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Logo yoga mats give a good opportunity for marketing and branding growth because they are widely used to keep ourselves healthy. Start your custom yoga mats journey and have your logo design printed for everyone to see. Showcase it in your studio, your office, and even in your home. 

Pick your color, desired size, materials, and style you wish to represent your brand. We make quality logo yoga mats at a decent price that won’t hurt your budget. Custom yoga mats are being valued in marketing commerce because of the significant rise in sales. 

Yoga Mats By Materials

PVC Yoga Mats

Budget-wise, PVC Yoga Mats are the best option. They’re one of the popular yoga mat types because they give an effective and good yoga experience. They have a washable feature as well.

PU Yoga Mats

Made from non-toxic materials, these yoga mats are safe and can increase your energy tone. Made from a natural rubber tree, they will definitely give you a nice yoga experience.

TPE Yoga Mats

TPE stands for Thermal Plastic Elastomer. Quite tricky, right? But, these types of yoga mats are also eco-friendly. With a mix of plastic and rubber, these types of yoga mats are really a good hunt!

NBR Yoga Mats

NBR stands for Nitrile butadiene rubber. They are a non-toxic type of mat and are naturally thick, around 10mm or more. If you are a sensitive yoga practitioner with some serious injuries, then NBR Yoga Mats are top of your list.

EVA Yoga Mat

EVA Foam Filling gives enough cushion for a safe yoga session. They are naturally patterned and textured, which gives room for their non-slip feature. They are also lightweight, which is an advantage, especially when you’re traveling.

Suede Yoga Mats

Lightweight and flexible. That’s what you get when you have a Suede Yoga Mat. They are made of microfibers which naturally give a soft feeling. Get the best out of your yoga sessions with Suede Yoga Mats!

Jute Yoga Mats

With a burlap-like fabric, these types of mats are great for absorbing sweat. Yoga sessions tend to help you release stress, so you’re expected to release sweat as well. With good moisture absorption, they could be one of your choices.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

Looking for a tight grip type of yoga mat? Then you should choose the natural rubber yoga mats. They can sustain long hours of use and complex yoga positions. Aside from the benefit for the user’s end, these types of mats are also good for the environment.

Cork Yoga Mats

Cork Yoga Mats offer sustainability and durability. With a natural antimicrobial feature, these types of mats can prevent bacteria and molds from growing. They are easy to roll over as well.

Yoga Mats By Shapes or Sizes (8)

  • Standard Yoga Mats

    The standard size is usually 24 inches and 68 to 72 inches long. If you want a comfortable yoga workout, you should go for the standard yoga mats. However, it still depends on the user on the type of yoga mat with which they are comfortable using.

  • Round Yoga Mats

    Round Yoga Mats are multi-functional. With different color selections, these mats are ideal to be used for schools and child care centers. Aside from that, they can be brought during hiking and sports. They are your ideal activity mat!

  • Child-friendly Yoga Mats

    Upgrade your playtime with our child-friendly yoga mats! They are harmless yet strong types of yoga mats with stabilizing grip. These are kid-sized and designed with fun designs and colors. Let’s customize your child-friendly yoga mats!

  • Square Yoga Mats

    Fond of doing partner yoga? Our Square Yoga Mats are the best option. They give excellent space ideal for yoga workouts and even acrobatics. These mats give you enough freedom to do different yoga transitions.

  • Extra Long Yoga Mats

    If you are a naturally tall yoga practitioner, extra-long yoga mats are the ones you should buy. They are optimal for home and studio use. With a thick foam and high tack surface, you can do more of your floor-based exercise.

  • Extra Wide Yoga Mats

    Do not limit your stretches! Our Extra Wide Yoga Mats allow you to strike your positions without having to worry about spaces.

  • Extra Thick Yoga Mats

    Designed for Indoor and Outdoor use, the ultra-dense type of yoga mats give more support and can support more floor exercises for yoga practitioners. Get your extra thick yoga mats today!

  • Extra Thin Yoga Mats

    Are you always hitting the road? Well, these extra thin yoga mats are your thing. If you have a few poses, and if you prefer a softer and more lightweight kind of mats? They are perfect for you. Get this today!

Special Yoga Mats (3)

  • Double Size Yoga Mats

    If you want a space in which you can do light and extreme workout sessions, our double-size yoga mats will accompany you. With premium materials and ultra-comfortable foams, achieve that exercise with ease and confidence.

  • Foldable Yoga Mats

    Looking for a great yoga mat that can fit your tote bags perfectly? Our Foldable Yoga Mats are in for your every ride! They are really on top of everyone’s list with a highly compact and super cute appearance. Time to design your custom foldable yoga mats today!

  • Jump Rope Mats

    Made from rubber and PVC sheets, lay these yoga mats with excitement as you start your meditation. They can also support different levels of exercise and helps you avoid serious injuries from your sessions. They’re the hottest promotional mat this year.

Custom Yoga Mat Benefits

Multi Functional Icon

Custom Yoga mats give your brand continuous exposure because they trigger more curiosity and attention. Watch your brand thrive and prosper.

Health And Fitness Niche Icon

Having custom yoga mats will be as smooth and easy for you. Business budgeting is not supposed to be a burden, but it can be a whole lot of fun. 

Sustainable Icon
Health Advantage

Custom yoga mats will inspire people to slice a piece of “me time”. They will devote yoga time amidst their busy schedules.

High Production Icon

Custom yoga mats are portable and lightweight so a lot of people can see your logo and will eventually inquire about what you can offer.

Yoga Mats Logo Customization Methods

You can customize your logo by the below methods on your yoga mats.

  • Laser Engraving
  • Embossing
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Woven Label
  • Full-Color Printing
  • Etc.
Yoga Mats Logo Customization Method
Yoga Mat Anti-slip


Looking for that ultimate support and comfort you can get to achieve that fulfilling workout?

All our yoga mats are textured and anti-slip. Make the most of your yoga moment!


Yoga Mat Packing Options

You can customize the yoga mat packing as the below options.

  • Wrap Paper
  • Inner Box
  • Mesh Bag
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Carry Strap; Carry Rope
  • Etc.
Yoga Mats Packing Options

Yoga Mat Surface Feel Options

We have lots of stock textured options for your choices. Also, we can customize the yoga mat texture according to your artwork.

Customize Your Yoga Mats' Color

You can customize your yoga mats in any PMS color here. Your logo is also can be customized by PMS numbers.

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Will The Yoga Mat Shrink When Washed?

We advise gentle washing only so it won’t shrink. Do not do machine washed, for it will affect the yoga mat.

How Long Does It Take To Manufacture My Yoga Mats?

About 3 to 4 weeks.

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