Top 10 Beach Towel Manufacturers

Most people love to cruise to the beach in the summer to combat the scorching heat. It is imperative, then, for people to bring their own beach towels. Not to be confused with bath towels, which are plushy and absorb a lot of sand, beach towels are lighter, thinner, and can dry the skin just as well as a regular towel. It makes beach towels great promotional gifts to print your company logo or info.

For companies looking for promotional beach towels, LancyPromos has curated a list of top manufacturers and suppliers for their convenience.

1. Landes Inc.

Country: USA
Address: 4500 S Pinemont Drive, Houston, TX 77041

Landes is an American manufacturer of fabric goods, such as bags, blankets, robes, and beach towels. The company was founded in 1971, and for the next 50 years or so.

It has offered a variety of customization options for its products intended for promotional campaigns, such as graphic tote bags and contract printing. It has generated annual sales between $5 and $9 million.

2. Jin Mei Lun Trading, LLC.

Country: USA
Address: 1075 S. Vail Ave. Montebello, California, United States, 90640

Jin Mei Lun Trading was founded as a family business in 2007. Its main products include weighted blankets and water-heated mattresses. It also sells customized beach towels and other swaths of clothing.

The company claimed its founder, Chen Ben, has been experienced in the industry for over three decades, which is why the company is able to manage its production line, from designing to manufacturing.

The company also proclaimed it uses high-end materials for its products.

3. Vinerstar Microfiber Inc.

Landes Vinerstar Microfiber

Country: USA, China
Address: 17800 Castleton St Ste 665, City of Industry, CA 91748, USA / #8 Jinqiao South Road, Bashi Town, Xishan District Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, 214192

Vinerstar Microfiber was established in 1999. It has produced textiles such as microfiber towels, lens cleaning cloth, and beach towels. While it has an office in the United States, they also have a factory in China, which enables the company to centralize all its operations and allows its costs to remain competitive.

The company is transparent about its production flow as well as its operations inside the factory. Its products have earned SGS, Global Recycled Standard, and BSCI certifications.

4. Horizon Designs, Inc.

Horizon Designs

Country: USA
Address: 5308 Parklane Drive, Suite 1, Kearney, NE 68847

Horizon Designs is not only a manufacturing company but also a marketing and design firm. Established in 1982, the company believes in ethical means to cultivate prosperous relationships with its clients.

Its products include beach towels, camping bags, cap hats, drinkware, and other promotional items. The company has a diverse team of experts working with its sales department.

It proudly states it complies with all relevant regulations, as well as Federal and State laws.

5. Ameritex Industries, Inc.

Ameritex Industries

Country: USA
Address: 14 Shopping Plaza Ste 1a, Litchfield, IL 62056

Ameritex Industries specializes in producing restaurant and promotional linen goods. The company was founded in 1985. Its linen goods include beach towels, picnic blankets, aprons, and the like.

It offers customization options for its linen, including printing custom artwork or logos. The conservative approach of the company means it wants to achieve near-perfection, and it will determine the best practices to use when manufacturing its goods. The company will only accept orders it can confidently accomplish.

6. Suzhou Renyu Textile Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Renyu Textile

Country: China
Address: No. 1308, North Ring Road, Shengze Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Suzhou Renyu Textile sells all kinds of swaths of fabric, including beach towels, bed blankets, yoga mats, and hair turbans. This company started in 2013, earning certifications for its products like GRS, Oeko-Tek, and sedex.

All the towels it sells are customizable for its customers, from logo printing to the type of materials used. All finished products are inspected before shipment, and the company entices its customers with a low minimum order quantity of fewer than 10 units.

7. Linqu Shihe Textile Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Linqu Shihe Textile Arts & Crafts

Country: China
Address: Beiyangshan Village, Yeyuan Town, Weifang, Shandong, China

Linqu Shihe Textile Arts & Crafts offers its clients fabric-based items, such as pillows and beach towels. Clients can opt to implement custom colors, sizes, and even printed logos on the products.

The company started operations in 2010 and has produced over 1.2 million units annually. It has expanded its customer base in North America and Western Europe, although it still maintains a presence in the Chinese market.

It conducts quality assurance procedures throughout the entire production line.

8. Guangzhou Chars Textile Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Chars Textile Co

Country: China
Address: Building 4, Hongfeng Creative Industry Park, Jiangxia Village, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Guangzhou Chars Textile was founded in 2009 and mainly sells beach towels, although it also offers other types of towels, such as hair turbans and gym towels.

Customization options are available for their products, like printing artwork and logos. It produces at least 600,000 units per month and provides clients with sample items within 3 days.

The certification of its products includes CHARS and SGS. It mostly caters to markets in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

9. Changzhou Haige Microfiber Textile Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Haige Microfiber Textile

Country: China
Address: Niutang Town, Baijia Industrial Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

Haige Microfiber Textile was created in 2005 and registered for export in 2009. In the years following, they sold beach towels, microfiber towels, ponchos, and the like.

Its products are certified by SGS and BSCI. It employs a small team of designers who are responsible for customizing its products based on client specifications.

The company maintains six production lines, and quality assurance protocols are enforced throughout the production of towels. The main clients are in North America and Europe.

10. Yiwu Shengchun Textile Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Shengchun Textile

Country: China
Address: No. 23, Wuxi North Street, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China

Yiwu Shengchun Textile sells beach towels, tapestries, and other swaths of clothing. It boasts a competent design team and good services for its customers. While only having three production lines, it has produced over 14.4 million units per year.

Its products are certified by SGS, BSCI, and Oeko-Tek. It maintains relationships with over ten supply chain partners and has cultivated a market in the Americas and Eastern Europe. However, it exclusively caters to wholesale businesses.

LancyPromos is a reliable supplier of custom-made items, including beach towels. We have offices in the United States and China, which helps us maintain business relationships with manufacturers. All your inquiries will be answered within 24 hours. Also, you can get the virtual proof in 24 hours. It takes 2–3 weeks for production. Your beach towel orders will be inspected before shipping.

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