism and charge the device using their Qi charger.

Metal Power Bar Charger

The lithium-ion batteries are installed in a cylindrical case, and the power bank is meant for emergencies due to its compact design.

Logo Light-Up Power Banks

These power banks have the standard credit-card-shaped case, with the addition of a light panel that illuminates whenever they’re connected with a device.

Power Bank Built In Cables

Designed with compatibility in mind, these power banks usually have higher battery capacity and have cables with ports currently used in modern standards.

Sourcing More Power Banks

If you want some other types or models of powerbank, please email us the images and requests. We will source it for you. LancyPromos has a sourcing team in China.

Power Bank By Shell Meterials (6)

Custom Power Bank Benefits

Portable Icon

Our custom power banks are designed to be compact as much as possible while being able to fit inside pockets!

Reusable Icon

Whether it’s for emergencies or everyday use, all power banks are able to recharge for other devices to light up!

Modifiable Icon

You can select a variety of options, from logo decoration methods to the type of materials and battery capacities to customize your power banks!

Affordable Icon

We provide various power banks, from cheap to expensive. Many styles of custom power banks can meet your budget.

Logo Decoration Methods

You can customize the logo by the below methods on power banks. Just email us your artwork, and we will make a virtual proof for your approval before production.

  • Screen Print
  • UV Print
  • Full-color Print; Dye Sublimation Print
  • Laser Engraving
  • Embossing or Debossing
  • Etc.
Power Bank Logo Decoration Methods
Multiple Styles and Battery Capacities

Multiple Styles and Battery Capacities

LancyPromos supplies multiple promotional power banks for your selections.

  • Size: standard size and mini-size
  • Function: wireless charging, fast charging, etc.
  • Accessories: magnetic, suction cup, LED light, solar panel, built-in cables, LED digital reading, etc.
  • Battery capacities: from 1800 mAh to 50,000 mAh

Power Bank Batteries

There are two battery options for promotional power banks.

  • Lithium-Ion Batteries (commonly used for custom powerbank)
  • Lithium Polymer Batteries (safer but more expensive)

We can provide CE, RoHS, and UL safety certificates if needed.

Power Bank Chips

Why Choose LancyPromos to Customize Power Banks

Power Bank Supplier
China Power Bank Supplier

LancyPromos provides a wide range of power banks from different materials, sizes, and battery capacities to meet your different promotional needs. We have built-in cables, wireless charging, magnet, fast charging, LED digital display, solar charging, flashlight, lamp, etc. power banks. We can provide the capacity from 1,800 mAh to 50,000 mAh.

You can customize your logos on power banks. We provide silkscreen, laser engraving, debossing, and other decoration methods.

We have over 8 years of experience supplying custom power banks. We are trusted by Cisco, United Airlines, and other brands. Your order will be taken good care of here.

Custom Packaging for Power Banks

The standard packing for the power bank is an individual white box. We can also customize the powerbank package according to your requests.

One charging cable is included in the packages. Free charges.

Qi Chargers

Except for the normal power banks, we can also provide custom power banks that combine Qi wireless chargers. When you forget to take the charging cable, still your phone can be wirelessly charged. But your phone must have the function of wireless charging in advance.


Custom Power Bank For Any Occasions

Bike Power Bank With LED Light And Phone Holder

A versatile tool for cyclists everywhere. Aside from being a power bank meant to be attached to the bike, it is also a flashlight and a phone holder. You can also add your own logo on the custom power bank. Such a device is helpful for navigation purposes, as well as beneficial for phones low on power.

Journal Notebook with Wireless Power Bank

These notebooks have a power bank inside the hardbound cover. Because they do not require charging cables, smartphones should be able to have power transferred to their batteries while users can work on their notebooks.

Collapsible Night Lamp Power Bank with Built-in Cable

These power banks have built-in night lamps that can be extended like a pyramid when needed. Smartphones can be charged while still providing a sufficient light source. Place your logo on the custom power bank as a means to promote the item and its branding.

Power Bank Middle Banner
LancyPromos - Your Promotional Power Banks Supplier in China
  • “My company had ordered a large quantity of the custom power banks and distributed them accordingly. They look pristine and are built well. Our logo also looks shiny. My thanks to the supplier. We will order again.”

    Joseph Jonesberg
  • “My cyclist customers wanted something for their smartphones, so I ordered the multipurpose power banks. They were satisfied with their newest accessory. It also helped that my delivery came in earlier.”

    Timothy Gaines
  • “Those power banks with the fabric on them? They’re great. Thanks to David for suggesting those. I’ll probably order more once stock runs low.”

    Rebecca Lyons
What Is The MOQ To Customize Power Banks?

50 pcs.

What Is The Turn-around Time To Customize Power Banks?

The production lead time for customized power banks with your logo is about 1 to 2 weeks. And it takes about 1 to 2 weeks for air shipping.

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