The Best 20 Sunglasses Manufacturers in The US

When it comes to finding the best sunglasses manufacturers, there are a few key factors to consider. Quality, style, and price are all important considerations, and it is important to find a manufacturer that can meet your specific needs. When searching for a sunglasses manufacturer, it is a good idea to research the company’s reputation and request samples of their products before making a decision.

This article shows you the best 20 sunglasses manufacturers in the US.

1. American Sunglass Manufacturing

American Sunglass Manufacturing

Address: 2275 Michael Faraday Dr #4, San Diego, California 92154

For more than 30 years, American Sunglass Manufacturing, Inc. has prided itself on providing eyewear that is proudly “Made in America.” Its reasonable prices for businesses mean a long and mutually beneficial commercial relationship.

Its services range from lens design to full-on lens production. The manufacturer can also provide precise lens edging services and can adjust over 4,000 pairs of lenses in a day. The company is situated in San Diego, California.



Address: 3537 36th Street, 2nd Floor, Astoria NY 11106

This company traces its lineage back to the Italian peninsula in the 1950s as a family business between two brothers, Ennio and Gildo Costan, making sunglasses. Ioves USA is a New York-based wholesaler that offers luxurious eyewear under the “Made in Italy” brand.

With the necessary expertise that spans over seven decades, Ioves prides itself on being a trusted partner of brands and allows its customers to create their own line of eyeglasses, either made out of acetate, nylon, or stainless steel frames.

3. Frames For America, Inc.

Frames For America

Address: 2801 S. IH 35, Ste #170, Austin, TX 78741-5518

FramesDirect is a Texas-based wholesaler company that sells quality sunglasses to reputable brands, such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Versace. Founded in 1996 by two optometrists, this company states that it was the first to sell its products online in the late 1990s.

The company prides itself on having premium lenses, trained opticians, price-match guarantees, free shipping on select products, and the largest selection of eyewear, with over one million frames sold.

4. AO Eyewear

AO Eyewear

Address: 255 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Before most contemporary companies were even established, American Optics was already up and running during 1833, selling eyewear and eventually focusing on bringing sunglasses to the market. Despite how long the company has lasted, it still has state-of-the-art facilities to push eyewear innovation that meets its “True Original” standards.

AO Eyewear has been a two-century-long symbol of American optics. Its products are reputed to have been worn by aviators and presidents.

5. Gatorz Eyewear

Gatorz Eyewear

Address: 3132 Tiger Run Ct Suite 104, Carlsbad, CA 92010

Established in 1989, Gatorz Eyewear has produced sunglasses that are durable enough to meet the standards of hikers, skydivers, and even special forces operators from the United States military. Its sunglasses are usually rugged yet adjustable and reliably protect the wearer from the elements.

Gatorz continually pushes the boundaries of what its sunglasses could additionally have, such as ballistic lenses against stray fragments and polarized lenses that can clearly see digital screens.

6. American Eyewear MFG

American Eyewear MFG

Address: 4556 B Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205

While the company was founded in 2014, its history dates back to the founders’ foray into the fashion industry as well as its expertise in cultivating relationships with prominent brands, such as Nash and Valor. American Eyewear MFG claims to be meticulous and methodical with an inclusive workforce.

Its line of sunglasses and other eyewear is made possible through the company’s capability to design, manufacture, assemble, and package its branded products.



Address: 400 OSER AVE, SUITE 1650, HAUPPAUGE, NY 11788

While Eyeking LLC was formally established in 2003, this then-budding company started out as a family business in a Brooklyn garage in the 1950s. By adhering to the trends of the time, the company positioned itself as a prominent sunglasses manufacturer for brands such as Jordan and Jaguar over the next two decades and has also made exclusive lines of eyewear and sunglasses over the years.

As of late 2015, the company is still owned by the family and has expanded worldwide.

8. Lowercase Eyewear

Lowercase Eyewear

Address: 140 58th St unit 5h-8, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Lowercase Eyewear is a relatively new eyewear manufacturer, with its operations starting as late as 2016. Its mission is to revive the trade and craft of eyewear and sunglasses in America while using old methods augmented by technology.

The people in Lowercase have developed an intricate 30-step methodology for how they craft their sunglasses. In fact, the company has gone out of its way to invite its clients to witness its operations, ensuring customer confidence in its products.

9. Olympic Eyewear

Olympic Eyewear

Address: 550 W 900 S Suite C, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Olympic Eyewear has a philosophy that has made it one of the leading sunglasses manufacturers in America: high-quality eyewear at reasonable prices for the consumer. This company was founded in 2006 by people who have worked in retail.

So far, the company has acquired brands under its aegides, such as Air Force, Black Society, CG, Giselle, and Manhattan. The way Olympic manufactures its sunglasses is similar to designer sunglasses’ methods.

10. Kasperek USA Optical

Kasperek USA Optical

Address: 15597 Oakwood Drive, Romulus, MI 48174

Kasperek USA Optical is a family-owned business located in Michigan that manufactures various lines of branded sunglasses, such as Glen Lane, Bertelli, Randy Jackson, Tony Hawk, and even Hello Kitty. The company has operated since 1978 and has continued to provide designer and private labels to other companies ever since.

11. State Optical Co.

State Optical

Address: 255 Corporate Woods Pkwy, Vernon Hills, IL 60061

For State Optical, the phrase “Made in America” is supplanted by its motto: “It’s a State of Mind.” The company is pleased to have a sunglasses manufacturing facility in Chicago, Illinois.

Two of its founders had worked as executives for another eyewear company before deciding to set up shop on their own in 2012, all the while partnering up with artisans and craftsmen. Today, they have produced luxurious lines of sunglasses that undergo an arduous process of over seventy-five steps.

12. Iris Fashion Inc.

Iris Fashion

Address: 14113 183rd St, Cerritos CA 90703

Also known as Iris Sunglasses, this American company is a subsidiary of China-based Zhejiang Yingchang Glasses Industrial Co., Ltd., which allows the company to have extensive knowledge and capabilities in producing sunglasses. Its variety of sunglasses includes aviators, polarized lenses, and blue-light glasses.

Iris Fashion has a dedicated R&D division that designs various sunglasses based on trends and styles fitting for the times. Numerous American companies have come to rely on Iris for its sunglasses.

13. T H Sunglass Corporation

T H Sunglass

Address: 1751 Yeager Ave, La Verne, CA 91750

Founded in 1992, T H Sunglasses manufactures and imports wholesale orders of sunglasses and distributes them from California. The company relies on customer feedback to improve its products of men, women, and unisex glasses.

14. The McGee Group

The McGee Group

Address: 510 Commerce Park Drive, Marietta, GA 30060

The McGee Group is a family-owned sunglasses manufacturer that has operated for over four decades. Its expertise includes the design and manufacturing of various eyewear, including sunglasses. Aside from manufacturing its own eyewear, the company also collaborates with other factories in East Asia.

McGee has employed a highly competent marketing team and offers a two-year warranty to its clients. Numerous brands have signed on under McGee’s belt, such as Vera Bradley, XOXO, Life is Good, and Jenny Lynn.

15. Randolph Engineering, Inc.

Randolph Engineering

Address: 26 Thomas Patten Drive, Randolph, MA 02368

Randolph is the American dream that two immigrants founded in the 1970s. The company produces a batch of sunglasses in a period of 6 weeks, utilizing handcrafting methods. It also helps that the company has engineering expertise within its ranks.

This was impressive enough that the US Department of Defense became one of its customers. Randolph’s main line of sunglasses are aviators, which a lot of pilots and naval aviators prefer to wear when off duty.

16. Liquid Eyewear

Liquid Eyewear

Address: 1335 S Pacific Ave #102, Yuma, AZ 85365

Liquid started out from a garage in San Diego, California, and has grown large enough to operate from Yuma, Arizona. Liquid’s unique line of contemporary sunglasses sports a modern design and uses aircraft-grade aluminum frames. Its tinted lenses are either blue light, photochromic, or polarized.

As a company, Liquid is proud of its American heritage, and the “Made in America” brand further popularized its products to its otherwise niche market target.

17. Atlantic Optical Co., Inc. DBA LTD Eyewear

Atlantic Optical

Address: 9747 Independence Ave, Chatsworth, California 91311, USA

Operated by family members, LTD Eyewear was established in 1949. Its vision is to provide eyewear that customers value, and it aims to do so by producing eyewear, including sunglasses, that is of the highest caliber.

As with other companies, the company touts the “Made in America” brand as a matter of prestige. LTD Eyewear has partnered with a number of brands, including Bella Italia, Stacy Adams, Geek Eyewear, and Paris Blues.

18. Serengeti Eyewear

Serengeti Eyewear

Serengeti Eyewear positions itself as a manufacturer of luxurious eyewear. The company (more specifically, the Serengeti brand) was formally established in 1982 with its lenses combining photochromic and Spectral Control technologies together.

It launched its line of sunglasses called Driver, which the company claimed was the most important eyewear it has ever developed. Serengeti was even given an award by Fortune for making products that matter in America.

19. Capri Optics Inc.

Capri Optics

Address: 1421 38th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11218-3678, USA

For 45 years, the family-operated Capri Optics has provided the market with its nineteen collections of eyewear and sunglasses. In particular, Capri follows values that put the interests of its customers first as much as possible. The company makes sure that they construct its sunglasses with the appropriate materials.

Aside from selling its own line of eyewear, Capri Optics has partnered up with Artistik, Simply Lite, Di Caprio, and Grande.

20. Match Eyewear

Match Eyewear

Address: 1600 Shames Dr, Westbury, NY 11590

Match Eyewear started its humble beginnings in 2001 with a group of optical experts seeking to make their own company that sells European-inspired high-end eyewear at competitive prices.

Due to its connections with the optics industry, the company managed to grow enough to foster relations with recognizable brands such as Adrienne Vittadini, Cosmopolitan, and Danny Gokey. The company has operations in New York, as well as international distribution from Italy and Brazil.


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