Promote Your Brand with Custom Round Beach Towels

In the competitive world of marketing, it’s essential to find unique ways to make your brand stand out. Custom round beach towels from LancyPromos offer a strategic advantage by combining functionality, visual appeal, and broad reach.

Whether you’re a large corporation, small business, or non-profit organization, custom round beach towels can elevate your promotional efforts and create a lasting impression on your target audience.

Boost Your Logo with Custom Round Beach Towels

Custom round beach towels offer a prime opportunity to boost logo visibility. With a large printing area, businesses can proudly display their logo in vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. A well-placed logo on a beach towel can draw attention and spark conversations, increasing brand awareness in the process.

LancyPromos serves as your partner in brand promotion, providing high-quality custom round beach towels that align with your branding goals. With our commitment to quality, customization options, and exceptional customer service, LancyPromos ensures that your brand waves high above the competition.

When choosing colors for the logo, businesses should consider the science behind color psychology. Different colors evoke different emotions and perceptions, and selecting the right color palette can enhance the impact of the logo. LancyPromos’ extensive color options allow businesses to strategically align their logo with their brand identity.

Finding the optimal logo placement is crucial for maximizing visibility. LancyPromos works closely with businesses to determine the best positioning on the towel, ensuring that the logo is prominently displayed and easily recognizable. This strategic placement can make a significant difference in the overall effectiveness of the promotional campaign.

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Why Custom Round Beach Towels Make Great Promotional Products

Unique Shape and Design

Custom round beach towels stand out from traditional rectangular towels, capturing attention and creating a memorable impression for your brand.

Ample Branding Space

The circular shape of custom round beach towels provides a larger area for displaying your logo, artwork, and brand messaging, maximizing visibility and brand exposure.

Versatility & Functionality

Round beach towels are not limited to beach use. They can be used as picnic blankets, yoga mats, or home decor, extending the reach and lifespan of your promotional message.

Trendy & Fashionable

Round towels have gained popularity in recent years, making them a trendy and fashionable choice. Associating your brand with a popular trend enhances its appeal and resonates with your target audience.

High Quality Material

At LancyPromos, we use high-quality microfiber cloth to create your custom round beach towels. This material offers exceptional benefits, including its softness, lightweight nature, and excellent absorbency. Microfiber cloth is also quick-drying, making it ideal for beach and poolside use.

Trust in LancyPromos for custom round beach towels crafted from premium microfiber cloth for ultimate comfort and performance.

Beach Towels Printing Methods

Trust LancyPromos for Unmatched Printing Quality on Custom Round Beach Towels! Our cutting-edge printing techniques include digital printing, reactive printing, and pigment printing. With precision and vibrancy, we bring your designs to life, ensuring long-lasting colorfastness.

Choose LancyPromos for impeccable print detail and brilliant hues that captivate and impress.

Small MOQ at 100 Pcs

Reliable Partner for Custom Round Beach Towels: LancyPromos offers a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of only 100 pieces. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, we cater to your needs.

Benefit from our flexibility and exceptional service, ensuring that your branding efforts with LancyPromos are always efficient and accessible.

How to Order Your Custom Round Beach Towels from LancyPromos

Step 1: Submit Your Logo or Image – Simply email us your logo or desired image for your custom round beach towels.

Step 2: Receive a Quotation within 24 Hours – We will provide you with a detailed quotation sheet, including pricing information and estimated turn-around time in 24 hours.

Step 3: Review and Approve the Virtual Proof – We will create a virtual proof and send it to you for approval within one day.

Step 4: Manufacturing Begins after Proof Approval – Once you have approved the virtual proof, we will start manufacturing your beach towels. The production process typically takes 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the quantity ordered.

Step 5: Preview the Finished Beach Towels Before shipping – We will share a photo of the completed beach towels with you, allowing you to see the final product.

Step 6: Secure Payment and Prompt Shipping – After payment confirmation, we will ship your custom beach towels to you. You can expect delivery within approximately one week.

Please note that these steps outline our streamlined process for ordering custom round beach towels. We prioritize efficiency and quality to ensure your satisfaction with the final product.

LancyPromos understands that designing and ordering custom round beach towels may seem overwhelming, and we offer comprehensive support throughout the process.

Our experienced customer service team is available to answer any questions, provide guidance on design options, and ensure a smooth ordering experience.

Once the order is placed, LancyPromos will handle the production and shipping process efficiently. We offer various shipping options to accommodate different timelines and budgets.

The estimated delivery time will be provided after proof approval, allowing businesses to plan their promotional campaigns accordingly.

  • “Working with LancyPromos was a game-changer for our brand promotion. The custom beach towels featuring our logo and colors were a hit at our company retreat. Our employees loved them, and they generated buzz among other guests. LancyPromos truly delivered on quality and visibility.”

    John Smith
  • “LancyPromos helped our small surf shop make waves in the local community. The custom beach towels with our logo and surf-inspired design were a perfect fit. Customers fell in love with the towels, and they became walking advertisements at the beach. Thank you, LancyPromos, for boosting our brand!”

    Sarah Johnson
  • “Our non-profit organization wanted to make a splash with our cause, and LancyPromos made it possible. The custom beach towels featuring stunning underwater scenes and our logo not only raised funds but also sparked conversations about marine conservation. LancyPromos, your towels became our ambassadors for change.”

    David Thompson
What is the lead time for custom orders?

Production: about 1 to 2 weeks

Air express Shipping: 1 week

Economic air shipping: 2 weeks

Ocean shipping: about 5 weeks

Can I get a sample before placing a bulk order?

Yes, LancyPromos understands the importance of quality assurance and offers the option to request a sample before placing a bulk order. This allows businesses to physically see and feel the towel’s material, evaluate the printing quality, and ensure it meets their expectations. Contact LancyPromos to inquire about sample requests.

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