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Boost Your Business With Water Bottles

What better way to promote your brand on the market than by providing your own custom water bottles? With a variety of water bottles available, you may opt to add your logo to position your business and be visible to your audience. Handing out promotional water bottles is a bargain compared to the expenses you would have spent on conventional advertising since bottles are practical.

With logo water bottles, your business wouldn’t need to worry about their customers’ attention span while they treat themselves to a drink.

LancyPromos can supply promotional water bottles built from an assortment of materials according to your needs. Our selection includes bottles made out of plastic, stainless steel, glass, aluminum, and other materials. We assure our customers that our bottles based on metals are food-safe, while bottles made out of plastic are free of BPA. We can also help with adding your logo to custom water bottles to increase your brand awareness. Your expectations of a delivered product of logo water bottles will be met with LancyPromos.

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Water Bottles By Materials

Plastic Water Bottles

Best value and lightweight, plastic water bottles are the best to customize with a variety of colors and printed insignias!

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Shiny and lustrous, stainless steel water bottles are ideal for retaining temperatures. They’re also great for engravings on the sides.

Aluminum Water Bottles

Aluminum water bottles are made to be light, durable, with a polished look, and can maintain temperature as well.

Glass Water Bottles

Transparent and long-lasting, glass water bottles are great for looking at what’s inside and with printing adorning the bottle.

Acrylic Water Bottles

Acrylic water bottles are compact yet transparent, air-tight, usually have a bulky shape, and are ideal for printed décor!

Silicone Water Bottles

A unique feature of silicone water bottles is their ability to collapse, which makes them portable. The logo is good to be lasered.

Ceramic Water Bottles

Ceramic water bottles are ideal for a wide range of drinks because they keep both the flavor and temperature intact.

Copper Water Bottles

These water bottles’ interior walls are lined with copper, which is excellent for insulation and conduction.

Types of Plastic Water Bottles (4)

Custom Water Bottle Benefits

Best Value Icon
Low Cost

Investing in custom water bottles for promotional services is cheaper compared to traditional advertising and gives people something to drink.

Promotion Icon

Due to their reusability, custom water bottles adorned with a brand logo allow people to look at something they will remember.

One of A Kind Icon

Giving them custom water bottles to drink is a great way to show people you care about them.

Assurance Icon

Custom water bottles’ purpose is only to hold liquid, but customers can opt to decorate their bottles to make them distinctive.

Logo Decoration Methods

Your logo can be customized by the below decoration methods on water bottles.

  • Screen print
  • Pad Print
  • UV print
  • Heat transfer print
  • Laser etching
  • Etc.
A custom water bottle’s purpose is only to hold liquid, but customers can opt to decorate their bottles to make them distinctive.
Water Bottles Different Capacities Available

Different Capacities Available

Our water bottles have a wide selection of sizes or capacities from 10 oz to 1 gallon. The most popular capacity is as below. You can choose the volume according to your promotional business requests.

  • 12 OZ (about 350 ML)
  • 16 OZ (about 500 ML)
  • 18 OZ (about 550 ML)
  • 20 OZ (about 600 ML)
  • 25 OZ (about 750 ML)
  • 32 OZ (about 1 L)
  • Etc.

Custom Packing for Water Bottles

The standard water bottle packing is an individual white box. However, for orders of large numbers of water bottles, you can customize the packing box.

We offer to print your logo on the box, pack it in a hanging box, or even fill a display box to present the bottles while inside.

Custom Packing for Water Bottles

Why Choose LancyPromos To Customize Water Bottles?

Water Bottle Supplier
Water Bottle Manufacturer

LancyPromos is a premier promotional product supplier that communicates with various manufacturers’ supply chains. Water bottle manufacturing facilities are among them. Our vendors from China helped us complete huge orders for promotional usage.

In 2014, LancyPromos began supplying promotional water bottles for our clients. We have gathered six trustworthy factories in China with more than 20 years of manufacturing promotional water bottles. Your logo is welcome to be customized on the water bottles.

All you need to do is to email me your requests, we will take care of the balance for your custom water bottles.

Popular Caps of Custom Water Bottles

Not only does LancyPromos offer personalized water bottles with colors and logos, but we also offer custom lids of your choice. These include push-pull tops, flip tops, flip-up spouts, and screw-off caps.

Please be sure to select your preferred lids when ordering the bottles. For lids not listed on the product page, please contact LancyPromos, so we have an idea of what specific lids you desire.

Water Bottle Safe To Drink

LancyPromos strives to always produce quality and safe products. Especially with our water bottles. Our water bottle manufacturers in China assure us that, from lightweights to insulated bottles, every bottle has met our criteria for safety.

After all, we encourage you to stay hydrated with your water bottles and with peace of mind!

Custom Water Bottles for Any Occasions

Shaker Water Bottles

These types of bottles are ideal for workouts. Plastic and silicone bottles are perfect for such activities, as both are lightweight. However, silicone has the added benefit of having a collapsable design, making it even more compact than plastic.

Water Bottle with LED Temperature Display

These are “smart” bottles that monitor the beverage’s temperature inside the water bottle with small sensors installed. These bottles are usually vacuum insulated and made out of stainless steel, aluminum, or copper.

Color-Changing Water Bottle

These water bottles are often transparent with light color hints until you fill them with a cold beverage, at which point the hues change to a rich color. The color-changing effect can be achieved by using plastic water bottles.

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LancyPromos – Your Quality Water Bottles Supplier in China
  • David was awesome to work with when it came to our silicone water bottles. He even came up with an ingenious way to pack them up neatly due to the bottles being foldable, so he was able to fit more bottles in the package box. We ordered more than we initially agreed, but that’s OK. Thanks, David!”

    Larry Heathers
  • LancyPromos was very responsive to our inquiries in regard to our orders. The water bottles also came in pretty early than the agreed date.”

    Israel Kramer
  • I was constantly kept informed of the shipping status by David after our water bottles shipped out. I highly appreciated what LancyPromos has done to notify me.”

    Faith Krasinski
Why Custom Water Bottles?

Water bottles make excellent presents for promotional events, such as conventions, universities, gyms, and even birthday parties, especially when they’re customized with rich colors, promotional art, engravings, and the like. The custom water bottles are great for your promotional business.

How Do I Get A Virtual Proof for Custom Water Bottles?

Send your logo, artwork, etc. in vector to, the virtual proof for the custom water bottle will be sent within 24 hours.

What Is the Trun-Around Time To Manufacture My Water Bottles?

The manufacturing time depends on the quantity. Normally, it takes about 2 weeks for production.

Please email us at for further details.

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