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Boost Your Business With Logo Blankets

Provide cozy custom blankets to your customers, employees, or anyone else! Apply your logo on these warm blanket sheets as you give them away to grateful consumers. It is a commercial way to advertise your band. Select the logo blankets from faux minks to the stadium and the colors to fit in with the appropriate live event. Business exposure is a guarantee when people see your logo on these comfortable blankets. 

Hot Selling Logo Blankets

Roll-up Blanket

Blankets that are rolled up and secured via a hook-and-loop fastener are designed for outdoor use, such as camping, picnics, etc.

Luxury Plush Blankets

Thick blankets with embroidered logos that are wrapped around with a ribbon knot are perfect as gifts to friends and family.

Travel Pillow Blankets

Very comfortable blankets that, when folded, can also act as a pillow with the help of a zipper. Usually uses soft fabrics.

Blanket with Carry Case

Similar to roll-ups, these blankets are neatly packed and secured with a carry strap. Add your logo to these balkents.

Shoulder Strap Picnic Blankets

Packed blankets that are secured using straps to wear on the shoulder. Excellent for on-the-go events.

Oversized Picnic Blankets

These blankets cover a very large area and might be considered too much. Nothing’s ever too much for quality time.

Logo Blanket by Types (8)

Blankets by Materials (5)

  • Polyester Blankets

    Low-cost and durable blankets that do not sacrifice softness and comfort and can withstand laundry without wear and tear.

  • Polyester Blankets

    Blankets are perfect for people who are allergic to wool but retain most aspects of wool and are lighter than actual wool blankets.

  • Acrylic Blankets

    Acrylic blankets are great for people with allergies because they can emulate the texture of natural fabrics and are easy to maintain.

  • Wool Blankets

    Blankets made out of wool are excellent for personal warmth. They are also fireproof and simply comfortable to wear.

  • Faux Mink Blankets

    Synthetic-based blankets that emulate the feel of real mink but are woven with fiber. Made to avoid harming animals with real mink.

Logo Blanket Benefits

Comfortable Icon

Logo blankets do not have to be expensive, as they can be made at a low cost without sacrificing the quality and protection they provide.

Warmth Icon

Shield yourself from cold nights using logo blankets, which are sure to be as warm as expected and comfortable to wear.

Modifiable Icon

Logo blankets are great items to customize, such as selecting a logo to print, deciding which colors to have, and deciding what materials to use.

Promotional Icon

Customers will recall your quality brand when they experience how pleasant and cozy these logo blankets feel.

Blanket Logo Methods

You can customize the logo and company information on blankets by the below methods.

  • Screen Print
  • Tie Die Print
  • Full-color Print
  • Embroidery
  • Etc.
Blanket Logo Methods
Blanket Customize Size

Customize Blanket Size

You can select our stock sizes for your blanket. Also, we provide the service of custom sizes for your blankets.

  • King (274 x 274 cm)
  • Queen (244 x 274 cm)
  • Double (229 x 274 cm)
  • Twin (168 x 229 cm)
  • Etc.

Custom Blanket Packages

The standard package is an individual poly bag. But you can also customize the blanket packages by the below options.

  • Individual Polybag
  • Individual Vacuum Package
  • Rolled With Strap
  • Rolled with Banderole
  • Ribbon
  • Etc.
Custom Blanket Packages

Why Choosing LancyPromos to Customize Blankets

Blanket Manufacturer
Blanket Supplier

LancyPromos is a supplier of logo blankets situated in the United States. However, we also have offices based in China that regularly communicate with blanket manufacturers in China. All our blanket factories have over 15 years of blanket manufacturing experience. We can supply high-quality custom blankets with their assistance. Also, we can make sure your in-hands date can be guaranteed.

Blankets Middle Banner
LancyPromos - Your Logo Blankets Supplier in China
  • These soft faux mink blankets are exactly what we ordered! Thanks to Tim, we also added our logo as part of our branding for our clientele. My Thanks, LancyPromos!”

    Arnold Santos
  • Great customer service and fast delivery. That’s what I like from a supplier. It also helps that my custom blankets arrived in time.”

    Larry Schwarzkopf
  • LancyPromos has an excellent staff who kept us in the loop about the production and the delivery. We can guarantee the quality of custom blankets. My company will order again sometime.”

    Richard Song
Why Custom Blankets?

They are essential for keeping you warm on cold nights and provide comfort physically while also providing security mentally.

Do You Provide Virtual Proofing For My Blankets?

Yes! Our in-house artists will assist in perfecting your logo design. Upon permission, we will start manufacturing blankets with the approved design.

How Do We Wash Or Clean Our Custom Blankets?

Blankets made out of synthetic materials, such as acrylic and polyester, are fine for machine washing. However, natural materials, such as wool and cotton, need to be dry cleaned.

How Long Will Manufacturing And Shipping Take For Custom Blankets?

Production of custom blankets may take at least 2 weeks to finish, while shipping may last up to two weeks, depending on your location.

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