The Best 15 Keychain Manufacturers

Finding the right keychain manufacturer can be a challenge, as there are many options to choose from and it is important to select a supplier that is reliable, produces high-quality products, and meets your specific needs. Here are a few steps you can take to find keychain manufacturers:

Determine your needs: Before you start searching for keychain manufacturers, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. Consider factors such as the type of material you want to use, the size and design of the keychain, and any special features you may need.

Research suppliers: There are many online directories and trade shows where you can find keychain manufacturers. You can also ask for recommendations from other businesses or industry professionals.

Check the manufacturer’s reputation: Look for reviews and testimonials from other customers to get an idea of the manufacturer’s reputation. You can also check if the manufacturer is a member of any trade associations or has any certifications, which can be a sign of their reliability and commitment to quality.

Compare prices and terms: Once you have identified a few potential keychain manufacturers, compare their prices and terms to find the best deal. Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs and minimum order quantities.

Request samples: Before placing a large order, it is a good idea to request samples of the keychains so you can see the quality and determine if they meet your needs.

We have listed ten keychain manufacturers in this article to help prospective clients on whom they want to choose. It is important to choose a manufacturer that will best meet the needs of your company and produce a product that is of good quality.

1. Zhongshan Artigifts Premium Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Artigifts Premium Metal & Plastic

Country: China

Address: 30# Dongcheng Road, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

Artigifts designs and manufactures all sorts of decorative items, such as keychains, lanyards, badges, and the like. The company started in 2007 and has produced craft items ever since. Quality control and constant improvements of its equipment, methodology, and products have earned the company certifications from Sedex and Disney.

Artigifts’ line of custom keychains varies depending on the client’s wishes. Prospective customers can expect their shipments within 3 weeks.

2. Kunshan Pinstar Gifts Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Pinstar Gifts

Country: China

Address: 103-610, Huadu Yishu Office Bldg., No. 355, Changjiang North Road, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Pinstar started operations back in 2002 and has produced all sorts of items, such as lapel pins, keychains, patches, medallions, and challenge coins. The company has even produced masks and gloves. Most of the items Pinstar creates usually end up at trade fairs, conventions, exhibitions, and private ceremonies because of their symbolic nature.

Pinstar also accepts custom logos from clients and ensures the delivery of its products arrives on time.

3. Metal Casts

Metal Casts

Country: Poland

Address: Śląska, 48 93-155 Łódź, Poland

As the name suggests, this company creates metal-cast items such as keychains, also known as keyrings, medals, badges, and the like. Metal Casts takes pride in producing art crafts that combine traditional methods with modern technology, and it is constantly refining its products to perfection. The company entered the market back in 2014 and has produced over 2.5 million castings.

Metal Casts assures its customers that its products are reasonably priced while still being quality-crafted.

4. The Studio Technologies, Inc.

The Studio Technologies

Country: China

Address: 1055 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 500, Pasadena, CA 91106

The Studio Technologies (stylized as “The Studio”) is a multinational company that has supplied custom merchandise, such as keychains, pins, patches, stickers, medals, baseball caps, and beanies.

The company claims it has supplied products to well-established brands such as Adidas, Nike, Uber, and Netflix. With over 12 years of expertise, The Studio distinguishes itself from other manufacturers through its commitment to relatively quick production and delivery as well as ethical material sourcing.

5. The Monterey Company, Inc.

The Monterey Company

Country: US

Address: 35 SW Century Dr. Suite 110, Bend, Oregon 97702

This family-owned company produces quality items such as keychains, baseball caps, and patches. While it does have limited outsourced manufacturing in other countries, it prides itself on producing and selling American-made items and crafts.

The Monterey Company also espouses corporate social responsibility (CSR) by planting a hundred thousand trees within its community near Portland, Oregon. Clients have gone out of their way to post videos that review their custom-made products.

6. Zap! Creatives

Zap! Creatives

Country: UK

Address: 2 Reed St, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees TS17 7AF, United Kingdom

Zap! Creatives primarily sells promotional products, including keychains. It attracts clients by encouraging their creativity when detailing what their custom merchandise ought to be.

No matter how large or small, its team of experienced craftsmen will create custom keychains based on client specifications. Its return policy is also comprehensive, in which it has specified which scenarios that are or are not eligible for return.

7. GS-JJ / A Division of EnamelPins Inc.


Country: US

Address: 20829 Valley Blvd. Walnut, CA 91789

GS-JJ is part of EnamelPins which supplies merchandise, such as keychains and lapel pins. Although affiliated with another manufacturer, it also provides its own line of custom products. The company has operated for more than twenty years.

It also has a wide network of clients around the world, and the company has two offices, one in America and the other in China.

8. Balajee Creations

Balajee Creations

Country: India

Address: T-5/243 Mangolpuri Industrial Area, Phase – 1, New Delhi 110083, India

Balajee Creations specializes in producing silicon- and rubber-based items. Established in the 1990s, Balajee Creations claims it is the largest manufacturer of rubber keychains in India. It also manufactures other promotional products, such as mouse pads and photo frames.

Balajee also has the advantage of being connected to a network of local businesses around the country and has three manufacturing plants, one of which is near Delhi.

9. Kingtai Craft Products Co., Ltd.

Kingtai Craft Products

Country: China

Address: No.22, Xinle third road, Xinle industrial park, Maan Town, Huizhou City, Guangdong, China.

Kingtai is a Chinese manufacturer with over two decades of expertise in producing and selling various merchandise on a large scale. Its line of products includes medals, lapel pins, keychains, and other types of jewelry.

The company displays the certifications it has earned from various brands and regulators, such as Disney, Wal-Mart, FDA, and ISO, on its website. Kingtai also provides clients with information on its production workflow.

10. Goldendays


Country: India

Address: 42-A, Dilshad Garden Ind. Area, Opp. Jhilmil Metro Stn., Delhi – 95, India

Goldendays started in 1993 and grew as a large product marketing business in India. Not only does Goldendays provide promotional merchandise, such as keychains and patches, but also supplies uniforms, workwear, custom packaging, signages, printing services, and logistic solutions.

These diverse services allow the company to have numerous clients from different sectors.

11. Zhejiang Baigedi Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Baigedi Technology

Country: China

Address: No.788, Chengdian Road, Choujiang Street, Yiwu, Zhejiang

Zhejiang Baigedi produces keychains, lanyards, standees, and other merchandise for clients around the world. The company, although founded in 2010, almost immediately acquired SGS certification in 2011.

The company also has an external brand for all custom products called “Vograce.” Its manufacturing plant is large enough (at least 6,000 square meters) to house over a hundred units for mass production and generates about $1.5 million in revenue per year.

12. Shero Creations

Shero Creations

Country: India

Address: A-115, First Floor, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Near Shri Ram Chowk, Delhi – 110052, India

Shero Creations started out making bottle openers. Once it was confident, the company diversified its products until it became one of the most prominent manufacturers of keychains in Delhi. The company also sells patches, fridge magnets, and bar mats.

The company uses PVC as the material to make rubberized keychains. Shero prides itself on having decades of expertise, competitive pricing, swift deliveries, and adhering to the best industrial practices.

13. Duda Keychain Manufacturers

Duda keychain manufacturers

Country: China

Address: Yiwu Zone, Jinhua City, Zhejiang province, China

As the name suggests, Duda Keychain Manufacturers specializes in making different types of keychains based on various materials, such as acrylic, enamel, rubber, leather, metal, and even wood. Duda also sells dog tags, medals, lanyards, and nameplates.

Duda provides samples for its customers, and rush orders can take up to four to seven days, although the client’s location can also factor into the delivery timeline. Duda also pledges to correct any mistakes with regard to any manufacturing defects.



Country: India

Address: B-1123, Near Jain Mandir, Shastri Nagar, Delhi – 110052, India

The company not only dabbles in manufacturing but also supplies its merchandise through its vast distribution network at competitive pricing. Its line of goods includes keychains, lunch boxes, hand fans, and paperweights.

S N Gift & Novelties also abides by ethical practices and modern technology. The materials it acquires undergo stress tests as part of its quality control program. Overall, the company has the infrastructure to provide quality-made keychains.

15. Zhejiang Fujia Crafts Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Fujia Crafts

Country: China

Address: No. 110, Building 6, Demonstration Industrial Park, Longjin Road, Longgang Town, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China


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