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Weed grinders break herbs and flowers into small bits faster and quicker. The grinders are lightweight and portable, which are good promotional gifts. If herbs are shredded into small pieces properly, it will definitely improve the taste.

Looking for something that can help you turn your weed into small pieces? Our custom weed grinder is a great product that you should have.

Our weed grinders are sturdy, safe, and with a non-stick feature. Place the herb and just watch the grinder do the work. Enjoy your smoking experience!

Weed Grinders By Materials

Zinc Alloy Weed Grinders

Looking for something durable and long-lasting? The Zinc Alloy Grinders are well-built and feature a good appearance as well.

Aluminum Weed Grinders

With premium material, these weed grinders will surely enhance your smoking experience. These are lightweight and durable.

Stainless Steel Herb Grinders

Looking for something that matches the standards, our Stainless Steel Herb Grinders will surely meet your expectations.

Wooden Herb Grinders

Want something unique and aesthetic? This type of grinder is manufactured with passion and perfection. Let’s customize your wooden weed grinder today!

Plastic Herb Grinders

If you want something practical and budget-friendly, you can never go wrong with plastic herb grinders. These grinders will surprise you with their performance.

Ceramic Weed Grinder

With its low-maintenance features, this weed grinder will also make your ad successful. With a unique design, this item will generate curiosity and attention.

Weed Grinders By Layer | Piece (4)

Other Types of Weed Grinders (4)

Custom Weed Grinder Benefits

Multiple Designs Icon
Multiple Designs

With different designs and styles, for sure your brand will stand out. If you want to be unique and different, you can achieve that easily with our promotional weed grinder.

Safe Icons

Our grinders are safe to be touched with food, weed, herb, or tobacco. Our grinders are no harm to your health.

Convenient Icon

Since it is portable, it is convenient to use. Put it in your purse or in your pocket, and you’re good to go! Free yourself from all the hassle.

Customization Icons

Want to put your logo on the weed grinders? We hear you! Let’s achieve the customization that you plan for your business.

Weed Grinder Details

Our products undergo a process and quality assurance. The standard weed grinders have the below parts.

  • Magnet lid
  • Grinding chamber
  • Filter chamber
  • Collection chamber
  • Scraper and brush

The logo is always customized on the top of the grinders.

Weed Grinder Details
Weed Grinders Custom Logo Methods

Customize Logo Methods for Weed Grinders

It makes the weed grinders great promotional gifts by putting your company logo or information on the grinders. Your logo or message can be customized by the below methods.

  • UV Printing
  • Laser etching
  • Sticker
  • Domed Sticker
  • Engraving

Manual And Electrical Weed Grinders

Except for the manual weed grinders, LancyPromos also provides electrical weed grinders. Battery options and rechargeable options are available.

For the battery options, you can buy the batteries yourself, or we can ship the grinders with batteries.

For the electrical grinders, a charging cable is included in the packing.

Manual And Electrical Weed Grinders

Choose LancyPromos To Customize Your Weed Grinders

Weed Grinders Manufacturer
Custom Herb Grinder Laser Engraving

LancyPromos starts supplying custom weed grinders since 2014. We offer hundreds of styles of weed grinders from different materials and designs. The standard material is metal. Also, we have options for the manual and electrical weed grinders.

From cheap to high quality, there is always one suite for your promotional business.  Your company logo or slogan is welcome to be customized on the weed or herb grinders.

Does LancyPromos supply other promotional products except for grinders?

Do you purchase one promotional product from one vendor, and buy other promotional products from other vendors? LancyPromos is your one-stop promotional products supplier. We have a sourcing team in China to help our clients source different promotional items in China.

Below are some parts of the promotional gifts (custom lapel pins, smart video doorbells, reflective vests, stress relievers, car vacuum cleaner, etc.)  we are currently working on. Looking forward to building a long-term business relationship with you!

Custom Grinders Certificates

You might be wondering about the safety of our products. Don’t worry, we got you covered! We have certificates to show you our legitimacy and proof that we abide by safety and security:

  • CE
  • FCC
  • RoHS
  • Etc.
Custom Grinder Production Processes

Below are the steps of customizing the grinder production processes.

  1. Raw Material
  2. Stamping shape
  3. Grinder shape
  4. Grinder polishing
  5. Polishing finished
  6. Grinder assembling
  7. Grinder packing

See Our Latest Weed Grinder Projects

Custom Metal Herb Grinder

Are you a fan of anime? Incorporate your hobbies and likes into your custom weed grinder. Let’s start manufacturing your own Anime Weed Grinder.

Promotional Metal Herb Grinder

Want to have a girly touch on your weed grinder? This type of grinder will surely make you fall in love.

Promotional Metal Grinder

Do you have a passion for cars and exteriors? Our Auto Tyre Grinder will surely reflect your character and personality. Get this today!

Custom Grinder Banner
Your Trusted Custom Grinders Supplier in China

LancyPromos has a large variety of weed grinders for you. We are your one-stop shop for your custom grinders. Free proof charge, and free shipping.

  • “I love One Piece and I asked Lancypromos to design an Anime Weed Grinder, I love how it turned out. I will definitely come back.”

    Jeff Hopper
  • “I ordered a camouflage weed grinder and we used PMS to achieve the solid colors. I love how smooth the production and pre-production phases. Thank you Lancypromos.”

    Jacob O’Connor
  • “I ordered the electric weed grinder and I am very specific with the details. I am very certain about the voltage requirement, and Lancypromos really listened to my demands. Highly recommended!”

    Harry Rider

Custom Weed Grinders: The Ultimate Guides

Below are the normal FAQs for the custom grinders. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

What Is Weed Grinders?

A weed grinder is a tool that is used to grind the weeds or herbs. There usually are four parts.

  1. The magnetized lid – holds the tightly shut to reduce spilling.
  2. Razor-sharp cured teeth that cut and shred herbs.
  3. Filter chamber – flittering the weed powder.
  4. Collection chamber – ground weed or herb collection.


Weed Grinder Components


How To Grinder the Weed or Herb?

It is elementary to grind the weed or herb. Please see the below steps.

  1. Put the herb or weed in the razor-sharp cured teeth
  2. Cover the lid, and rotate the lid
  3. Take out the herb or weed from the filter chamber, and repeat steps 1 and 2
  4. Take the weed or herb powder from the collection chamber

How To Grind Weed

What Is the MOQ To Customize Weed Grinders?

The standard MOQ to customize weed grinders is 50 pcs. But if your project has a quantity that is below 50 pcs. Please email your requests and artwork to us. We will email the confirmation back in 24 hours.

What Is the Turn-around Time For Customizing Weed Grinders?

The standard lead time to customize the weed grinder is about 1 to 2 weeks for production and one week for shipping. Rush service is available if you have a deadline events date.

Is Free Weed Grinder Sample Available?

We can ship out the sample for free before you want to place orders for customizing weed grinders. You are welcome to check the quality first. But we will charge the freight for the grinder sample.

The freight will be deducted from the final invoice after the order is placed.

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