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LancyPromos is a professional promotional USB hub supplier in China. Custom print your logo on the USB hubs.

  • Many potions for qty of USB port
  • Varieties of materials for USB hubs
  • Custom imprint logos
  • USB hubs for PC and Macbook are available

Boost Your Business with USB Hubs

Also known as a docking hub, a USB station is being used by all ages. It makes our tasks easier and fast. In our world of modernity today, we need to advance as well. Custom USB hubs have different ports depending on your devices. In our team, we design USB hubs with USB C and lightning ports.

LancyPromos supplies many kinds of USB hubs in different ports, such as USB ports, USB C ports, and lightning ports. Also, we have USB hubs for PC or laptops. If you are looking for a professional promotional customized USB Hub Supplier, you can count on Lancypromos. We produce high-quality products and technological tools that would be useful in your everyday use.

Our Hot USB Hubs

3 Port USB Hub - USB 3.0

Looking for a fast USB hub that can make your job easier? Well, this is a great tool you can consider. Access your network like a lightning with a speed of 1000 Mbps.

4 Port USB Hub - USB 2.0

The more the merrier! With 4 ports to use, you can do your thing without hassle. It can fit your laptops, OTGs adapters, and flash drives. Increase your productivity today!

5 Port USB Hub Charger

It can charge up to 5 devices. Amazing, right? Never worry about your other flash drivers, for they can fit perfectly. Allow us to be your supplier today!

6 Port Desktop USB Hub

With 6 charging ports, it can connect to your USB connections at once. Let’s print your logo and your promotional strategy today!

LED 7 Port USB Hub

With USB 3.0, it can transfer your files instantly. You should check this out if you are also looking for fast transmission. Let’s be partners!

Powered 8 Port USB Hub

Fall in love with its aluminum elegant finish. With 6 USB ports, 1 port for SD Card, 1 port for TF card reader, this is an ideal product for a busy bee like you.

Custom USB Hub For Laptop

This is for laptop use, and if you have a laptop, you should probably get this! The connector ports can be USB, USB C, or lightning ports.


Do you have a good PC setup at home? It’s time to upgrade your tools and make your experience better. Upgrade now!

Macbook USB C Hub

Are you a fan of Apple products? You must get this! It can be worked wire or wireless. Pretty convenient, right?

Custom USB Hub Advantages

Certificates Icon

Our USB hubs are certified by CE, RoHS, and FCC. We want to ensure your safety, and having to certify these hubs guarantees safe and long-term use.

Multiple Styles Icon
Multiple Styles

We know you want to be stylish, and our USB Hubs are designed to keep an elegant and professional look. We have multiple styles of USB hubs.

MOQ Icon
Small MOQ

Small MOQ comes with a small cost. Through these promotional USB Hubs, you can allocate more budget to the other sides of your business.

Custom Logo Icon
Custom Logo

Your logo can be customized by laser engraving or printed for your promotional use.

Customize Your Logo on USB Hubs

We customize your USB Hubs to help you promote your business. We have different methods available to decorate with your logo or company information on the USB hubs.

  • Print
  • Laser etch/ engrave
  • Light up while plugging
  • Etc.
Custom USB Hubs with Logos
Multiple USB Hub Types

Multiple USB Hub Types

LancyPromos supplies multiple USB hub types, from cheap to expensive.

  • From 3 ports to 14 ports
  • Connector types: USB, lightning, or USB C
  • SD, TF carder reader ports, HDMI ports, USB C ports, etc. are available.

We are happy to source and customize other promotional USB hubs according to your requirements.

Compatible with Multiple Systems

The USB hub is compatible with multiple systems. Plug and play.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

It is also compatible with the newest Windows 11.

USB Compatible with Multiple Systems

Choose LancyPromos for USB Hubs

USB Hub Welding
USB Hub Manufacturer

LancyPromos has been working with about 20 USB hub manufacturers for several years. The quality can be guaranteed. The chips are all in top brands. The semi-finished and finished product will be tested before packing.

The normal USB hub shell is aluminum alloy and ABS, which is made and processed by injection molding and CNC machines. Some USB hubs can be used as a charger dock so as to charge several different devices at the same time. Custom print or laser your logo.

Does LancyPromos offer other promotional products except for USB hubs?

Yes, we started our business as a promotional products supplier in 2014. We are keeping sourcing different promotional gifts for our customers. Below are some parts of the promotional items (custom croc charms, promotional USB drives, power banks, umbrellas, drink pouch, etc.) we worked on recently.

USB Hub Certificates

We have below certificates for our USB hubs.

  • HDMI
  • ISO9001
  • CE
  • FCC
USB Hubs Compatibility

The USB hubs are fully compatible with most USB devices, such as keyboards, card readers, USB drives, printers, mouses, USB fans, USB gamepads, etc.

The USB hub is a great promotional gift with your company’s logo or message customized. It can be used for gaming and entertainment at home, for working at the office, for students at school, etc.

Promotional USB Hub Banner
LancyPromos - Your Custom USB Hub Supplier in China

We have over five years of supplying USB hubs. Customize with our wide selection of USB hubs with your logo for your promotional events.

  • “I love the fast transmission of files. I have a windows 8 laptop, and it is smooth for me!”

    Lia Wiggins
  • “I ordered the 6 ports for my employees and they have been using it daily. Thank you Lancypromos!”

    Rachel Hunter
  • “My promotional USB hub went well! A lot of people phoned me about our service and complimented me about the USB hub. Such a great service Lancypromos!”

    Ian Connor
What are the chips used inside the USB hubs?

Our USB hubs are equipped with a super chip, which proved efficient and stable performance.

Chips Inside USB Hubs


What is the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0?

The maximum speed of USB 2.0 is 480 Mbps, but the rate of USB 3.0 is up to 5120 Mbps. The USB 3.0 is over ten times than USB 2.0 of data transferring speed.

USB 2.0 VS USB 3.0


What is the raw material of the wire for USB hubs?

The raw material of the wire inside the USB hubs is copper.


What is the MOQ to customize the logo on USB hubs?

Normally, the minimum order qty to customize the logo is 50 pcs. But if have a qty that is lower than the MOQ, please email us at One of our salesmen will answer you back in 24 hours.

What is the standard lead time for USB Hubs?

The standard lead time for USB hubs with your logo decorating is about two weeks to be delivered after proof approval.

What types of artwork files do we need? And what is the cost to make the virtual proof for USB hubs?

Please email us the vector artwork in PDF, AI. If you do not have the vector art, it’s alright to send up the artwork in JPG, PNG, PS, etc. Our artist will make virtual proof for you. Free proof charge.

We will not start the mass production for the USB hubs until getting your proof approval.

What is our sample and pre-production sample policy for USB hubs?

Free random USB hub samples can be sent. But we need to charge the freight in advance. The samples will be blind shipped by our DHL, FedEx, or UPS accounts. The sample freight will be refunded after order placement. It takes about one week for shipping.

The pre-production sample will be made after the USB hub proof is approved. We will email photos of the pre-production sample for your approval, or we will ship it to you or your customer for approval. The pre-production sample cost is varied from the USB hub you ordered.

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