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What Are Weed Pipes?

Also known as one-hitter pipes, cigarette pipes, herb pipes, dugout pipes, etc. This is used to smoke tobacco and herbals. We also have many materials available such as plastic, wood, silicone, glass, metal, and a lot more.

You can customize logos on the weed pipes by printing or laser etching. These promotional smoking pipes will surely elevate and upgrade your logo. Let’s make it sophisticated and wise!


Custom Weed Pipes By Materials

Glass Smoking Pipes Supplier

Want a classy and elegant type of weed pipe? We can do the glass weed pipes for you. It is a delicate type of weed pipe that can accommodate a full-color imprint.

Custom Wooden Smoking Pipes

With an aesthetic look, this smoking pipe will surely charm your market. Made from natural wood, this wooden smoking pipe will make your logo trending.

Metal Smoking Pipes Supplier

Made from aluminum metal, this custom metal smoking pipe is surely durable and high quality. It is meant to last long and is available in different colors too!

Ceramic Smoking Pipes Supplier

Want to create an adorable type of smoking pipe? Well, let’s make it happen! Your logo can be customized and can be printed in one color or full color.

Plastic Smoking Pipes Supplier

This is your go-to smoking pipe if you want something lightweight and handy! Your logo can be imprinted in full color. Patterns, solid colors, and custom designs will do!

Meerschaum Smoking Pipes Supplier

This smoking pipe is made from meerschaum. This smoking pipe is the perfect promotional item for your brand through laser engraving.

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Custom Weed Pipes Benefits

Cheap Price Icon

Custom the weed pipes in bulk; it makes the unit cost low. Great item as a promotional product.

Multiple Styles Icon
Multiple Styles

We have multiple types of weed-smoking pipes from different materials to different styles.

Convenient Icon

The custom weed pipes are tiny and lightweight. It’s easy to be carried and washed.

Custom Logo Icon

Your logo will be custom printed or laser engraved/ etched on the weed pipe to show your brand.

Weed Pipes By Printing

You can customize your logo by screen printing or dye sublimating on the weed pipes.

Promotional Print Smoking Pipes
Laser Etched Smoking Pipe

Weed Pipes By Laser Etching

Also, you can customize logos by laser etching on the weed pipes.

Custom Molding Weed Pipes

We can create weed pipes in custom sizes and shapes through molding.

Promotional Smoking Pipes

Choose LancyPromos To Customize Your Weed Pipes

Smoking Pipe Manufacturing
Custom Smoking Pipe Manufacturing

We have been working with the smoking pipe factories in China for eight years. Quality and lead time can be guaranteed. We know and determine what works best for your brand with eight years of learning. Just email us your requests, and leave the rest to us.

LancyPromos also help our clients source different promotional products in China.

Below are some of the recent promotional products we sourced, such as massage guns, lanyards, video doorbells, fingertip pulse oximeters, motivational water bottles, etc.


Latest Cases Of Custom Weed Pipes

Custom Resin Smoking Pipe

The smoking pipes or weed tubes are made of resin in skull shapes.

Custom Smoking Pipe With Mini Grinder

There is a mini tobacco grinder on this weed pipe. The herb pipe is made of aluminum.

Custom Luxury Smoking Pipe

The custom luxury smoking-weed pipe has bling blunts, making the tobacco tube high level.

Custom Weed Pipe Banner
LancyPromos Custom Weed Pipe Service

LancyPromos offers a one-stop service to customize the weed or tobacco pipes according to your designs. Free proof charge, and free shipping.

  • “Looking for a well-crafted weed pipe? This should be it. The team is so quick to answer my questions about my bulk order.”

    Eden Crimson
  • “It fits perfectly in my pocket. This is the best “to go” weed pipe! Will surely order more in the future. Thank you Lancypromos!”

    Danny Robins
  • “Price is great + it takes my smoking experience to the next level. I love this handy pipe of mine.”

    Laura Powell
Do you also have an alloy material available for your weed pipes?

Yes, we deal with alloy, and we can use that for your promotional weed pipes.

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