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  • UV Protection
  • Various of designs
  • Custom logo printed on sunglasses
  • Customize PMS color for sunglasses’ frame and legs

LancyPromos Custom Sunglasses

Hand out these high-quality and fashionable promotional sunglasses to provide eye protection! Custom sunglasses are also practical tools for advertising, especially during events when your logo is printed on the frame’s temples or even on the lenses. Buying custom sunglasses in large quantities is a bargain for most companies, especially when they are profitable and an effective way to promote branding.

Insert your company’s logo onto sunglasses to gain a lot of exposure, which is sure to be great for your business!

Hot Selling Promotional Sunglasses

Big Frame Sunglasses

From the word itself, big frame sunglasses are those with oversized frames. A lot of people are into the hype of big frames because it gives a celebrity aura. Check our collection and choose your own style and design!

Transparent Sunglasses

Transparent sunglasses are trending right now, especially for millennials. If your target market involves this group of audiences, then these transparent frameless sunglasses are perfect for your promotional ad.

We support your patriotism and so, our American flag sunglasses are trending when its America’s Independence Day and parties with American theme. Flaunt that American spirit in you!

Woodgrain Sunglasses

With a touch of nature, these woodgrain sunglasses are perfect for either men or women. With a wood appearance such as walnut, rose, and zebra, these sunglasses will match every outfit!

Rainbow Sunglasses

Want to have that lively vibe? Rainbow sunglasses is the answer! This is perfect for parties and occasions. Fire up that high-spirited mood in you!

Camouflage Sunglasses

If you are a fan of a sporty ambiance, then you should choose these camouflage sunglasses. Perfect for outdoor and masculine activities. Check your target market and see if camouflage sunglasses could be your option.

Half Frame Sunglasses

If you want a neat and decent look, you should go for half-frame sunglasses. It gives an elegant and stylish look perfect for any event and activity.

Leopard Sunglasses

Line up your business in the trend today with these leopard sunglasses. With different colors and patterns, your customers would surely love this style. Check our catalog now.

Bamboo Sunglasses

Are you an eco-friendly type of person? Check out our bamboo sunglasses and fall in love with its design and style. It Is style and purpose all in one!

Aviator Sunglasses

This type of sunglasses is usually tinted and lightweight. If your audience is the oldies and the 90s, you should go for Aviator sunglasses.

Folding Sunglasses

Are you a fan of portable stuff? You should check how nice our folding sunglasses are. With five-star rates, this type of sunglasses would surely help your business.

Youth Sunglasses

From the word itself, teenagers use this type of sunglasses. Maintain that “forever young” mood with youth sunglasses.

Sunglasses By Lense (5)

  • UV Sunglasses

    When we say UV, it means ultraviolet. This type of sunglasses blocks a huge amount of sunlight and radiation. Check our collection and choose the merch perfect for your promotional marketing scheme.

  • Blue Light Sunglasses

    Do you usually face your gadgets? Well, our blue light sunglasses protect your eyes from your tech gadgets. Here in Lancypromos, it is not just about style; we design our merchandise with protection and comfort.

  • Gradient Lens Sunglasses

    These types of sunglasses are the ones you see wherein it is usually darker at the top part of the lens, and the bottom part is much lighter. It is perfect for outdoors and indoors.

  • Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

    Say your statement with this type of sunglasses. You will surely capture a stylish and fashionable target market with a trendy style. Let’s design your brand’s mirrored lens!

  • Color Lens Sunglasses

    Fan of candy-colored sunglasses? This color lens type is the one you’re looking for. It is a lighter type of sunglasses matched with cute shapes and frames.

Hot & New Promotional Sunglasses (4)

  • LED Sunglasses

    Do you love colors and party-inspired stuff? Well, our LED Sunglasses will be your best friend. Wear this in a concert, at parties, and on festive occasions.

  • Pinhole Sunglasses

    These special sunglasses have tiny holes in them intended to allow limited light to get through. Lancypromos has this type of sunglasses in the collection to help businesses address their clients’ dilemmas.

  • Shutter Sunglasses

    This type of sunglasses is not gendered sensitive. It has assorted styles and colors in its horizontal slats. We can add your logo and your brand’s name to it for people to see.

  • Bottle Opener Sunglasses

    It is an all in one sunglasses! With a bottle opener feature on its feet, for sure your buyers would love this special sunglass. Design yours now and make your brand well known!

Custom Sunglasses Benefits

Neutral Icon

Unlike other promotional strategies, custom sunglasses are neutral in terms of gender. They can be used both for men and women.

Handy Icon

Useful for eye protection, primarily against light but also against wind. These custom sunglasses are functional.

With The Trend Icon
With The Trend

Custom sunglasses are very fashionable. It is a great choice to advertise your logos on sunglasses.

Budget Friendly Icon
Budget Friendly

LancyPromos provides a wide range of custom sunglasses, including multiple kinds of cheap sunglasses.

Logo Decoration Methods

You can customize your logo on the sunglasses by the below methods.

  • Screen Print
  • Full-Color Print
  • Dye Sublimation Print
  • Etc.

Your logo can be customized on the sunglasses’ legs, frames, and even the lenses.

Logo Decoration Methods - Sunglasses
Sunglasses Lens Color Options

Sunglasses Lens Color Options

We provide multiple colors for the sunglasses’ lens for your selection.

Just let us know the color of the lens that you like.

Colors for Sunglasses' Frames & Legs

We provide the service to customize the color of sunglasses’ frames and legs. You can choose any color from the PMS cards.

Free PMS charge for you!

Color Options for Sunglasses Legs

Why Choosing LancyPromos For Custom Sunglasses

Sunglasses Manufacturers
Sunglasses Supplier

LancyPromos is a US-based company with offices in China to further facilitate the production of custom sunglasses and other items by collaborating with local China manufacturers. We also have a dedicated team of in-house artists ready to cater to clients’ requirements, especially in digital proof to show printing logos on the sunglasses. We undergo quality assurance tests to make sure the sunglasses are high quality.

With 15 years of manufacturing experience, LancyPromos can customize your logo sunglasses, manufacture them, and ship them with 100% satisfaction. Deliveries will be conducted through UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

Sunglasses Packing Options

The standard packing for the sunglasses is individual poly bags. Also, we offer below upgrade packing opinions.

  • Magnetic boxes
  • Leather cases
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Etc.
Secure Sunglass Strap

Below are the options for the security strap.

  • Rubber straps
  • Cotton straps
  • Plastic straps

Your logo or promotional slogan can be printed on the sunglasses’ secure straps if needed.

Sunglasses Middle Banner
Customize Sunglasses With Your Logo


  • “Great customer service about printing my logo. The aviator sunglasses look solid enough. My thanks to LancyPromos.”

    Joseph Hayes
  • “My custom sunglasses arrived earlier than expected, which is always great! The supplier was more than helpful and they delivered to my exact instructions. I will order another batch soon.”

    Erika Heathers
  • “David sent a picture of the sunglasses pre-production sample, and I was satisfied with what I saw. The logo was printed well on the frame.”

    Frances Welles
What If The Custom Sunglasses Arrive Broken, What Should I Do?

It happens rarely. But if you experience this, take a picture and send it to our customer service and we will redo and ship another batch immediately.

Can I Choose Different Lens Colors?

Yes. We are good to go as long as the lens is available.

What Is the MOQ To Customize My Sunglasses?

You can customize your sunglasses at the MOQ of 1000 pairs. But if we have the style in stock, we can print it if your qty is less than 1000 pcs.

What Is the Lead Time To Customize My Sunglasses?

The standard production lead time to manufacture sunglasses is about 2 weeks. And it takes about 1 week for air shipping.

If there is a firmed in-hands date, please email us to confirm if we can meet the date.

How To Customize My Sunglasses With Logo?
  1. You choose the sunglasses you like and email us your logo.
  2. Our artist will make a virtual proof for your approval before production.
  3. You approve the virtual proof.
  4. We manufacture the sunglasses according to your approved proof.
Do You Provide Other Styles Of Promotional Sunglasses Except On Your Website?

Yes, we can source any kind of promotional sunglasses in China. Just email us your requests or an image of the sunglasses you would like.

Can I Get A Pre-production Sample To See How My Logo Look On The Sunglasses?

Yes, we can make the pre-production samples for the sunglasses. It takes about 1 week for production, and about 5 days for air shipping.

For the costs to make the sunglasses pre-production samples, please email us for details.

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