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Custom Scarves Boost Your Business

Custom scarves with your brand’s logo etched are wonderful gifts for guests at live events, especially during the winter season. Logo scarves will impress clients as they are functional and fashionable. Aside from adorning your logo on your promotional scarves, you can also select their colors, patterns, and type of knit material. Order your batch of customer scarves from LancyPromos, and you can avail of our scarf customization, free of charge!

Our Hot Selling Scarves

Fleece Scarf with Pockets

A single-color fleece scarf that has a pocket stitched for additional hand warmth or a place to store small items.

Fringed Scarf with Stripes

A striped scarf with fringes knitted on each end that mimics a panache to give a more festive look.

Cable Knit Scarf

An acrylic-based scarf with a design that has a textured pattern and includes durable stitching on the edge.

Marled Scarf

A soft acrylic scarf with a design that has a pattern full of multiple colors meshed together.

Anti-Pill Polyester Fleece Scarf

An anti-pill polyester-based fleeced scarf with the edges whip stitched. It comes in the color of your choice.

Glacial Cooling Scarf

Instead of providing warmth like typical scarves, this cooling scarf does the opposite by cooling the wearer during hot days.

Sportsman Soccer Scarf

A scarf with fringes at the end is thicker than usual. It’s usually designed for sports teams in their local community.

Polar Fleece Fringed Scarf

A classy thin and polyester-based scarf with fringes at the edges and an embroidered logo to make it look dapper.

Sublimated Sherpa Scarf

A long, bicolored scarf made from microfiber polyester fabric with fringes on each end maximizes warmth when wearing it.

Comfy Fuzzy Scarf

A scarf made from acrylic that incorporates a frayed texture for increased comfort and warmth, especially during the winter season.

Patriotic Knitted Scarf

An acrylic-based scarf with fringes, but its décor is patterned after a nation’s flag and colors that patriots will appreciate.

Hair Scarf

This particular polyester-based scarf has a silky texture and adorns the hair of the wearer but does not necessarily cover it.

Melrose Scarf

A scarf made from a mix of viscose and polyester materials with fringe trimmings at the edges and optional embroidery.

Plaid Blanket Scarf

This large scarf features a plaid pattern and colors of your own choosing, along with fringes around the edges.

Infinity Scarf

A circular scarf that hangs around the neck with a sleek texture that is comfortable on the skin of the wearer.

Scarves by Materials (8)

  • Satin Scarves

    Satin scarves are sleek and lustrous, but they are not suitable for everyday use because they are hard to maintain.

  • Acrylic Scarves

    Acrylic scarves come from synthetic fabrics, making them inexpensive, wrinkle-resistant, and hypoallergenic, although not as smooth as other scarves.

  • Spandex Scarves

    Prized for their flexibility, spandex scarves can stretch further than other fabrics. Wearers are able to shroud themselves almost completely with these scarves.

  • Cotton Scarves

    Cotton-based scarves, while they can wrinkle easily, are easy to maintain and can last a long time with proper care.

  • Cashmere Scarves

    The scarves owe their softness to cashmere goats’ wool, which makes them resistant to cold weather but needs delicate care.

  • Pashmina Scarves

    The velvety feel and warmth of these scarves come from the wool of pashmina goats, although they require proper maintenance.

  • Silk Scarves

    These scarves are luxurious because of their glossy look and the time and labor needed to construct them.

  • Wool Scarves

    As the name suggests, the fabric of these scarves comes from sheep’s wool. They are warm and easy to care for.

Scarves by Functions (4)

  • Headscarves

    These particular scarves cover a portion or fully shroud a wearer’s head. They provide protection from the elements or just enhance one’s looks.

  • Neck Scarves

    These scarves drape around the neck of the wearer. Any scarf will do, but the best example is the infinity scarf.

  • Beach Scarves

    These scarves can act as a sort of skirt for the wearer. If they are cooling scarves, they can also cool the wearer.

  • Winter Scarves

    These scarves drape the wearer to provide warmth and comfort against the backdrop of winter.

Custom Scarf Benefits


Anyone wearing your custom scarves where the public can see them is free publicity for your brand and your business.


As custom scarves are practical and stylish, your customers wearing them will appreciate the fact that your business has them.


Your customers will enjoy wearing custom scarves with different themes or colors and their snazzy and comfortable fabric.


While dependent on the type of material used, the production of custom scarves on a mass scale certainly helps with the overall reduced costs.

Custom Knitted Scarves

There are two methods for knitting custom scarves: jacquard knitting and high-definition knitting.

For jacquard knitting, they come with acrylic fabric with the logo knitted in a graphic look while maintaining durability. As for high-definition knitting, the knitting is compact yet comes with an elastic finish, which results in a clearer image.

Logo Printed Scarves

Printing is available for applying logos or images on scarves. There are two ways: high-definition printed and soft-touched printed.

The first method requires polyester-based scarves, which then print the image via sublimation. Alternatively, soft-touch printing goes by folding a polyester panel in half and sewing along the seam.

Woven Scarves

Weaving your design on custom scarves is a viable option. One can opt for regular single-sided woven scarves or high-definition ones.

Single-sided scarves come with a more organized surface but will result in a thinner scarf. As for high-definition woven scarves, they are richer in texture, brighter, and overall more durable.

Why Choose LancyPromos to Customize Scarves

At LancyPromos, we are able to source custom scarves of any make that clients prefer. For businesses, it is profitable to sell custom scarves at trade shows, conventions, etc. with an attractive design that captures people’s attention, which is why LancyPromos supports our clients to customize their scarves. The scarves utilize the finest materials available while staying at a reasonable cost. We help our clients with applying their logos, colors, etc. to the scarves. We also allow limitless revisions to the scarf’s design free of charge.

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  • “With our beach resorts finally opening up again, the cooling and beach scarves we ordered are going to amaze tourists. LancyPromos did a great job at supplying our needs. ”

    Omar Pedregosa
  • “I was hesitant to choose which scarf I wanted, but Tim helped me out with all the details. He even went out of his way to track my order of fleece scarves. Now that’s customer service! ”

    Jennifer Taylor
  • “Winter is coming, so I ordered two separate batches of fuzzy scarves. The first batch has already arrived while the second one is on its way and will arrive sooner than expected. LancyPromos did excellent with the scarves and logistics. A+ in my book!”

    Jackie Putnam
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