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Rocket Your Business With Custom Video Brochures

A video brochure is an interactive marketing tool that is a level up from regular paper brochures. A LCD screen with a tiny computer and buttons is installed inside a decorated paperboard cover. The screen is loaded with various media files related to the occasion. Sometimes, it’s also a book or a box according to the design.

LancyPromos has the capacity to mass produce custom video brochures according to specifications. Various modification options are available to customers.

Video Brochures By Screen Sizes

2.4 Inches Video Brochures

The tiniest option among all other screens, these video brochures’ sizes are equivalent to business cards, great for giving out to a wider audience.

4.3 Inches Video Brochures

These video brochures are the sizes of small notebooks, ideal for giving out to potential clients or during a business conference.

5 Inches Video Brochures

Shaped like a regular book, these video brochures are perfect for promoting specialized items produced by a company along with some instructions.

7 Inches Video Brochures

Instead of photo frames, these video brochures are large enough to have high-definition viewing, enhancing the brochure experience!

10 Inches Video Brochures

The biggest amongst our selection, these should be handed out on very special occasions. Perhaps landing a big contract or achieving a milestone?

Custom Video Boxes

A special box where the LCD screen under the lid is placed in. Perfect as a gift package along with some other luxurious items for very important persons.

Video Brochures By Cover Options (4)

Custom Video Brochure Benefits

Interaction Icon

What better way to advertise than letting your customers control what they want to see?

Entertainment Icon

The potential to craft and tell a story encaptivates the viewer’s attention.

Marketability Icon

These brochures contain more content about the business they promote than paper.

Impact Icon

Traditional brochures are easily disposed of, but will people do the same for video brochures? We think not!

Logo Customized Methods

You can customize logos on the video brochures by the below methods.

  • Die Cut
  • Sublimation Print
  • Gold or Silver Stamping
  • UV Print
  • Embossing
  • Lamination
  • Etc.
Video Brochure Logo Customized Methods
Video Brochures Screens

Video Brochures Screens

We have two types of Liquid Crytal Display (LCD) screens available: Thin Film Transistor(TFT) and In-Plane Switching (IPS). TFT LCD screens were created to improve the color display. IPS LCD displays, on the other hand, provide a better viewing angle.

  • 2.4″ TFT LCD Screen
  • 4.3″ TFT LCD Screen
  • 5″ TFT LCD Screen; 5″ IPS Screen
  • 7″ TFT LCD Screen; 7″ IPS Screen
  • 10″ TFT LCD Screen


Video Brochures Memory Size

Our video brochures are equipped with MicroSD card slots, which are flexible for multiple storage sizes. The cost will depend on the memory size selected.  We have the following sizes available.

  • 512 MB
  • 4 GB
  • 8 GB
  • 16 GB
  • 32 GB
  • Etc.
Video Brochures Memory Size

Why Choose LancyPromos to Customize Video Brochures

Video Brochure Manufacturer
Video Brochure Supplier

LancyPromos is a company based in the United States that can supply custom video brochures. Our China offices regularly source video brochures from manufacturers in the region. With their proficiency in production that has lasted 15 years, LancyPromos is able to deliver good video brochures at a good price to our clients. Quality assurance inspections occur to ensure that clients are happy with their orders. 

Video Brochures Battery Capacity

Our video brochures are powered by compact lithium polymer batteries. We offer various battery capacities. The most common battery, 500 mAH, can last up to an hour when used consistently. Higher capacity batteries up to 8000mAh are available upon request.

Video Brochures Buttons

Our video brochures come with buttons to manipulate the video file. However, the default buttons only come with an On/Off Switch and a Playback button. We offer additional buttons for extra control (Note that a maximum of ten (10) buttons are allowed).

Video Brochures Fully Rechargeable

It is inevitable that our brochures’ batteries will run out eventually. All our video brochures come with ports for charging and data transfer, so you may consume media a lot longer!

Ports come in Type-C USB ports to meet modern standards.

Uploading video files - Video Brochures

Uploading video files to the brochures come free of charge. Customers may upload videos to match the buttons. Customers may also access the brochures’ memory cards in order to add or remove files at their discretion. Videos will play in the brochure’s computer gallery as long as the files are in an appropriate format (e.g., .mp4 & .mov).

Custom Video Brochures for Any Occasions

Business Video Books

Captivate your partners, clients, and customers with the modern marketing tool of the 21st century. You might get better deals out of it!

College Video Brochures

Ideal as a tool to present the abstract of a thesis or a project or simply to create memories with beloved friends in university.

Wedding Video Brochures

Showcase your nuptial photos and footage with your family and friends before tying the knot with your spouse-to-be on this momentous day!

Video Brochures Middle Banner
LancyPromos - Your One-Stop-Shop of Video Brochures
  • The LED video brochures are excellent, and I can clearly watch the promotional ad. I also have to give thanks to Tim for keeping us updated with the delivery.”

    Laura Hamilton
  • “LancyPromos was kind enough to keep us in the loop during the production and delivery stages. The video brochures we got are simply fantastic. I will recommend my business partners the supplier when they need brochures themselves.”

    Grant Kowalski
  • I love how lightweight the brochures are since we’ll be handing them out at our conference. It also helps that Tim always notifies us of the items’ shipping status. See, that’s the hallmark of a professional supplier.”

    Hannah Shepard
Can I Design My Own Video Brochures?

Yes. All of our video brochures are custom printed according to our client’s artwork.

Can I Customoize The Size of My Video Brochures?

Upon request, customers can certainly have custom sizes for the brochure’s paperback cover. However, we do not offer custom sizes for screens. The screens are either already built or have to be built according to industry specifications.

Can I Upload New Videos to My Video Brochures?

You may upload new videos not submitted through LancyPromos and delete current ones inside the memory cards, as we do block access to the files. It’s preferred to use a Type-C data cable to easily access your files compared to using a card reader.

Does The Video Play Automatically When Open My Video Brochure?

Once the brochures are turned on, they automatically play the first video file once opened. This is possible due to a sensor connected to the magnet lock that tells the brochure’s computer to play the video. Of course, it is possible to disable this feature upon request.

Do Video Brochures Work For My Business?

Of course! Clients who availed of our custom video business gave feedback that their Return on Investment (ROI) has increased significantly compared to utilizing other marketing tools, and they have also reported a 66% increase in engagement with their customers.

How Long Will a Video Brochure Last?

A video brochure’s lifespan can last up to years with proper care due to its advantage of having a rechargeable battery, therefore adding replay value to the brochure itself.

What Is The Estimated Video Play Time For Each Memory Size?

It depends on the compression and file format of each video. For example, a video that lasts 5 minutes has a resolution of 480p with a bitrate of 500 kbps and has 2 MB per minute, meaning its size is 10 MB. The formula for file size follows File Size = Bitrate x Duration x Compression Ratio.

What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Cover?

A hardcover is sturdy and is made out of thick paperboard, typically wrapped with leather or similar material. Softcover, however, is light, flexible, and made out of thin laminated paperboard.

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