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LancyPromos Custom USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB drives are very much appreciated as giveaway items to guests at live events. Fill your USB flash drives with entertaining yet informative media about your business while also customizing your USB drives’ casing with your brand logo. Custom USB drives are adaptable devices that are useful for connecting with their target demographic. Aside from providing thumb drives at reasonable rates, we are also available for inquiries and troubleshooting.

With LancyPromos, every logo USB drive is put through a quality assurance test to ensure standards are met and clients are satisfied.

Hot Selling Promotional USB Flash Drives

Swivel USB Drives

These particular flash drives use a swivel shroud to cover the USB port when not in use. The cases come in various color options.

Bamboo USB Drives

These flash drives are shrouded with a bamboo case along with a cover cap to protect the port. Comes with a keychain loop.

Classic Plastic USB Flash Drives

These flash drives are encased in plastic with color options. Comes with a cover cap and an attachment ring.

USB Key Flash Drives

Thin, metal USB flash drives shaped indoor keys designed for real estate brokers and car enthusiasts.

Custom Shaped USB Drives

These PVC flash drives basically have the shape of whatever the customer wants. The USB drive shells are custom molded.

Recycled Paper USB Flash Drive

The drives are shrouded in thick, recycled paper. These USB drives are good for the environment and perfect as promotional gifts.

Metal Ring Flash Drives

Sleek and polished, these flash drives only have the basic design with a shiny metal body and a built-in loop at the other end. They are in a finger ring shape.

Credit Card USB Drives

The case of these flash drives is shaped like credit cards and designed to fit in the card slots of wallets. Usually has small memory capacity.

Crystal LED USB Drive

Flash drives with a rectangular cover cap and a LED crystal at another end of the drive. The crystal emits light when the drive is connected to a computer.

Metal Hook USB Drive

Flash drives with a polished, metallic case. Potential for logo printing and has an adjustable hook at the other end of the drive.

Wine Cork USB Flash Drive

These flash drives are great for the occasional liquor connoisseur or to actually replace a wine cork with when hiding the drive.

Custom Wood USB Drive

Carved wood is used to shroud the flash drives and acts as the drive case. Materials range from maple, cherry, or bamboo.

Poker Chip USB Drive

These flash drives use a plastic mold of a thicker poker chip as its cover cap, as the actual drive itself is removable from the mold.

Leather USB Drive with Ring

Leather “pouches” with a snap lock are shrouded onto the flash drives. Comes with a selection of colors and logo printing.

Sourcing More USB Drives

We are glad to source and customize other promotional USB flash drives according to your requests.

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USB Flash Dirves Shell Materials (6)

Custom USB Flash Drive Benefits

Personal Taste Icon

Custom USB drives can be used for a multitude of tasks, such as for business or personal use, as they can write, read, and rewrite data.

Compact Design Icon
Within Reach

Designed to be as compact as possible, custom USB drives can be stored away in your pockets or keep a keychain attached for easy reach.

Big-in-Small Icon

For custom USB drives to become promotional tools, they must adorn your business’s brand as well as have media about your company installed.

Brand Loyalty Icon

Because custom USB drives are such practical tools and durable, investing in these drives will result in brand exposure that will last a long time.

Customize Logo Decorations

Logos are great for promotional purposes or brand loyalty. You can customize logos on the USB drives’ shell by the below methods.

  • Screen Print
  • Full-color Print; Dye Sublimation Print
  • UV Print
  • Laser Etching
  • Molding
  • Etc.
USB Drives Customize Logo Decorations
USB Drive Capacity Options

USB Drive Capacity Options

You can customize the size of the USB flash drives ranging from 256 MB to 256 GB. We offer the following capacities, including, but not limited to:

256 MB, 512 MB;

1GB, 2GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB

128 GB, 256 GB

And other capacities according to your requests.

USB Flash Drive Packing Options

The standard packing of the USB drive is an individual poly bag. However, you can customize the USB drive packages by the below options.

  • Presentation Tin
  • Magnet Box; Magnet Box Card
  • Wood Box; Bamboo Composite Box
  • Blister Pack
  • Etc.
USB Flash Drive Packing Options

USB Drives File Locking

Want to preload certain files, but ensure they are secured every time the drives are connected to a device? LancyPromos offers file locking service. This will ensure that files are not deleted either by accident or deliberately, outside of a complete drive format.

USB Drives Data Pre-Load

LancyPromos can accommodate preloading files onto the flash drives. Why do you want preloaded flash drives? Certain businesses use this service to potentially gift or sell flash drives to a specific demographic, with information already loaded for consumption.

PMS Match For Print

Your logo can be PMS matched by printing on the USB drive shells.

Please give us the PMS number and email us your art. Free PMS match, and free digital proof.

USB 2.0 And USB 3.0 Flash Drives

We offer two port selections to install on the flash drives: 2.0 and 3.0. The former has a transfer rate of 480 Mbps, while the latter is nearly ten times that of the 2.0. 

Custom USB Flash Drives for Any Occasions

Bracelet Or Wristbands USB Flash Drives

A unique flash drive with a silicone bracelet as its shell, complete with custom colors and an optional logo emblazoned on the bracelet.

Lanyard USB Flash Drive

A flash drive that is hung onto a lanyard for quick and easy access to drive ports.

Dog Tag USB Flash Drive

Dog tags with a flash drive embedded within. Targeted primarily towards military personnel, law enforcement, or private contractors.

USB Pen Flash Drive

A dual-purpose item that is mainly a pen but also stores a flash drive within its canopy.

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drives

A regular bottle opener with a flash drive built into its structure. Perfect for computer technicians who drink on the go!

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Your One-Stop-Shop for Custom USB Flash Drives
  • It’s great that LancyPromos has express delivery options. They also added the videos to USB drives I requested for free as well.”

    Talia Altland
  • Excellent work by the supplier! We got our custom USB drives two days before our sponsored symposium. Will order again for next year.”

    Evelyn Tramp
  • Tim knows how to keep a client happy and informed. We tracked down our USB drives every day until they came to our doorstep. Highly recommended!”

    Andrew Ringo
What Is The Difference Between A Jump Drive And A Flash Drive?

None. The term “jump drive” is synonymous with a flash drive.

What Type Of Data Files Can I Preload Into The Flash Drives?

There are no restrictions on loading any type of data files. In other, anything can be transferred inside the flash drives. It is only limited to memory space.

Will My Custom USB Flash Drive Work On Any Computers?

As long as it has a 2.0 USB port, yes! Most modern computers are equipped with USB ports that are compatible and backward-compatible with any flash drive. For example, you may connect a 2.0 drive to a 3.0 port and vice versa.

Do You Offer Virtual Proofing For USB Drives?

Yes, of course! Our artist will make a digital virtual proof on the USB flash drive according to your artwork. Production begins once the final proof is approved!

Free proof charge.

What Is the Turn-around Time to Custom USB Flash Drives?

Production of the flash drives will take about 1 week, while shipping will take depending on your location, which is typically 1 week or so.

Rush service is available if needed.

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