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LancyPromos Rubber Keychains

Rubber keychains are made with sturdy PVC, and are waterproof. It can cater to your ideas and your different brand designs. With custom rubber keychains, we can produce exceptional merchandise in 3D which portrays more details of your design.

Lancypromos is one of the trusted suppliers of custom keychains made with PVC. Our designs are inspired by your brand’s character and trademark. We can enhance your logo and apply shapes, colors, and revisions that can target your buyers carefully. We make use of the sides and the back part of your keychains. e can also customize its split rings and chains. Choose the size and position for your chain connection, and we’re good to go!

Rubber Keychain Styles

With an elegant look, this one-sided 2D keychain will make your brand stand out. The back side will have a black, smooth PVC material.

A two-sided 2D keychain will give more brand visibility. Repeat the same design and make use of your keychain sides.

Our hot-selling full 3D design is also available to rock your brand. You can choose this option if you want to achieve a unique visualization of your design.

Rubber Keychain Colors (3)

Custom Rubber Keychain Benefits


Custom rubber keychains can “make something plain to beautiful”. With unique merchandise, your brand will surely glow up.


Being handy gives you the advantage of bringing them anywhere. Flaunt your custom rubber keychains and pitch your brand to a lot of people.

Cost Effective

We can do something much through custom rubber keychains without having to spend a lot of money. Time to design yours today!


Custom rubber keychains are not gender-sensitive, so either men or women can enjoy this merchandise.

Custom Rubber Keychains in Any Shapes or Sizes

Rubber Keychain Printing

Let's Customize Your Rubber Keychains Today!

Get rich! Get loud! Create an effective marketing noise for your brand through custom rubber keychains! You can never go wrong with this merch!

  • “My custom rubber keychains are great! Thank you Lisa for all the help from day 1 until today. Really appreciate this team!”

    Damian Hintz
  • “The order processing is just so easy and convenient. Love my purchase!”

    Niko Reilly
  • ” The PVC colors suggested by Tim look great along with my logo. Thanks, guys!”

    Cullen West

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Can I apply designs for both sides of my custom rubber keychains?

Yes, 3D, one side, or even both sides are possible.

What do you mean by PVC?

Also known as “vinyl,” this material is like a mix of plastic and rubber. It is a durable material that is flexible and can withstand pressure, making it ideal for brand promotion, especially for your custom rubber keychains.

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