Customize Socks with Your Logos


  • Custom logos on socks
  • Small MOQ at 100 pairs
  • 1 to 2 weeks for production
  • Custom colors for socks

Promote Your Business With Custom Socks

Socks are necessary pieces of clothing to protect our feet. Anyone wearing custom socks, from an athlete to a high schooler, can be comfortable while also highlighting their image. Socks also make good promotional tools, especially when they’re customized with your company logo. One effective way to promote your brand is to have a giveaway of custom logo socks to increase awareness, which is always good for business.

LancyPromos has been a professional supplier of custom socks in China since 2014. We exported no-show socks, crew socks, quarter socks, knee-high socks, and other socks worldwide. You can customize your logos, company information, or even pictures printed on the socks. Small MOQ at 100 pairs, and it takes about 1 to 2 weeks to manufacture custom socks. Rush service is allowed if you have a firm in-hands date.

Hot Selling Logo Socks

Dress-Casual Socks

Looking for something formal? Our dress-casual socks are usually used for business appointments and formal events. Browse our collection for more designs.

Classic Cotton Athletic Socks

With a good cushion and stretchy fabric, these athletic socks will surely make you fall in love. Designed with an easy fit, you never want these socks to leave your online cart.

Athletic Crew Socks

Are you a sporty kind of person? Our Athletic Crew socks should have a space in your closet. It can absorb moisture well, and it is ultra-lightweight. Allow us to be your supplier today!

Athletic Ankle Socks

It is within the ankle level and is perfect for workouts, exercise, and outdoor activities. Check out these high-quality socks today!

Cotton Ankle Or Footie Socks

Our cotton ankle footie socks give support and relief. It is naturally breathable and is perfect for your everyday meeting.

Wool Boot Hiking Socks

This is highly recommended for people who love hiking. Because it regulates temperature well, this will be your new hiking buddy!

Sock By Materials (8)

  • Cotton Socks

    Looking for formal, sporty and casual socks? Our cotton socks are the best option. It is one of our popular socks and it is famous for modern and cute patterns.

  • Wool Socks

    Wool socks are used for skiing, running, biking, and other activities. It is actually breathable and best for cold weather. LancyPromos is your trusted sock manufacturer.

  • Merino Wool Socks

    Are you an athletic type of person? Our merino wool socks will give you enough support to enjoy outdoor adventures. Your logo would look good in this kind of socks.

  • Nylon Socks

    Manufactured using good fibers? These socks stretch and fit you perfectly. With comfort and style, it will definitely make your day better!

  • Polyester Socks

    This is a warm and soft type of socks that is quick and easy to wash. Tightly woven to give comfort and make it durable and lightweight.

  • Polypropylene Socks

    It is best for outdoor activities and will help you stay warm during cold days. It can also help prevent blisters and gives enough breathability.

  • Spandex Socks

    Its purpose is to give you a superior fit, and Spandex socks are elastic types of socks to give good compression and comfort. See our collection today!

  • Bamboo Socks

    With super soft and lightweight features, this will be your best friend in every activity like early morning walking ad workout. With good thickness to provide support too.

Socks By Length (4)

  • No-Show Socks

    From the world itself, it will appear as if you are not wearing any socks if you’re wearing shoes and boots. It will keep your feed cool and carefree. Check our collection today!

  • Crew Socks

    Looking for something to match your sneakers? Our crew socks are a great idea and can fit every personality of the person. Check our designs now!

  • Quarter Socks

    It will make your feet cool, dry, and light. Enjoy every performance and activity with our quarter socks. You can also print your logo and company statement for your quarter socks!

  • Knee-High Socks

    This is usually worn along with a school uniform, but it can also be worn along with a dress. Printed with classic colors and even cute styles, this sock is a hit!

Custom Socks with Logo Benefits

Build Creativity Icon
Build Creativity

Custom socks will help you develop your creativity and your resourcefulness. You can print your logo, tagline, patterns, and more on the socks.

Unique Icons

We cannot see a lot of promotions using custom socks. It will give you the chance to stand out since it is rare. Print your logo on our socks.

Build Relationship Icons
Build Relationship

People feel happy and privileged receiving gifts from someone. Our custom socks will build and strengthen relationships. Not only that, but it will also intensify connection.

Budget-Friendly Icons

This is an advantage for novice entrepreneurs, especially those with a tight budget. You can still run an advertisement with our custom socks.

Custom Logo Socks - Decoration Methods

You can customize your logo on the socks by the below methods.

  • Jacquard/Knit (using yarn to create a pattern),
  • Dye Sublimation (working with solid inks),
  • Hot Stamping (inks transferred at a high temperature),
  • Embroidery (using thread and yarn),
  • Sewing (kind of craft using a needle)
  • Etc.
Custom Socks With Logo - Decoration Methods
Socks Thickness

Socks Thickness

We know that you are running an advertisement because of different purposes. You can customize the thickness of socks by the below options.

  • Regular
  • Thick
  • Extra Thick

Sock Sizes

We manufacture socks from Invisible Socks, Low Cut Socks, Quarter Socks, and Crew Socks to Knee-high Socks.

Also, you can customize the socks in other sizes. Just email us your sock requests.

Sock Sizes

How to Customize Socks with Logo

Custom Socks Manufacturer
Custom Socks Supplier
  1. Email us your requests for the socks that you want to customize, such as size, material, and logos.
  2. We will send you a quotation sheet, and a free virtual proof for the socks will be sent after the quotation is confirmed.
  3. After you approve the proof, the custom socks with logo will be manufactured.
  4. We will take photos of the finished socks before shipping.
  5. The socks will be shipped out after receiving payments. And the tracking number will be sent to you after shipping.

Custom Pcakking for Socks

The normal package for socks is an individual blank poly bag per pair. But we also offer custom socks packages as below.

  • Backer card
  • Folding box
  • Hangtag
  • Hangtag with Hanger
  • Etc.

If you want to customize your logos on the sock packages, we can make it.

Socks Upgrade Options

If your client needs unique or higher quality socks, we can customize your socks by the below upgrading choices.

  • Compression Ribbing
  • Terry Cushion
  • Welt/ Cuff Shape
  • Silicone Gripper
  • More according to your requests

Custom Logo Socks for Any Occasions

Baseball And Soccer Socks

Wear your socks to show off that team pride while protecting your feet. The socks’ looks can be modified to include team logos, styles, and colors. These logo socks are also made to be durable while maintaining comfort.

College Socks

Show that collegiate pride by wearing a pair of socks bearing the school’s colors! Custom socks are also a great giveaway gift for various people, such as students, teachers, and alumni.

Wedding Socks

Try livening up the wedding by ordering some comfy socks. Get each groomsman to wear a pair of socks so you can pose with the groom in style and uniformity.

Employee Socks

Employees feel encouraged to work together when they wear the same socks with the business’s logo. Companies having their own private stock of logo socks for employees increases morale, which benefits businesses.

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Let's Custom Your Socks With Logo Today!
  • “The socks I received are fantastic! Tim from LancyPromos were really accommodating with my requests. My thanks to you all!”

    Judy Rivers
  • “Tim was helpful with processing my order. He also reassured me when there was a slight delay in the delivery. Excellent socks and an even wonderful guy! “

    Tara Hills
  • “Just got my bulk order of sports socks. They look cozy enough. David really helped me out in this one, even keeping me in the loop when the socks were already shipped. Will order again! “

    Elena Madrigal

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Can I Order Multiple Sizes For Socks?

Yes, you can.

Is There A Setup Charge For Custom Socks?

No, it’s a free setup charge for custom socks.

How Can I Get A Sock Sample Before Placing Order?
  1. You email us your sample requests for the sock.
  2. The random sock sample is free, but we need to charge $30 for the freight. It will be refunded after order placement.
  3. After receiving the money, we will ship out the sock sample by UPS, FedEx, or DHL.
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