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LancyPromos is a professional pulse oximeter supplier. We wholesale various pulse oximeters from China to all over the world.

  • Small MOQ at 20 pcs
  • Detect the SpO2 easily
  • Electric with LED display
  • Personalized logo on pulse oximeter

LancyPromos - Personalized Your Pulse Oximeter

Monitoring our vitals should be a part of our constant health practice. This includes frequent monitoring of our oxygen levels. We can only do this if we have an oximeter readily available. Pulse oximeters can be a good addition to our “medical kits”. Apart from being one of our health essentials, pulse oximeters can be used as one of your effective marketing tools. Promote your brand, and inform people about your business nature with ease and comfort through pulse oximeters.

These wholesale pulse oximeters give accurate readings through their comprehensive display. Personalized Pulse Oximeter takes your business to another level.

Personalized Pulse Oximeter

Personalized Fingertip Oximeters

This type of pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation easily. It shows the heart rate and pulse frequency on the screen. Let’s print your brand logo today!

Wholesale Fingertip Oximeters

This oximeter is powered with 2 AAA batteries. It is an innovative product to show your pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and blood perfusion index. We will be your supplier today!

Fingertip Oximeters Supplier

With an OLED screen, this will surely make things easier for you. It features 10 backlight levels too and your vitals can also be read quickly. Personalize this now!

Fingertip Oximeters China

This electric pulse oximeter is a good digital device that will display your SpO2 level, pulse rate, and pulse rate bar will be shown in a few seconds. Get this innovative oximeter now! Personalize your logo today!

Wholesale Kids Fingertip Oximeters

This oximeter is designed for kids and manufactured using silicone material to ensure its durability. It comes with a colorful neck lanyard too! Let’s start designing your promotional oximeter today!

Wholesale OLED Fingertip Oximeters

With OLED Screen, this will capture the heart rate, pulse frequency, PI, and other vitals in real-time. With cute colors to choose from, this will surely make your promotional scheme effective.

Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter (3)

  • Wholesale Bluetooth Pulse Oximeters

    Incorporated with technology, we can guarantee its accuracy and quality. This is also integrated with an app for iPhone and Android phones for better and quick reading. Check our catalog now!

  • Wholesale Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter

    It features a large screen so you can carefully see the numbers.  On the large screen, you’ll be able to see the pulse rate, SpO2, and strength. Capture the hearts of your buyers today with this tool!

  • Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter Supplier

    Bluetooth pulse oximeter can be connected to iPhone or Android phones with a free app by Bluetooth. SpO2, power status, and pulse frequency can be read on the screen.

Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter (3)

  • Wholesale USB Pulse Oximeter

    Your vitals can be read in just a few seconds. With its automatic shut-off design, this is a friendly oximeter that you can use. Check our catalog and let our designer help you.

  • Wholesale Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter

    Need something to monitor your sleep? Well, this rechargeable pulse oximeter can keep track of your sleep. With a rechargeable feature, this will help you to monitor your vitals anytime, anywhere.

  • Wholesale Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter for Kids

    This oximeter is ideal for 6 months to 12 years old. With a USB line, this is perfect for kids’ use. Get this now and have good customization of the kid’s oximeter.

LancyPromos Pulse Oximeter Advantages

Accurate Icon

Your SpO2, heart rate, and pulse frequency are important. Our pulse oximeters will give you an accurate reading which is advantageous to your promotional plan.

Small Icon

Because pulse oximeters are small, they can monitor your levels anytime, anywhere. We all need compact and portable, and they are great tools to deal with!

Good Price Icon
Good Price

Pulse oximeters don’t have to be grand and expensive. Running a promotional strategy with pulse oximeters will surely help you increase your sales and business performance.

Personalized Icon

Imprint your logo to advertise your company. Our pulse oximeters can be personalized according to your taste and preference. Let’s work on it now!

Customization With Logo

LancyPromos wholesale multiple styles of pulse oximeters from China to the world. Your logo can be personalized on the pulse oximeter through the below ways.

  • Screen Print
  • UV Print
  • Full-color Print
Pulse Oximeter Customization With Logo
Pulse Oximeter Silicone Finger Membrane

Silicone Finger Membrane

With a soft silicone membrane, this oximeter is flexible to adapt to the shape of the finger.

It will not cause any hurt or discomfort while using the pulse oximeters.

Pulse Oximeter Certificates

Our wholesaled pulse oximeters are certified with the below certificates.

  • FDA
  • FCC
  • CE
Pulse Oximeter Applicable People

The personalized pulse oximeter is a great gift for the below people.

  • Old people
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Airline passengers
  • Etc.
Pulse Oximeter Middle Banner
Pulse Oximeter Supplier in China
  • “Salute to the amazing job of Lancypromos! I needed a giveaway for the opening of my pharmacy and I love how my pulse oximeters turned out! You deserve more than 5 stars!”

    Diana Howard
  • “Lancypromos makes it easy for me to print my logo on pulse oximeters! They are very responsive as well. Very happy with your stellar service!”

    Jarod Allen
  • “The print is professionally done. The screen of my pulse oximeters is crisp and clear. Nice quality!”

    Cherry Vaughn
How Can I Use A Personalized Pulse Oximeter For My Business?

Personalized pulse oximeters bearing your business logo are beneficial for promoting your business.

What Is The Perfusion Index In A Pulse Oximeter?

The perfusion index is a measurement for physicians to check if the sensor detects the oxygen level correctly. PI usually displays from 0.02% to 20%.

In A Pulse Oximeter, Which Finger Should You Use?

Doctors highly recommend having your right hand’s middle finger measure your oxygen level. For best results, we advise you to take off and remove your nail polish.

What Exactly Is A Pulse Oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a medical tool to test the oxygen in a person’s blood. It is considered one of the convenient devices by medical professionals for it can be carried anytime, anywhere. It’s a little apparatus that clamps to your finger. Hospitals, clinics, and laboratories have this tool. You can also buy one for home use.

Your oxygen level can tell if one is healthy or not, just like other health metrics that we usually monitor. People with lung or heart issues usually use pulse oximeters to check their levels.

Why Keep A Pulse Oximeter At Home?

Of course, because of its convenience, it is ideal for keeping your own pulse oximeter at home. It can help you check your oxygen levels regularly, including your pulse rate. If your readings are not often around the normal range, you can seek help from your doctor right away.

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